Judge Academy > Transcript – August First Week: Transferrable Skills

Transcript – August First Week: Transferrable Skills


10:43:33 am – Jonah Kellman:
It’s been a while.

10:43:34 am – Christian Aguilar:
It had been a while, which there’s something to say about that with magic judging. Because yet, especially right now, it has been a while for a lot of us. It, you will continue to grow. I have continued to grow with my cooking skill. Because of this job because I’m able to teach other people like putting yourself in a position to teach other people for things that you are doubting yourself in is a great way to reassure your skill set. But in terms of

10:44:08 am – Jonah Kellman:
Or force the learning.

10:44:09 am – Christian Aguilar:
Yeah, for so learning like it’s In terms of my growth it is gotten better. Um, and once I jump back into judging an event when I can it, I feel like this is

10:44:26 am – Jonah Kellman:
Is Legoland busy during weekends over the summer.

10:44:32 am – Christian Aguilar:

10:44:33 am – Jonah Kellman:
Okay, okay. So, you don’t have a lot of time to go to large events.

10:44:37 am – Christian Aguilar:
no, but funnily enough working at

10:44:37 am – Jonah Kellman:

10:44:39 am – Christian Aguilar:
this place is like working large events every single day.

10:44:41 am – Jonah Kellman:
Every weekend. Yeah.

10:44:42 am – Christian Aguilar:

10:44:43 am – Jonah Kellman:

10:44:46 am – Christian Aguilar:
but yeah, I I in terms of my personal growth or how I how I take inventory I you know it is a job requirement that we do a self review but I do try to Take a moment once a month to try to. Look back. And really what’s the word? I’m looking for reflect haha, I found it.

10:45:12 am – Jonah Kellman:
It’s right there in Self-reflection.

10:45:14 am – Christian Aguilar:
Yeah. There it is reflect on on the things that I’ve done, who I’ve helped what, I’m helping them with and which individuals are are helping me. Like, in my development.

10:45:29 am – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah. So bringing it all together. Huh, what skills? What one or two skills that you’ve picked up from? Working as a sous, chef that you feel. Help you the most as a judge or help you broaden your skill set. When you return to the floor for large event. Tell me it’s like, making mac and cheese just be like, Yeah. So here’s what package is the key to judging. I really want to hear that now because apparently rules and policies the key to be a good chef, So also, I like Mac and cheese, so

10:46:04 am – Christian Aguilar:
If I, I mean, like, I mean, I could bring it to Mac and cheese with read the recipe.

10:46:13 am – Jonah Kellman:
I’ll bring them, I’ll bring the Mac and cheese fight everywhere.

10:46:16 am – Christian Aguilar:
No, no it read the recipe. Like Read read the, read the policy read.

10:46:20 am – Jonah Kellman:
Oh, look at that.

10:46:20 am – Christian Aguilar:
What? read the rules, like, read read, like

10:46:23 am – Jonah Kellman:

10:46:25 am – Christian Aguilar:
reading the details and like trying to understand what is going on. Obviously, with the recipe, there’s like, reading the details and like trying to understand what is going on. Obviously, with the recipe, there’s not a whole like, reading the details and like trying to understand what is going on. Obviously, with the recipe, there’s not a whole lot to try to understand, you’re not gonna be like, What does it mean by mix these things together?

10:46:36 am – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, but there’s reasons not to deviate the instructions are what they are for a reason.

10:46:39 am – Christian Aguilar:
All right. Right, there are ways to deviate. But You don’t want to substitute an ingredient for something wildly different because you will get a different end result. Same with applying any type of policy to To any call, you don’t want to deviate too frequently.

10:47:04 am – Jonah Kellman:
Right? You want the menu to be consistent so that Player experiences consistent, When they go to any of your restaurants, you want the Mac and cheese to be the same?

10:47:15 am – Christian Aguilar:

10:47:16 am – Jonah Kellman:
You want You want same God.

10:47:19 am – Christian Aguilar:
We brought it to Mac and cheese.

10:47:20 am – Jonah Kellman:
I don’t understand how Mac and cheese

10:47:20 am – Christian Aguilar:

10:47:21 am – Jonah Kellman:
is relevant to judging but we did it.

10:47:26 am – Christian Aguilar:
Yeah, I mean but but it’s, it’s true, right? Like if you if you spend time to look at what you’re doing or what you want to do and you apply, what experience you’ve had with judging to it, you are going to get A similar result, one of my, whenever I mentors David once told me that magic judging was a, a low risk environment to get a lot of really high quality experience. Um, and it’s true, like I I am telling you that that’s true that I I did not believe it from the get-go because that was like seven years ago at this point. Um, but Maybe it was six, but

10:48:10 am – Jonah Kellman:
It took me a while to learn that too, but like what’s the worst that happens? Somebody has less fun playing a game. Like the risks you’re playing with

10:48:17 am – Christian Aguilar:

10:48:18 am – Jonah Kellman:
are like, if you screw up an allergy, that’s a serious problem. If you screw up a mist trigger,

10:48:23 am – Christian Aguilar:

10:48:24 am – Jonah Kellman:
they’re gonna be mad at you for a day.

10:48:27 am – Christian Aguilar:
Correct. Right.

10:48:28 am – Jonah Kellman:
Then they’ll play another game.

10:48:28 am – Christian Aguilar:
It’s Yeah, and it’s it’s the severity. Is is real, right? Like the, the at least, with, with where I with where I work. Like we have to take these allergies as series as possible because again,

10:48:43 am – Jonah Kellman:

10:48:43 am – Christian Aguilar:
these are children weird. We are we are literally trying to feed and if we feed them the incorrect thing, that’s a trip to the ER

10:48:51 am – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, that’s incredibly serious.

