Judge Academy > Transcript – August First Week: Conference Updates

Transcript – August First Week: Conference Updates

8:07:48 am – Samantha Harr:
Hello everyone. Yeah, sorry for the technical difficulties. We are back and Matthew is going to continue discussing the visions that have been dancing in their Hello everyone, yes, sorry for the technical difficulties. We are back and Matthew is going to continue discussing the visions that have been dancing in their head.

8:07:57 am – Matthew Fox:
Yep. So apparently folks, someone on the Internet doesn’t want me telling you about all these great new ideas of conferences but we’re gonna push through. so, the point was,

8:08:05 am – Samantha Harr:

8:08:06 am – Matthew Fox:
Because I think we have lost early so I apologize. Repeat anything, but I’ve got this pet down pretty well. Um, The point is that we all know conferences and I think when many people think of a conference, they think of one person with a PowerPoint speaking for 40 minutes and then 10 minutes of questions. And that’s it, that is a perfectly good way to do a presentation and having four of those is a good conference There’s so many new ways we can do it and you know I think one of the things I’ve really seen over the last six months and really inspired by is people wanting to try new things, people wanting to try whatever, it’s not four hours on one day. What if it is we get together online or in person for one hour, every Monday or 90 minutes every Monday? Or What if it’s we do one week, it’s gonna be 90 minutes each day or something like that. We’ve seen new kind of topics. We’ve seen people do entire conferences on, you know, how do you work with kids in a space? Or How do you deal with self-care for judges? We’ve seen Ideas where there’s no presentations where it’s all mock tournaments, or it’s all role play. I’m so excited about this and in part because not all these ideas has been a huge success but that’s okay. Part of what is happening. Is we’re experimenting. A lot of what I see for conference is going forward is not just that we’re trying to find new ways, to learn new ways to build community. But also that we’re finding new ways to help you all talk to each other. Because in some ways, I feel like if a great conference happens in Massachusetts, in the United States, I want to find a way for that person to talk about it, so that someone in, Italy can go, Oh, that’s a great idea. And then someone in Japan can go cool idea. But what if I do at this little different way, you know, and so I think in a lot of ways that that’s what we were seeing in the positive way. I think you site. I think we were seeing though some, you know, there was a lot of redundancy and the whole conference application process. I think it could get confusing in terms of your applying for a conference, then you’re applying for promos afterwards and it’s not sure you’re trying to, you’re trying to guesstimate how many you’re gonna need stuff like that. So a lot of what we were trying to do was to not only make it possible for you all to try all these new great ideas, but also streamline the process and make it as easy as possible.

8:10:20 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah. Absolutely. I think that we’re seeing a whole lot of people really interested in running conferences and presenting us with all these amazing ideas and we want to do what we can to facilitate that.

8:10:29 am – Matthew Fox:
Can’t script.

8:10:30 am – Samantha Harr:
And like Matthew said, they’re not always going to be a great success, but we love that. You all are trying. And coming up with creative new things. Because at the end of the day, trying something brand new and innovative and having it just not work is a lot more interesting to me than the same presentation. You’ve seen a million times on the topic you already know about, like,

8:10:50 am – Matthew Fox:

8:10:50 am – Samantha Harr:
You know I I love your grand failures very much so don’t don’t feel too bad about that kind of thing come to us with good with good solidly considered ideas, even if they’re a little wacky, we love to hear those.

8:11:04 am – Matthew Fox:
Definitely. And let me ask you sama as you because I really in the trenches with this. You have more the With with conferences. What do you see us as like that the reason we’re doing conferences and what we want to see out of them

8:11:18 am – Samantha Harr:
um, for me, personally, when I consider conferences, I want judges to connect and to share their share their insights with each other, because there is so much About judging that you honestly can’t learn through a module alone like a lot of things that I have. You know, learned and sort of made part of my judging routine or things. I learned in the trenches, on the floor, you know? Or other judges have sort of passed along to me as their own knowledge and experiences. So honestly, any chance we have to get judges together and talking about judging, I think is a huge huge benefit to the community both in terms of, you know, passing skills along. And also in terms of like we we all should be friends. You know we should at least try to get along and learn things about each other. We’re an incredible community of folks so Yeah, I want people to feel connected and also better educated better prepared for what it is. They’ll be doing in in their judge life.

8:12:19 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I think that’s such a big part of it. I think the other big part of it and this is really a key part of, I think where we see conferences going is For me. I I can learn from a module it’s more difficult and you said it’s easier to learn but also I could not have been a good judge. I could I wouldn’t leave gone anywhere as a judge. If I hadn’t had a chance to get to know other judges and to hear how they were dealing with things and I think That’s another thing we’re really trying to emphasize with this new kind of way of seeing the conferences is that the goal isn’t, I often think of kind of conferences being both vertical and horizontal. You know, the vertical is presenter talking to attendees. And that is important, like, you need to have one part, you know, having five. People who don’t really know how layers work say, let’s talk about layers, that’s not going to be the best way to do it. But so I want that vertical part of conferences, but I also really want the horizontal part. I want the chance of, you know, two people sitting in the chairs next to each other getting into the conference and talking about it and talk about, Oh yeah, I’m glad they mentioned this. This thing happened to my store or or just, you know, talk about their commander decks whatever it is. Conferences are a way to bring judges together and help them build those connections. And I think with physical and with digital, they’re ways to do that and I really want to see us finding more ways to encourage that happening.

8:13:39 am – Samantha Harr:
Absolutely, I think that, you know, during the height of the pandemic, things were Things were scary and I’m glad we have a way We leaned into digital conferences as a way to connect. I think that’s opened up a whole lot of avenues for judges and more remote areas to connect with their own communities and with communities around the world. However, I do find that physical conferences just have So many benefits that don’t quite come through through digital conferences. So when we can when we can safely, have an encourage physical conferences, I’d prefer to. But that being said that is not, you know I I don’t want digital conferences to go away. I super, super love that people who

8:14:22 am – Matthew Fox:

8:14:24 am – Samantha Harr:
were never able to attend physical conferences before now have an avenue to connect in with our community. So I love option.

8:14:30 am – Matthew Fox:
I think.

8:14:31 am – Samantha Harr:
I love that. It’s an option.

8:14:32 am – Matthew Fox:
I think that such an important way of looking at it and the way I think we’re seeing it now and especially as I look at like conferences that we approve and don’t approve, we’ll definitely talk about that. For me, I think physical is more and more becoming kind of the the default you know that like if you can physical is a way to go but a there are many reasons why sometimes physical is not possible. They’re just not enough judges or an area or you don’t feel safe or just transportation is difficult. I think here in the great frozen part of the United States there’s probably a couple months where we think digital might be better than half of us getting lost in the snow in the drive.

8:15:05 am – Samantha Harr:

8:15:06 am – Matthew Fox:
The other thing though, and this is another one of those ways where I want to encourage people to think about new ways to conferences. Digital can be a great way to bring together a important, but more separated group of people. So for example, on in Europe recently, there was a conference of scorekeepers and people who wanted to learn scorekeeping and I thought that was fantastic and they applied to say, Hey, can we Have it be a little bit more geographically diverse because there’s not often like the exact, you know, small like here in my area in Minnesota. They’re probably four people who really were excited about scorekeeping but having say, yeah, people from in a larger area. Be wanting to do score keeping. I think that’s a great idea.

8:15:48 am – Samantha Harr:
Now that makes it one of sense

8:15:48 am – Matthew Fox:
You know.

8:15:49 am – Samantha Harr:
because if we if we said Yeah you can have a conference based on scorekeeping but only people in your direct geographic location can come like that would that would then have to assume that like

8:15:56 am – Matthew Fox:

8:15:57 am – Samantha Harr:
that like like every that like every scorekeeper in Europe is from Paris and let the I don’t think that’s true. But

8:16:02 am – Matthew Fox:
Right. Yeah, I think exactly. And I think so, if you want to do something on leadership, for example or affinity groups, you know, I think people have said, Hey can we do a conference specifically for like people who are like me in terms of like, you know, gender race sexuality, any of those things. Those are also great ways to have conferences, you know,

8:16:16 am – Samantha Harr:

8:16:17 am – Matthew Fox:
Sam, I think one of the questions that that often leads to is, Well why can’t all conferences just be open to everybody especially the digital ones. What’s coming your thought on why we sort of tend because we do, I think to be clear with those exceptions, we do want things to be somewhat geographically limited It was scorekeepers. We might say, like all keepers keepers from South America, or Europe or something. What what do you think is our reasoning for not having it just be open to everybody all the time.

8:16:42 am – Samantha Harr:
We want to make sure that the people who are attending the conferences, we sponsor are getting the maximum amount of value out of it. And I mean educational value. They’re, you know, some people are gonna want to go to conferences to get as many promos as they can. And frankly, I think that’s okay. Like, we all love promos who doesn’t love a promo, but I want to be sure that we’re not just hemorging resources or excluding people. You know, maybe people can’t get in because it’s already full, you know, who really could benefit and really, really want to benefit from the educational aspect of it way beyond anything else? They may get out of the the situation. So I you know, a lot of times it comes down to resources available and intent. Like I want everybody to be able to get exactly what they want from our educational resources as much as possible.

8:17:32 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I think it’s really good way to put it. I think on the other big part of it, for me at least is we do want that community building aspect. And I We are we have judges who travel all over the world and meeting people over. The world is great, but admittedly that’s a pretty small proportional judges. And as I see it, even if it’s digital, you know, having an event mostly with people who I’m gonna see at the same events, I go to makes a lot more sense.

8:17:59 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah. Are they connections? You can build upon absolutely.

8:18:02 am – Matthew Fox:
That yeah, exactly. The fact that because, you know, there was a time especially during the height of the pandemic. We were having these big global conferences. We were actually getting I think a lot of people don’t know, we were getting quite a lot of feedback of Hey You know this person is speaking about this situation but they’re speaking very much from their like what’s happening in Brazil or what’s happening in the United States. And it doesn’t really apply to me. And I think with a few with a few

8:18:25 am – Samantha Harr:

8:18:27 am – Matthew Fox:
exceptions that we will always kind of keep open. For the most part, there’s a sense of What? Like, in Brazil recently, it was a top. There was a conference on judge finances and I think Judge Finance is a topic that a lot of folks could know about. But in Brazil there can be very specific ideas about, you know, both what’s the culture of how judges are paid in the like as well as the legal situation that that I was curious about. But I realized if I went to I’m probably not gonna get much out of because the situation is so different than my own.

8:18:56 am – Samantha Harr:
Right. Yeah, especially looking at something like compensation, which is a super important topic that that gets into like a whole lot of legal nitty-gritty that is just not gonna be applicable. Sometimes, even between states, you know, it just depending on the

8:19:10 am – Matthew Fox:

8:19:11 am – Samantha Harr:
situation so. Well, it’s super interesting. Yeah, the question is always going to be how can this be relevant to a bigger, a greater amount of audience

8:19:20 am – Matthew Fox:

8:19:20 am – Samantha Harr:
members And sometimes I’m, you know, sometimes you look at a conference and say, well, that topic isn’t for me, and that’s okay. But

8:19:27 am – Matthew Fox:
Exactly. I think another thing that I want to talk about in terms of where we, as Judge Academy, see conferences, going and where we’re kind of trying to, you know, the conference system is always gonna be a hit. This isn’t a ship that I’m at the, the helm of, and I can just say, let’s turn 90 degrees. This is your system as much as ours, what we’re doing is running sponsorship and we’ll talk more about that in a second. But another thing I really want to do is I want to encourage more people to be conference organizers. We have some parts of the world and all that. I was this person in my in my area, in Wisconsin for for a while. I was one organizing all the conferences and I loved doing that. But also meant that if you went to a conference you’re getting my version of a conference. And I think that can be a You know it’s a balance because I don’t think like, if you organize a conference you learn some lessons from it, you can do better Next time. We want that experience. We want people trying these things and learning But I also think we just want to be careful about if it’s the same person presenting in the same place every time. Okay, that they’re probably running a great conference but they’re probably some people for whom. That’s not the kind of conference. They need And I think that’s one thing we’re really trying to look to is, how can we encourage more people? And so of course, you get more promos for organizing. We’re really also trying to beef up the idea of the assistant organizer. If you are the organizer, who’s organized things a couple of times. Try to find someone who wants me in a system organizer, who wants to help and then maybe next time, they can take the lead and you can be the assistant, you know, it’s not to say, Okay, you’ve done three and you’re done, you’ve done four and you’re done. It’s gonna be very specific to different areas, but I think one of the great things can be, the more people who are organizing conferences, the more people who are giving their ideas and their visions, and same thing for presenters. It just makes everything so much richer.

8:21:13 am – Samantha Harr:
Absolutely. Every every conference organizer is going to provide a completely different experience or maybe sometimes a subtly different experience, but maybe not completely different. But, you know, it’s those little things matter and the the attitude, the venue, the the vibes. All those things really add up to a Of a picture of an experience that maybe for some people and not for others. Like, I know, I really like conferences conference presentations that center around discussion.

8:21:41 am – Matthew Fox:

8:21:42 am – Samantha Harr:
I do not enjoy activities because I want to sit I’m lazy, which is not to say that. So value in that, it’s just not my

8:21:49 am – Matthew Fox:

8:21:50 am – Samantha Harr:
favorite things, you know, I met, I may be more inclined to find conference organizers, that provide experiences, I just have more fun and doing and find more intellectually engaging for the way I think about things, you know? And and that’s great for everybody. Some people are gonna fall asleep without having to like jump over chairs and run around the venue like That’s that’s super cool. I love that for you.

8:22:12 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, and

8:22:13 am – Samantha Harr:
I’m 35, I’m now old. I can’t do that. No more.

8:22:16 am – Matthew Fox:
And that like and I I I’m the opposite because I’m someone who hands-on learning is very important to me. Like, Don’t tell me how to do a deck check. I mean, tell me how to do a deck check but unless you put a deck in my hands and let me try this, new sorting method. It’s only going away or not the other and I think that’s part of the idea we’re getting to is I don’t want people trying to find the perfect way to do a conference that everyone should do it that way forever more. We should have discussion conferences and presentation focused and role play or things that makes all of them above

8:22:48 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, I think if we if we ever settle on like this is a perfect conference, this is how a perfect conference should be. Then we we have in fact, kind of probably lost sight at that point of what conferences are should be made up of like innovation makes all the

8:23:03 am – Matthew Fox:

8:23:05 am – Samantha Harr:
difference and we should be trying things constantly.

8:23:07 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah. And as part of the innovation also, say this is why the feedback becomes so important. If you see a conference that you, if you go to a conference, you think they did a great job, let them know. If you think they tried something new and it didn’t work out, please be friendly about it. Be polite, understand that taking risks is scary and so, don’t just tell them they’re terrible. But I think, you know, in the way that they open themselves up to feedback, let them know. Hey, great idea. Here’s maybe some things that could have been better about the execution, let us know in the conference feedback form. I mean, I would love it if I could go to every single conference that’s held. Um, I would need to spend a lot more time and do a lingo learning

8:23:43 am – Samantha Harr:
I wish.

8:23:44 am – Matthew Fox:
languages. I would need a lot more salary and and resources and and I’d probably need to file for divorce because I think my wife would like to see me

8:23:51 am – Samantha Harr:

8:23:52 am – Matthew Fox:
every now and then and frankly I’d like to see her

8:23:54 am – Samantha Harr:
we would all be very single.

8:23:54 am – Matthew Fox:
but, Yes, exactly. But when one of you go through conference and sends me a feedback report, I love reading those because it lets me be what I couldn’t be.

8:24:04 am – Samantha Harr:
that’s a great point and I think that transitions well into sort of the the last point on our, Our visions notes here about Judge,

8:24:11 am – Matthew Fox:

8:24:12 am – Samantha Harr:
Academy’s role in conferences. Um, so as a reminder judge academy, we don’t run conferences, we don’t run any conferences.

8:24:20 am – Matthew Fox:

8:24:21 am – Samantha Harr:
We are We are a mechanism by which to sponsor conferences that you all are having on your own. So there’s some pluses and minuses to that, frankly, that that’s how it has to be for legal reasons. Um, but the sort of like plus side to that is that if you want to try something real wacky, that’s so wacky. That even Matthew and I are like, absolutely not. You can still do that thing. We’re just not going to send promos for it, but you truly

8:24:50 am – Matthew Fox:

8:24:51 am – Samantha Harr:
But you truly But you truly the sky is the limit for what you all want to do with your conferences.

8:24:55 am – Matthew Fox:

8:24:55 am – Samantha Harr:
It’s, you know, from our perspective, it’s just a matter of whether we send you a box full of cards.

8:25:00 am – Matthew Fox:
I think that’s really important and it’s not it, it matters for a lot of reasons and the technicalities of it but also one of the things that I was experiencing especially the first month, I think we’re trying to people are trying to see the new way of doing, not the new way. People have better understanding. The way we do things is people would say Okay well I’m allowed to have this presentation. Am I allowed to have that presentation? I can’t hear that. Not only can I answer that? I don’t want to answer that in part.

8:25:24 am – Samantha Harr:
We’ll allowed. Yeah that’s that’s between you and the law like you in here, higher power like allowed is a is a tricky word.

8:25:31 am – Matthew Fox:
Be right. Well, and even just in terms of like I can tell you, the general guidelines, that like there, if I approve you for sponsorship, unless something really goes wrong, you’re gonna get those cards and you’re gonna do what you think you should with them. And If you do some things that I think are really wacky, you know, if you have a shot contest and whoever can down the most shots of tequila gets the most promos. We’re probably not giving you promos again.

8:25:55 am – Samantha Harr:
Don’t do that.

8:25:56 am – Matthew Fox:
Um, like kind of things, but

8:25:56 am – Samantha Harr:
Don’t do that.

8:25:58 am – Matthew Fox:
You know, when you get in a situation such as like Oh can I have this person as a presenter? Can I do this kind of presentation? Not only is it not my role to approve that? But the fact is, I don’t know what kind of presentation would work best in London or in Berlin or in, you know, Uruguay or whatever it is. And so, I think I’m pretty good at running conferences in the northern parts of the United States. I think because of that, if you tell me more about what’s happening in your part of the world, I might be able to give you some advice and some thoughts. But at the end of the day, if we approve you for a conference, it’s because we trust you to make the decisions that you think are best for your community. And I that’s not just kind of like yay. Yay enthusiasm it is. But I really want to emphasize like We trust you to make those decisions because we want, we want you to decide things that we wouldn’t. I have no idea how to best run a conference in parts. The world that I’ve never been to a party United States that I’ve ever been to, you know, more about it. I, I want to hear how it went and I’ll maybe brainstorm with about you. But I really want to thank you and that that comes to everything from. Like I’ll give a great example. Um, A lot of times the conference and some people will be running late, and so I’ll get an email saying, Hey, am I allowed to give how how much of the conference does a person have to go to for me to be allowed to give them promos? Which one I’ll say that’s your decision. You as the organizer, get to decide. What is or what who did or who did not organize? You know attend a conference If I find out that, you’ve decided everybody who said, hey, I attended the conference attended the conference with no other checking. Yeah, then we might give you promos again, or we might at least want to talk to you about it. And so we want you to be responsible about it. That’s worth the point. We trust you, to be responsible and to do these things.

8:27:56 am – Samantha Harr:

8:27:56 am – Matthew Fox:
And so you don’t need to come to us.

8:27:56 am – Samantha Harr:

8:27:58 am – Matthew Fox:
What, you know, cut talk to us for what you need for approval, but once you’re approved, but we want you to

8:28:03 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, absolutely. There’s you know and I think this

8:28:04 am – Matthew Fox:
run with it, we want you to do your thing.

8:28:06 am – Samantha Harr:
this sort of back and forth on what’s allowed, what’s not allowed? It was sort of happening because I think people were a little confused during the process as well. Like we want to offer feedback and ideas but us offering feedback and ideas in the in your planning process is not the same as. Are you allowed to do this? Are you allowed to do that?

8:28:26 am – Matthew Fox:

8:28:27 am – Samantha Harr:
You are allowed to do whatever is in your heart. The question is, whether you’re ever going to get promos again?

8:28:32 am – Matthew Fox:

8:28:33 am – Samantha Harr:
From us. And don’t let that stop you. You know, you do what you got to do in this life.

8:28:38 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah. And to be very clear, it’s not gonna be like some secret courts, something tells you no more promos for you, no soup. Um, it’s gonna be If we hear some concerns, we’re gonna talk to you about them and say, Hey, what’s gonna happen? You know. I would and this other gets into another issue. Is that, you know, I would love to have every conference happen. Everywhere all the time, resources are limited, not just the number of promos, we have is limited but also just the amount of hours in the day and the amount of and we don’t want too much overlap and all that kind of thing. I’ll get to why we decide But I, but I also say one of the most limited resources, unfortunately is my time. Um and Sama has reminded me that, as much as I would love to spend every hour, I’m being paid, talking to you all about conferences, there’s a couple of other things. I’m supposed to be doing as well. And so, one thing I really want to encourage and I think we’ve done, we’ve recently created the conference conferences, channel on discord, but those are so many other ways. If you’ve got questions, if you’ve got an idea you want feedback on. I shouldn’t be the first line you go to. I should be the last because frankly Again, if you’re trying to figure out the best way to run a conference in Malaysia, other Malaysian judges are gonna be a much better resource for you than I will be other judges, who organized things will be a better resource. And so One of the things that we’re really trying to do is to encourage reach out to your colleagues, reach out to your friends, reach out to in the the discords for your region or for your area or or for you know for conference organizers or whatever it is. Find those people if you really can’t get an answer you’re not sure. Yeah send me an email but that should be the last like not again I love those emails but just to like both keep myself a little bit sane but also to help you all. The horizontal approach there, instead of just the vertical of asking me is going to really be helpful.

8:30:25 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah. And on, you know, it can present just an hours in the day issue, but also kind of like we touched on before our, you know, mine and Matthew’s perspective is limited. Like, if you ask me, you know, if you’re from, if you’re from Europe and you ask me. What’s the best way to do whatever kind of presentation? I’m going to tell you the best way to do whatever kind of presentation for a Florida audience. Because that’s what I know.

8:30:49 am – Matthew Fox:

8:30:51 am – Samantha Harr:
I don’t know if that’s ever gonna

8:30:52 am – Matthew Fox:
And, and that quarters.

8:30:54 am – Samantha Harr:
Right. Is that gonna translate well to to Greece to, you know, anywhere else like I hope but you know, judges in your

8:31:01 am – Matthew Fox:

8:31:03 am – Samantha Harr:
area, may not be able to offer better insights more thorough insights requests like they. They may have preferences. I couldn’t have even dreamed up, you know, to consider and that’s a good thing. So, talk to each other in Brainstorm,

8:31:19 am – Matthew Fox:
Exactly, exactly. I want to quickly say also Um in the chat is a great place to ask questions. I see a lot of you posting posts entirely of emojis as I was saying on a podcast last night, I am very very old when my my spouse and I were first dating, I would ask her things and she’d send me pictures of cactuses dancing. And I’d be like, I have no idea what that means. So Sam if you want to translate any of the comments from Emoji to English, go for it but if people want to ask questions or make comments use your words if you want me to understand it.

8:31:55 am – Samantha Harr:
I have no idea.

8:31:56 am – Matthew Fox:
Greece is the Florida And yes someone is chiving in that Greece is the Florida of Europe. I hope that person is Greek. I don’t want to start any And yes someone is chiving in that Greece is the Florida of Europe. I hope that person is Greek. I don’t want to start any

8:32:00 am – Samantha Harr:
World War 3 right here, Judge Academy

8:32:01 am – Matthew Fox:
internationally incidents on this channel. There you go. You know, we’re I the amount I’ve learned about international politics. There are some judges in Russia and other areas who held a conference, we are moving, hell and high water to get, you promos, all sorts of international laws about mailing. I’m learning because the current political situation but we’re gonna get you, your promos. So yeah, it’s a fun thing.

8:32:22 am – Samantha Harr:
It’s, it’s challenge. It is. It is uniquely challenging running a worldwide, a global organization. And it’s been a learning curve for all of us. I think, but it’s,

8:32:32 am – Matthew Fox:

8:32:32 am – Samantha Harr:
But it’s, it’s so much fun. Yeah I learned things about you guys just every day that I’m so much better at geography now than I ever was before.

8:32:40 am – Matthew Fox:
Yep, Yep. I I had a couple of moments where I I I had a couple of moments where I Brazil, where I look on a map and said, Hey these two areas look pretty close to each other. Yep, yep. I I had a couple of moments where I said particularly in China and Brazil, where I look on a map and said, Hey these two areas look pretty close to each other. Maybe we shouldn’t have two conferences, pretty close together. And the person wrote back and went it’s eight hours to trans to go from one of those to the other because of like the mount is a huge mountain in between or you know whatever it is like the way you all educate me for that stuff. Thank you so much and I appreciate your patience with me when I get

8:33:04 am – Samantha Harr:

8:33:06 am – Matthew Fox:
spectacularly wrong.

8:33:07 am – Samantha Harr:
our, our perspectives can occasionally be very Americanized because, you know, In. You know, that’s changed a whole lot for me. I feel like, you know, used to when I first started judging, I’d be like, Oh my God, four hours away for a conference. Oh that’s that’s another universe.

8:33:25 am – Matthew Fox:

8:33:25 am – Samantha Harr:
whereas, now I’ve driven 16 hours for a conference just for funsy doodles, and I, you know, I have people

8:33:30 am – Matthew Fox:

8:33:32 am – Samantha Harr:
messaging me like, you know, I’m really trying to get to this conference but I have to hack through a rainforest with machete to get there. You know, do you think I’ll make it in time? I’m like You know, are very American problems. Sometimes pale in compares.

8:33:44 am – Matthew Fox:

8:33:45 am – Samantha Harr:
To others. But

8:33:46 am – Matthew Fox:
Exactly. So let’s move to the second kind of big thing. We want to talk about, which is why we wanted to make these two. Can We talked about kind of our vision? So how are we doing that? Let’s talk about why we want to make the changes and the vision themselves sama. When I first said to you, I have an idea for a totally new way to do conferences. I want to change things your eyes lit up. Um, why are you so excited about making some changes to our conference system?

8:34:07 am – Samantha Harr:
Um I think there are a couple of reasons and I think that one of the things our website currently struggles with a little bit is just dissipation of information or our information. It has a tendency to be very scattered across multiple pages which is a symptom of things coming up where it’s like Oh here’s this cool new idea. Let’s make a page for it. Here’s this new thing. Let’s make a page for it and that has Made information really challenging to get on certain avenues. And so I’ve been making a point to try to condense refine. The the information Judge Academy puts out period on any topic. And conferences definitely were one of the biggest sufferers of this trying to find information all over the place. It makes it inefficient for everybody, trying to use this system ourselves include because sometimes people would ask me questions, I’d have no idea. I couldn’t even find the page with the information that was necessary.

8:35:02 am – Matthew Fox:

8:35:04 am – Samantha Harr:
So I I and on top of that, it was taking up an incredible amount of hours, both on our end in, you know, in the office. You know, mailing is a nightmare,

8:35:15 am – Matthew Fox:

8:35:15 am – Samantha Harr:
There is there were like two separate forms that needed to be filled out, and people would just forget the second one, like, until the day of their conference, which would put everyone into panic mode and That system just wasn’t fun, you know?

8:35:28 am – Matthew Fox:

8:35:28 am – Samantha Harr:
And I mean not not that anyone’s ever like Oh thank goodness paperwork. This is gonna be a blast but like I wanted I have you know a vision for a process that is a lot more streamlined once you decide to dive into the quote unquote process, right? Like a lot of the back and forth

8:35:44 am – Matthew Fox:

8:35:47 am – Samantha Harr:
maybe do this maybe do that. I want to all be front loaded like when now we have everything down to

8:35:55 am – Matthew Fox:

8:35:56 am – Samantha Harr:
one form. One form and we’re going to yes or

8:35:58 am – Matthew Fox:

8:35:59 am – Samantha Harr:
no. It, because the idea now is that you’ve spent time, you’ve spent a lot of time, talking to people, you know, in your community hopping on discord and chatting with people. Who, you know, may have some insights for you. You, we want to see that you have already brainstormed with your community and the online community, or whoever to come up with a really solid plan, a really solid idea, and then present that to us. Because, you know, at this point conferences, have been around for a long time, and a lot of there are a lot of things that we end up rejecting, you know, conference applications for that. I feel like maybe could have been common sense, or even if it’s not common sense, could have been sussed out like way earlier in the process. I don’t know.

8:36:47 am – Matthew Fox:

8:36:47 am – Samantha Harr:
Either way, I want a very streamlined process because I want efficiency. I want efficiency for you all and if

8:36:52 am – Matthew Fox:

8:36:55 am – Samantha Harr:
Efficiency makes less work for us in a sense and that’s a good thing. I like less work. But on top of that, It also increase it speeds up the turnaround time on how fast we can get you all your resources that we provide. So the quicker we can kick a box out

8:37:08 am – Matthew Fox:

8:37:10 am – Samantha Harr:
the door to get it to you, the better, right? Like nobody likes. Looking at the the ups tracking wondering, Is this gonna get here on time? Like

8:37:18 am – Matthew Fox:

8:37:19 am – Samantha Harr:
I want everything to be faster and more efficient. That’s that’s just how I roll.

8:37:23 am – Matthew Fox:
I think it’s a super good point. There’s a couple things to lift up there one is that, you know, we want to help you how we can but you have a moment where you say I want to host a conference The next step isn’t to apply for the conference. The next, there’s enough we want you doing a number of these steps. And one of the things is that, I think you’re right. One of the biggest changes I think is that we now have this one conference page with a whole bunch of tabs that just has so much more information, and it’s so better organized. And I will say here, what I did was I took I went through every question people have asked me everything people can be used about and just wrote what I literally called the Uber conference document and I said it to Sam. I was saying I’m so sorry. This is 25 pages in Google. I don’t know how to do this but but here’s all the information.

8:38:08 am – Samantha Harr:
Well, before it was 25 separate pages across our website, so now it’s

8:38:11 am – Matthew Fox:
Also true also true.

8:38:11 am – Samantha Harr:
So now it’s one page one form done.

8:38:14 am – Matthew Fox:
Well, and sama using a form of witchcraft and wizardry that I don’t understand, put it into a system of

8:38:19 am – Samantha Harr:

8:38:21 am – Matthew Fox:
tabs and folders and it just is now so easy to find all those questions. And so I think that’s going to be a big help. As Sam I said we now have one singular form you fill it out. I might have some questions but hopefully I can just approve it. And you don’t even used to be that you had to do all this like intricate guessing of, like, I think I’m gonna get 35 attendees. No, I’m gonna get 38 attendees. We’ve made that so much simpler now. We basically, like, Do you want a Small event a media event, a large event. I originally called it, then, Venti and Grande. Um, Sama proposed that wasn’t actually the best that we might get sued, but um, more importantly just so now it’s just the five colors of magic that you can do.

8:39:00 am – Samantha Harr:
White blue, black red green.

8:39:02 am – Matthew Fox:

8:39:02 am – Samantha Harr:
If we come more clever, we’ll change

8:39:03 am – Matthew Fox:

8:39:04 am – Samantha Harr:
it. You know, this is in a book. This is a living document. This is an evolving.

8:39:07 am – Matthew Fox:
But, but it means you just need to take a general idea of, Hey, I think I’m gonna have about this many people, and we’ve already done all the calculations, but, okay. Figure out how many people you should have about this many presenters about this? Many l3s etc. And that’s how many present tokens. How many promos we’re gonna send you? One question that came up a bunch, is, does it mean you have to have that exact number presenters? The exact number of L3 is no, you can allocate that between this many presenters or this many assistant staff or as many l3s. Um, it is up to you, but that’s, that’s what we’re gonna send you, and that’s gonna be making own cheesier. And then part what good

8:39:44 am – Samantha Harr:
Keep in mind. Go ahead.

8:39:46 am – Matthew Fox:
I say, one other thing is, one of the big hurdles we were facing was you the organizer. Get the exact amount of promos, you send them out then something’s damaged in the mail, something that’s lost in the mail, something, you know, the cat, eats something, whatever it is. And then that person was contacting, you you are having to contact us. I was having to look into it. It was this whole process. Now we’re just gonna send you some extras so that you’re gonna have a couple of extras so that when someone doesn’t get one, you can just go ahead and send it out. You don’t have to talk to us about it, it’s all set and done. And then once all the people have their promos, then you contact us and say, Okay, here’s what we’re sending back. Simple. Easy peasy.

8:40:28 am – Samantha Harr:
Easy peasy. Yeah, you’ll have it. You’ll, we want you to request a box. An appropriate size that is, you know, will match the number of expected attendees and presenters plus a little bit extra. Like, if you’re having a 30-person conference, don’t order the 150 size box like they’ll be goofy

8:40:44 am – Matthew Fox:

8:40:46 am – Samantha Harr:
But yeah, so I think Yeah, this helps with things getting lost things, getting damaged. Oh But yeah. with things getting lost things, getting damaged. Oh

8:40:59 am – Matthew Fox:

8:41:01 am – Samantha Harr:
trust you to like, work that stuff out. And you know, when things go wrong a little bit and yeah, so I guess the, the flip side of that to be considerate of is We we are no longer doing any sort of back and forth with Oh, will this happen to this happened? Once you send your promos back, that’s it. that being said, you know, hang on to you if you’re an organizer do, hang on to the box long enough to make sure you are able to get people what they need appropriately. But that also means that you once once we have approved your conference sponsorship request, that is the size of the box you’re getting. So if you order for example, if you request a box to support 50 attendees, And later you’re like, Oh something changed. This is, you know, we’ve suddenly got twice as much space. We want a hundred attendees like I’m sure you do want that, but

8:41:58 am – Matthew Fox:

8:42:01 am – Samantha Harr:
Sorry, we can’t accommodate that and I wish we could.

8:42:03 am – Matthew Fox:

8:42:04 am – Samantha Harr:
But at this point, we need you to commit to the plans, you submit to us and that’s that’s part of all of this becoming more efficient.

8:42:11 am – Matthew Fox:
Exactly, exactly. And I think that I think that’s also an important point is. I think there’s been a lot of, you know, apply and then change. Oh more people are interested, etc. That’s part of why Exactly. Exactly. an important point is. I think there’s been a lot of, you know, apply and then change. Oh more people are interested, etc. That’s part of why Exactly, exactly. And I think that I think that’s also an important point is. I think there’s been a lot of, you know, apply and then change. Oh, more people are interested, etc. That’s part of why we want you doing your research before you apply because I think, and again, this isn’t like when Sam and I say we Exactly, Exactly, exactly. And I think that I think that’s also an important point is. I think there’s been a lot of, you know, apply and then change. Oh more people are interested, etc. That’s part of why we want you doing your research before you apply because I think and again, this isn’t like when Sam and I say we want less Exactly. Exactly. an important point is. I think there’s been a lot of, you know, apply and then change. Oh more people are interested, etc. That’s part of why we want you doing your research before you apply because I think and again, this isn’t like when Sam and I say we want less Exactly, Exactly, exactly. And I think that I think that’s also an important point is. I think there’s been a lot of, you know, apply and then change. Oh, more people are interested, etc. That’s part of why we want you doing your research before you apply because I think, and again, this isn’t like when Sam and I say we want less of our time spent on Exactly, exactly. And I think that I think that’s also an important point is. I think there’s been a lot of, you know, apply and then change. Oh, more people are interested, etc. That’s part of why we want you doing your research before you apply because I think, and again, this isn’t like when Sam and I say, We want less of our time spent on this. It’s not. So we can spend more time on a beach. Shipping my ties. I just spent five days at a

8:42:32 am – Samantha Harr:
I wish.

8:42:32 am – Matthew Fox:
conference, with, with Sama and quickly. Learned, if Sam was not constantly moving Samuel will die. She’s a shark, I’m kind of

8:42:38 am – Samantha Harr:
I will I will pass away.

8:42:38 am – Matthew Fox:
I’m kind of the same way and like, honestly, there’s so many other things like a number of you have pointed out. We don’t have a module that explains this new system. I I am in the work of creating that hopefully that will go up later this week or next week.

8:42:51 am – Samantha Harr:
Okay, Matthew’s being very kind, Matthew has created a module I need to proofread it and I am the hold up holdup here. So Okay, Matthew is being very kind, Matthew has created a module I need to proofread it and I am the hold up here. So Matthew was done everything.

8:42:57 am – Matthew Fox:
I’m not gonna throw my boss under the

8:42:58 am – Samantha Harr:
There’s Matthew’s done what they’re

8:42:59 am – Matthew Fox:
bus on live TV but thank you.

8:43:00 am – Samantha Harr:
supposed to do. I’m the wrench in the cogs here.

8:43:02 am – Matthew Fox:
The point being Is a whole new idea for confident for organizing different kind of events that hopefully is going to roll out early next week. Then I’m super excited about part of the idea of taking, we want to make it easier for you. But also make it easier for us allows us to do so many more things for you. Um, I want to get to one or two last big topics but I want to take a moment just to see what the chat has been saying. First of all, we had someone with glow in the dark eyes, taking notes, turn on the light. If you need to we have looks like a kaiju taking notes. I welcome. Our kaiju judges.

8:43:32 am – Samantha Harr:
It’s so cute.

8:43:33 am – Matthew Fox:
I’ll I’ll be curious, I’ll be curious, your thoughts on excel on and the dinosaurs. We also someone who tells us our form is awesome. I’ll be curious, your thoughts on Excel on and the dinosaurs. We also, someone who tells us our form is awesome. And then uses a Santa Claus Emoji, which I assume means that you’re sending me a gift at Christmas time. So, pm me, I will get your thing. All right. I’m not done being an old person mocking emojis. I’m just gonna now, answer questions. Someone was asking the question correctly lionproot professors asking Is will we still be able to get the promos in time for the day? Yes, that’s actually part of the point of this could used to happen. Was your conference would be approved. Then you had to file a separate application and I had like, Take the time your conference, you might have file on a Monday. I might get to it by Thursday. You notice that it’s been approved by Saturday, you ask for Chromos on Tuesday and then I file the paperwork for your promo, application on Thursday and then they get put in the mail the next Monday. That’s a ridiculous system and was delaying things far too much. The way it’s gonna work. Now, is you apply on a Monday? I take a look on the Wednesday and actually able to say You apply on a

8:44:39 am – Samantha Harr:
Of. Of. but,

8:44:39 am – Matthew Fox:
Friday. I look on Monday. I approve it and then things go out in the mail on Wednesday and we’re very careful that we’re never gonna guarantee things. Things are the, you know, I don’t run ups and I shouldn’t run the mail system. Another countries, I wish I know. I don’t wish I did. Um,

8:44:55 am – Samantha Harr:
Nobody wants that.

8:44:57 am – Matthew Fox:
Um no. So I’m never gonna promise it. But as long as you apply far enough in advance and we’re saying like minimum of two months, if you’re in a place where there might be any trouble getting things to you maybe three months or even longer nothing wrong with applying early, Then we’re going to do all we can to get this as fast to you as possible. The whole point of the system is to get them out as fast as possible.

8:45:17 am – Samantha Harr:
yeah from from Uralls and the system should be a lot more streamlined straightforward but honestly it’s probably not going to be that different than what you’ve already experienced because like as far as like holding on to things and sending

8:45:27 am – Matthew Fox:

8:45:29 am – Samantha Harr:
them back you guys have actually already been doing this you know we’ve we’ve been having, you know,

8:45:32 am – Matthew Fox:

8:45:34 am – Samantha Harr:
things mailed back when you had too many promos or this and that. So it’s it’s really not going to be that different from your all’s end. Our end is going to make a huge huge world of difference in how quickly we can get. Stuff. Turned around.

8:45:49 am – Matthew Fox:

8:45:50 am – Samantha Harr:
And like Matthew was describing with, with the days upon days of back and forth, and back and forth. Now, Matthew says, Yes or no, that information then automatically all the, all the relevant information automatically gets populated into this like Incredible set of spreadsheets this Ferrari of spreadsheets system. That that Eric Dustin Brown is cooked up for us and then our

8:46:16 am – Matthew Fox:
Another practitioner of which craft and sorcery with both Sama and Eric, I had some ideas I wanted and the two of you made it happen in ways. I don’t understand. I will say a prayer at the full moon of Thanksgiving, but yet other wizards, it is a fantastic system.

8:46:30 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, absolutely. And you know, and once the spreadsheet is full of information, you know, the the cool people at our office can just pick up a box of the relevant size, ship it out and we’re done That’s that’s it.

8:46:42 am – Matthew Fox:

8:46:43 am – Samantha Harr:
No more. No more nonsense.

8:46:44 am – Matthew Fox:

8:46:44 am – Samantha Harr:
No more chaos.

8:46:46 am – Matthew Fox:
It makes it so much easier and just a couple other questions that came up, What about for those that were approved already just to make everyone’s life easier. If you’ve. Um, there are a couple people who applied like after using the old system Afternoon system was supposed to go live. I mean emails to those saying Hey do you mind reapplying with this new system but for everyone else if you’ve already been approved just go ahead through the means you have we’re gonna you know just kind of let all those play out but then move into the new system entirely but why I’m saying on top of those?

8:47:14 am – Samantha Harr:

8:47:14 am – Matthew Fox:
saying on top of those? So yes you will still continue to get your promos from that old system.

8:47:18 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah absolutely. If you if you fell into sort of a weird middle ground where we just you’d already started applying but we just put up the new form. Well, we’ll make sure you’re taking care of, we’ll get it figured out with you.

8:47:27 am – Matthew Fox:
Definitely. So the last thing I want to move into before again, taking a few more questions is, Um, Can we talked about sort of what the changes have been things like that? I want to clarify what our criteria are, and I’m the one kind of making decisions roughly, well, consult with Sama, or with others. And things like that. I’m just not the high person on the mountain, by any means. I live in Minnesota as a pretty flat state, very cold, but here are the things that I’m looking for. The first thing I’m going to look for is, what else is happening in your area, or with your population around the same time, because And I think some people thought Oh this means that we only do like one event per region per quarter. It’s nothing like that but I am cautious about Having too many events around the same time, in the same area. And there’s a couple reasons one is because let’s be realistic. Are the resources are limited, we don’t have eight million promos and if I approve, you know, here in Minnesota. If I approve every conference anyone ever did Minnesota, I’m gonna get a lot of promos but someone else in a different part of the country, different part of the world, not so much. So I do want to make sure we’re getting them kind of fairly evenly allocated to all over the world. A second thing though, and I think this is more important is I want to avoid burnout. And I want to avoid overlap, you know, I think at the game story, I used to run ours to help run one of the things we figured out pretty easy. Was, you know, if we did, there are some formats that if we did it every week, Three or four people would show up. It wouldn’t be enough if we don’t once a month though. All those people who might show up this Sunday, might show up this Sunday. We’re all gonna show up that one time. If we have three conferences in Buenos Aires within a month, I’m worried that none of them are going to get the critical mass. You need, let alone enough presenters you know but if we space them out a little bit more so that’s one thing we definitely look at. But the other thing and this goes back to what we’re talking about at the top, is I’m now looking at your topic and your theme and your style. just as much as the, the timing because I want to say this very gently like I think for a long time, the idea has been well, let’s try to have a car. If I’m a new conferences in my area, we haven’t had a conference this quarter. Let’s hold a conference this quarter. And I want people moving past that because I think it I yes, there should be a lot of opportunities. And I think the idea of because there’s new promos every quarter getting judges, the chance to get. Those is a good thing. But I wanted to be much more about. Hey we haven’t done last month. Last quarter we did something on the exact details of rules. Let’s do a mock tournament this time. Let’s do something on soft skills this month or let’s let’s not do something in our area, let’s do something in a different area, but where people in our area can go to, you know, I really want to see innovation and I think that there are so many fantastic organizers out there. I’m definitely starting to get a sense of who are the folks who it’s just yeah people my areas want promos, let’s do another conference.

8:50:47 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, I mean from from the perspective of the sponsoring organization, we want to know that our sponsorship efforts are being used as well as they could be, you know, and Limited resources, as we’ve said a few times. Someone in the chat devil read for you say, Since I’m the only judge in my country. Can I make a one-person conference? First of all, that’s awesome to, like, good for you. Good for you, for being like that, pillar of your community, That’s incredible. Um, Well, we can’t do one person conferences. As much as you know, I’m sure it would probably be nice for for folks who are a little more remote. Um, you do have a couple of avenues, like there are definitely the occasional online conference that tries to tailor more towards underrepresented countries. Underrepresented populations folks that just have not been able to get out to a conference in any way. So keep an eye out to attend those and also you would be amazing at running one. You know, I would love to attend your online conference if you ever decided to have one plus, you know, the the

8:51:46 am – Matthew Fox:

8:51:47 am – Samantha Harr:
benefit if you are a more remote judge, a more remotely located judge if you decide to run an online conference or an in-person conference you as the organizer end up getting more promos than anyone else. So, You by taking the initiative. Will be able to put more more promos into your community by it, by having taken that initiative. So, we would love to help you know,

8:52:10 am – Matthew Fox:

8:52:11 am – Samantha Harr:
get that figured out for you because yeah, we really, really want to reach as many judges all over the world as possible.

8:52:17 am – Matthew Fox:
Absolutely, I think one thing, you know, I say that we often want conferences region locked or area locked, but even there, we’re open to exceptions. You know, all over the world. There are people who are living in places where most people in their area, don’t speak their language because their students or they’re traveling for work. And every now and then we’ll have someone say, Hey, I’m a student in the United States but Japanese is my primary language? Can I digitally attend this conference in Japan? Even though I’m studying in California of course, that kind of and again, that’s kind of thing that we want to empower attendee, you know, organizers to do The other thing I’ll say is that this

8:52:50 am – Samantha Harr:

8:52:52 am – Matthew Fox:
is a question that’s come up. A lot is that the conference system is primarily for established judges? What that means is for people who want to become L1s, we don’t really have something yet. One of the things I really want to do with more time is figure out something we can do. I think we should have not conferences, but something else that judges can do as they learn to judge, you know, help how to help we want to support you and helping to get to L1 not so with promos, but I don’t know what that’s gonna look like yet. I’m gonna now have more time to brainstorm, figure that out, because we do get a lot of questions about. Well, what about this person who wants to become an L1, can they become, Can they come to my conference? They always can come unless you’re certified. You can’t be get promos, but I will say We’ve had some instances where people were like, Hey, I’ve been working at crazy. I went to the conference at the conference, I took my test. I certified give that personal problem, you know, so lots of ways to do it.

8:53:47 am – Samantha Harr:
If they exist at the conference and they they are suddenly a certified judge. That sounds like a certified judge at a conference to be

8:53:53 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Um, I also appreciate that you mentioned the the promos because I do want to talk about that but why you should organize a conference? Because I think I think a lot of people find, it kind of intimidating process. I really don’t think it has to be. I, we have had a lot of l ones, it used to be had to be now two to organize a conference. We have a lot of L1 stepping up, we want, you know, what you’re doing and but trust me in your town. If there’s someone who’s always the one organizing a conference, They may want to hold on to those reins pretty tightly. I think that’s pretty rare. And if it is talk to me because that’s maybe not the best situation. But, like, the first time I went to my mentor and said, Hey, can I run the conference instead of you? I was so worried. They’d be upset about me. Stepping on their toes. They were like, Oh, thank God here, take it. And they gave me guidance, and they gave me ideas. But they let me do the work and that awesome. It, I got more promos and so everyone wins. And so it’s a great thing to do. It’s not as hard as people think all the information is out there now But also it’s such a good way to network. It’s such a good way to get to know other judges is such a good way to put your own stamp on the judge program of What do you want to do? It’s such a good way to get to know tios because your product like If a store owned, sorry, my phone is beeping. If a store owner sees, you run a great conference at their store. That store owners can remember that you’re good at doing things and may, well, you may now be near the top of their list the next time they’re like, Hey I need someone to run this new F&m or or whatever it is. So there’s so many good reasons for one conferences,

8:55:23 am – Samantha Harr:
Absolutely, I think it’s really great to get get out there and meet people yourself, you know, people are gonna apply to your conferences that you’ve you may not even realize exist in your community. I think, you know, even here in Florida, I’m just discovering their judges locally. I’ve never heard of in my life, and that’s so cool to discover. You know, maybe active online.

8:55:39 am – Matthew Fox:

8:55:40 am – Samantha Harr:
Maybe not as active, wherever I’m roaming around being a dork like and that’s super cool. You know? The world is full of friends. You haven’t made yet.

8:55:48 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, and that’s what I always want to issue and a bit of self promotion. I wrote an article on this for a blog last month. I guess only a week or two ago. I think sometimes there is no, the thought of If I want to get judged, if I want to get judges together. It’s a conference for bust, That’s just not the case. Conferences are one great way to get to you together, but like, I’m a huge idea, a huge proponent of, if you have a couple stores, that do f&m or the end of driving radius of each other, pick a Denny’s or a late night diner or any other place where y’all can get together and have some snacks and maybe a beverage or two if you so

8:56:21 am – Samantha Harr:
I cannot be trusted to have a

8:56:22 am – Matthew Fox:

8:56:23 am – Samantha Harr:
conference in a Denny’s if I ever.

8:56:24 am – Matthew Fox:
No, not a conference.

8:56:25 am – Samantha Harr:

8:56:25 am – Matthew Fox:
That’s my whole point.

8:56:27 am – Samantha Harr:
I’ll just say I cannot be trusted

8:56:28 am – Matthew Fox:
But I just mean get together, you know, it doesn’t have to be a conference get together and just talk about war stories, talk about what happened. One last point, I just want to throw out here. Not really fitting in anything, exactly. But just to let people know, The last thing that really emphasizing all this is that think outside the box in terms of your presenters. To be an attendee and get the attendee packet. You do have to be a certified judge but the way it works is it’s not that an attending judge gets two. It’s that you get one packet for attending and then the second packet if you present So if you’re not in attendee, but you present, you still get a packet, you still get the promo. And there’s so many great people who aren’t judges, who can offer great perspectives. And here, I’m talking about things like it. Can they I think the easiest to think about is a torment organizer who can tell you more about their side of things. But also, We have areas where like the parent of a child who plays magic at the store. A lot, gave a great talk about like as a parent. What do they want to see in terms of helping them feel that the judges are creating a safe space for their child? We’ve had mental health experts, give talks about, you know, how to deal with conflict and stuff like that. Think outside the box. Um, I think we had a couple conferences where and don’t get me wrong. I want certified judges to get those chances. But, like, if every now and then, there’s a conference where there’s not a single certified judge presenting because all these great perspectives, the judge, normally, don’t get to hear from. I think that’s great. You know, have the balance I want to see all these different ideas out there.

8:57:57 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, and if you’re ever unsure about what, how you should proceed with stuff, reach out and chat, reach out to you fellow organizers and see their thoughts on it. And if you can’t figure anything out, talk to us, we’ll help you think through it. Um, Matthew, we’ve got two minutes left on broadcast. Do we want to do any, FAQs any? Any last questions in the chat?

8:58:15 am – Matthew Fox:
Oh, We do have a question for you about a conference in Estonia. So I’m gonna leave that to you.

8:58:21 am – Samantha Harr:
All that, that’s Devil Reaper. Yeah, if you were if you were the only judge in Estonia, I think you’re super cool for that and We want to help find a way for you to attend or host a conference to that you can. You can have access to that as well. If I have to personally hack through the rainforest to get to you to deliver promos, I’ll figure it out, I’m scrappy

8:58:40 am – Matthew Fox:
Yep. Definitely definitely. Um I think the I think we’ve covered most, the FAQs is there anything else from the chat that people want to go over? I think the biggest thing I would say is also like, I wrote a 22 page. Google document, I didn’t carve anything in stone. Um You know, changes to the spreadsheet. I I think Eric has great hair and I don’t want him to lose all of it, so I’m not gonna try and say let’s change things for the spreadsheets yet. But I for me, this is a process of constant experimentation, you know, and so, in three months, if I’ve heard a lot of feedback we should change something. We’re gonna change it if we want to do something different, we’re gonna do something different. If wizards decides to, you know, quadruple the amount of promos we can get or to, you know, knock on what hope this doesn’t happen, severely limit them, we’re gonna make some changes. So I want, you know, take a moment. Read the conference page look through all of it. Take a look at the new form, but also know that this isn’t like the writ on on high. This is where we see conferences now, and frankly, I hope that that

8:59:42 am – Samantha Harr:

8:59:44 am – Matthew Fox:
document is out of date in six months because you all have done such incredible things with conferences that I never thought of

8:59:50 am – Samantha Harr:
Um, a couple questions How quickly a responses for conference requests given responses are given as fast as Matthew checks, their email, and has the the bandwidth to respond to them

9:00:00 am – Matthew Fox:

9:00:00 am – Samantha Harr:
And what to do with leftover Judge promos. We are gonna install a system by which you will send the extras back, which is, we’ve already been doing that in a slightly less formal process. But we’re gonna have a more formal process that you will fill out a little form. Pop it back in the mail and we’ll

9:00:17 am – Matthew Fox:

9:00:18 am – Samantha Harr:

9:00:18 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah. And I do I don’t see what it mean this but I just want to clarify. It’s not me just going like I don’t care about my email today. It’s it’s just with so much I was going on. I’m trying to check them at least two or three times a week but also

9:00:31 am – Samantha Harr:
We are all swamped.

9:00:32 am – Matthew Fox:
sometimes. Yeah, it’s a swamp. But also like you propose a conference and then I think. Okay. Hmm. Let me talk to some other people and that region and see. Is this gonna interfere with that? Other one? I knew someone else wanted one but they haven’t said a date limit. So, what I really tell people is that Allow for at least 10 business days. So for about two weeks generally I think I average about three to four days in terms of the turnaround and sometimes I’m just in my email and if you catch me these, heck, right time, the email pops up and it’s an easy one, you might get turned around in 20 minutes. But generally, I say, Expect about expect at the most 10 business days or two weeks, and in terms of making sure you get the promos on time. It’s I would say, at least two months in advance, probably more like, three months. Um, and, and like, you know, if you don’t get the promos in time, it’s not the end of the world. We’re gonna help you get them out to people in other ways. But Understand that we’re still in a time when international mailing is is all over the map.

9:01:32 am – Samantha Harr:

9:01:32 am – Matthew Fox:
Literally, there’s so many details to be figured out. A lot of them, we don’t know, and we have to figure out on your end. So just always allow for as much time as you can.

9:01:40 am – Samantha Harr:
Awesome. Well, thank you so much for chatting about all this Matthew. It’s been nice to get to do this. We do have like like Matthew said earlier we do have a module that’s about to come out. I promise. I will make time to to just proofreading that today. I said that yesterday too. But I mean at this time I mean it today

9:01:54 am – Matthew Fox:

9:01:54 am – Samantha Harr:
We will get that new module up. See you all can have more information, more practice with sort of navigating that system. And yeah, if you have any questions, any feedback, love hate, whatever you got. Send it our way. We’ll get it figured out for you.

9:02:06 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, and I just want to say thank you so much to Sarah, and Eric, and everyone Judge Academy. Um, I love conferences to me, they’re one of the best ways of building community. And I say this kind of as at my own thank you. But also really let you know how we’re working things here. When I came to folks and said, Hey, I think we’d be doing so much more with conferences. I think conferences can be so many more things. All I’ve ever gotten is green flags, you know? And I think because it’s all attitude. Here is yes, we need to be careful. We need to make sure you get the promos. We need to make sure that, you know, we’re not going to crazy but We want to hit our role is to help you make the conferences that you think are needed. So you’ve got an idea. However, wacky, it is talk to some people brainstorm it and when you’re ready, send me application.

9:02:49 am – Samantha Harr:
Absolutely, and thank you all again. So join us again tomorrow. For first week, I think tomorrow is Jonas presentation. Um, Jonah’s got Aggie on to talk about transferable judge skills. So that’ll be at 10 am Pacific tomorrow. So join us again and we’ll see you there. Thank you all so much.

9:03:05 am – Matthew Fox:
Take care, everyone.