10:48:54 am – Christian Aguilar:

10:48:58 am – Jonah Kellman:
And if your magic ruling adds up in a trip, to the ER you have done something truly impressive. but yeah, it’s I think as you mentioned, judging is a great low risk environment, people are expected to create learning opportunities for themselves.

10:49:16 am – Christian Aguilar:
Yep. And and and you it’s a great place to make learning opportunities for others and yourself, like you, you just Yep. And and you it’s a great place to make learning opportunities for others and yourself, like you, you just Got to. Don’t be afraid to. Another, another fun little thing that I that I learned at least early on with judging was don’t be afraid to punt the call because, you know,

10:49:43 am – Jonah Kellman:

10:49:44 am – Christian Aguilar:
it. Yes, mistakes suck. And you don’t want to make mistakes and they hurt when they when they happen. But as long as you learn from them, And you apply it into the next. Until the next call like it’ll, it’s it’s fine, it’s okay.

10:50:01 am – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, to be clear.

10:50:02 am – Christian Aguilar:
It’s okay.

10:50:03 am – Jonah Kellman:
Don’t knowingly Punta call.

10:50:05 am – Christian Aguilar:
Yes. Don’t knowingly.

10:50:06 am – Jonah Kellman:
Don’t be afraid of having made a

10:50:06 am – Christian Aguilar:
Punta call.

10:50:09 am – Jonah Kellman:
mistake. If you making a mistake is fine.

10:50:09 am – Christian Aguilar:

10:50:11 am – Jonah Kellman:
Just don’t, don’t do it on purpose.

10:50:14 am – Christian Aguilar:
Yeah. And and that was again and I could I mean I could spend another hour talking about my mentors and how they taught me, all of the things. Like, Don’t be afraid of punch, a call. Don’t take crap from anyone. You know, learn learn from this mistake. Just don’t let it happen again since you’ve already learned from it. Like it’s it’s these These things that I was taught by A by these group of individuals who had mine and others best interests at heart. That’s really cool. And I’m applying it now. Again, six, seven years later to something. I love doing every day.

10:50:55 am – Jonah Kellman:
Awesome. Now we’re running short on time. If anybody from chat has any questions, feel free toss them in there and I’ll throw them an aggie. One of the questions we do have is what does fold mean Aggie?

10:51:07 am – Christian Aguilar:
What does fold mean?

10:51:08 am – Jonah Kellman:

10:51:10 am – Christian Aguilar:
Like it depends on the context.

10:51:11 am – Jonah Kellman:
Like full.

10:51:13 am – Christian Aguilar:
I like a card, like a trading card. You just folded in half or like the napkin that I have right here, you fold it if we’re talking about like whipped cream and and like Grand

10:51:21 am – Jonah Kellman:

10:51:25 am – Christian Aguilar:
cream and and like Grand Marnier, it’s when you slowly mix the ingredients by folding, the fluffy thing, it can, you can use it with whipped cream or a meringue and you

10:51:41 am – Jonah Kellman:
I don’t care if it was a throwaway

10:51:42 am – Christian Aguilar:
can use you slowly incorporated, so

10:51:43 am – Jonah Kellman:
joke. We recycle here.

10:51:46 am – Christian Aguilar:
it so that the that the product is not loses aeration.

10:51:46 am – Jonah Kellman:
but, Is there anything else you would like to add any other comments? Any lessons you’ve learned anything that you’re excited to bring from legoland to judging or from judging? To Legoland.

10:51:58 am – Christian Aguilar:
um, I I mean, I, I do have like, I guess they’re parting words, but I want to make sure that I that I get them across right. Like Don’t be afraid to take a chance on yourself. I think it’s it’s the is the biggest takeaway from from using these skills. Right? I took a pretty medium high risk chance uprooting. My life moving in with people. I didn’t know for an opportunity. I didn’t know it was going to pan out and it ended up handing out. But I I did have a contingency plan in case it didn’t work out. Don’t don’t be afraid to to apply the skills that you have acquired while doing this and if you are reach out to the people who do care about you and will help you walk through these Terrifying decisions because that’s what I did for like two and a half weeks. I literally just reached out to a

10:52:58 am – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, it’s a bit of a roller coaster.

10:52:59 am – Christian Aguilar:
bunch of people doubting myself of whether or not I should do this. And at the end,

10:53:16 am – Christian Aguilar:
At the end of it all, I am happy. I did it. And I’m not gonna say that. I’m not gonna sit here and say that it’s gonna work out every single time for everybody, but I’ve seen some judges do some incredible things, you know, open up a bookstore or open start their own restaurant. Have their have new ideas, wanting to pick up their art again, they’re taking the chance on themselves and even with with our Judge Academy peeps right there. There doing incredible things to, to help continue to develop judges. Even with this, with like these first week podcasts or anything like that. Like, Don’t be afraid to take these chances to try something new for yourself, or for other people because that’s part of the fun.

10:53:47 am – Jonah Kellman:
Cool, awesome. well, I’m not seeing any other questions in chat, so Thank you so much for joining me,

10:53:55 am – Christian Aguilar:
Uh yeah.

10:53:55 am – Jonah Kellman:

10:53:55 am – Christian Aguilar:
Thank you. Thank you. weird for you to say that.

10:53:58 am – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah. Christian. You like that?

10:54:00 am – Christian Aguilar:
No, I don’t.

10:54:00 am – Jonah Kellman:
I mean, sorry. Alright, Aggie fine. All right, that’s all the time we have. I’m gonna just add the broadcast that would buy me. I mean, I hope Eric’s gonna end this soon, but thank you for joining us

10:54:10 am – Christian Aguilar:
Thanks everyone.

10:54:11 am – Jonah Kellman:
and we’ll see you next month because this is the end of the week.

10:54:16 am – Christian Aguilar: