Judge Academy > Transcript – July First Week: Starting a Podcast

Transcript – July First Week: Starting a Podcast

1:00:24 pm – Samantha Harr:
Hello everyone, and welcome to first week July today is our last day of first week July. It’s Friday. And today we’re gonna be talking about podcasting and by we, I really mean, Brian Prilaman, who’s our esteemed guest today. Um, I for one, don’t know anything

1:00:39 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:00:39 pm – Samantha Harr:
about podcasting. I’ve never heard a podcast. I don’t know what a podcast is. So hopefully Brian

1:00:44 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:00:45 pm – Samantha Harr:
Will be able to explain.

1:00:46 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. hi, and welcome to Judge Academy cast of So Sam, I reached out to me about about two months ago. Apparently this was a requested topic. So thank you, whoever. Whoever it was that you had asked for this information. Thank you. We got to it 10 weeks later.

1:01:11 pm – Samantha Harr:
We got there eventually, folks.

1:01:13 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You got there, eventually.

1:01:13 pm – Samantha Harr:
We got there.

1:01:14 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
That’s, that’s the important part across getting across the line. So for those of you who might not know me, my name is Brian Pearlman. I’m an L3 from Orlando, Florida. I’ve been an l34 about a decade, now, Judge for Going on 13 years and I’m one of the hosts of the judge cast podcast. Sorry of the podcast, judge cast, You start saying that word, cast so many times, it starts losing meaning.

1:01:44 pm – Samantha Harr:
Hello everyone and welcome.

1:01:44 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Of currently my co-host though. You know do you remember who my co-host is?

1:01:49 pm – Samantha Harr:
I don’t, she’s probably terrible.

1:01:50 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:01:51 pm – Samantha Harr:
although I would like to point out that it’s me, but I would like to

1:01:54 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:01:55 pm – Samantha Harr:
point out that when this, when this talk was requested, It was specifically the specifically requested that you would do the talk, not me. So I’m not, I’m not gonna let my

1:02:04 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
oh, really

1:02:06 pm – Samantha Harr:
feelings be hurt.

1:02:08 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Okay, all right.

1:02:09 pm – Samantha Harr:
Which if I truly, I’m here for window dressing, Brian does all the like heavy lifting, he writes the notes, he edits and produces the thing. He’s really an all-star, so this talk should come from you.

1:02:19 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You’re? You’re stealing One of the points later on is like, have someone on the show that does all the work?

1:02:25 pm – Samantha Harr:
Have someone actually willing to

1:02:26 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:02:27 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:02:31 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Let’s start off with is a little brief overview of the history of judge cast and then we’ll start talking about the specifics of how to do a podcast and then how judge cast does or does not do those things. And why? Okay. So Judge Cast the podcast, started in January of 2010. It was the love child of Ricky, Hayashi who is an L3 at the time. And Sean Cantonese, see Cat who was an L2 at the time. In stories and talking and stuff like that. It originally started out as a way to as I understand it to educate judges, but also help, Sean, get to level three almost like a judge project. All right, so they did a bunch of

1:03:21 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:03:25 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
episodes at the time there was a mtg podcast hosting platform called Mtgcast. Which was a website with its own RSS feeds and all that kind of stuff where you would upload your podcast to their page and they would host it for you. So you did the recording And then they handled the the hosting it. In 2010 magic, got progressively, more and more. Popular. A lot of people were like, a lot of people with opinions were like, Hey, I can podcast too and so, they would record things, and it started exploding and it. Did limped along for a while, but eventually it had to close down and we had to find our own home.

1:04:12 pm – Samantha Harr:
That was probably insanely expensive

1:04:12 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:04:13 pm – Samantha Harr:
for them to host, like I can’t imagine how much work that probably took.

1:04:16 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
It was, it was because they were hosting like 20 30 podcasts at the time, but in October of 2011. So just over a little less than two years later. They stopped. They just ran out of steam. Sorry. They also sorry backing up. They also added a Jose Boveda, who was an L1 at the time to the show. Um, and after about 30 episodes, they just kind of ran out of ran out of steam, you know? When you have a day job and you do judging on the weekends and then during the weeks, you have to find time to do a podcast. Sometimes things have to give. Which was a real bummer for me because I had grown up listening to Judge cast and you say grown up in in quotes because I’m old.

1:05:11 pm – Samantha Harr:
Grown up as a judge.

1:05:13 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Growing up as a judge. In fact, funny, funny story. There was a bit of policy that I did not know. And I was a embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know it. So I created a fake email To send to judge cast using a name, other than my own to ask that question because I was embarrassed to have my name attached to it.

1:05:34 pm – Samantha Harr:
dry and krilliman wants to know,

1:05:35 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. Crying crying crying drill. Yeah. So then the level one redefinition came along. There was this huge explosion. A lot of people were coming into judging and CJ Trader and just dunks. Independently decided that they wanted to revive the brand. Okay? And they both approached Sea Cat. Hey, can we take over the brand? Sea Cat said, yes. There was also a another group of people, Charlotte, Sable, and Chris Lansdell. That also wanted to do revive judge cast. They got in a little bit later, so they had to go by Judge Cast. North, you know, this is a franchise.

1:06:19 pm – Samantha Harr:
Spin off.

1:06:19 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Right. And that started back up in March of, of 2012, Episode, 35 is Justin. CJ, As as hosts, I was a guest for that because I had done another casual casual player podcast And they were like Oh hey you know how to act on a mic? Okay. Joined to that, but the 37. We’re now up in the 270s. So we’ve been going for a while about a little over 10 years now.

1:06:49 pm – Samantha Harr:
That’s really amazing. And I’ve been on as co-host for. I think right? Right out of year now That’s really amazing. on as co-host for. I think right? Right out of year now particularly good at public speaking or anything like that, but you and I talk about goofy magic stuff all the time. Anyway, so like it it for me, it often just feels like we’re recording our normal conversations which helps

1:07:11 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
which, Except in the editing room. Yes.

1:07:15 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yes, and thank goodness are conversations. Get to be headed. For public consumption.

1:07:21 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, it’s it’s we’re we were talking before, before we started recording here, that we’re gonna have to be a little careful because this is live and being transcribed and recorded and I can’t remove the old man, wanders, stories, or old man shouts at clouds or any of that stuff.

1:07:38 pm – Samantha Harr:
Just straight up degeneracy. Yeah, not that we would ever do that.

1:07:40 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, but No, but

1:07:43 pm – Samantha Harr:
We are things.

1:07:44 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
for Judge cast we’ve had as, as hosts, we’ve had Ricky Hayashi who Advanced up to the rank of level four when Level 4 was a thing, Sean Cantonese say shortly after not saying these are related but since He made it to level three, and then Judge Cast stopped the first time. And one of their goals of starting, it was to get seacat to level three, hmm? Seems related, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. There was CJ Schrader. Just dunks. Who is now the rules manager, we had Brogan who went on who left left the podcast to to work for Watsi. CJ, Who Great. Great judge. Great host of the show. Did a lot of did a lot of work eventually. You just got burnt out. Um, there were some events in 2012, that just kind of took a toll or starting at 2012. 2015, they took a toll on people and he kind of petered out. We had Jacob malici who joined right before the pandemic. We had a pause during the pandemic. and a lot of judges retired Judge cast, took a Pseudo-planned unplanned hiatus for a while. And then we have Sama who got a job with Judge Academy.

1:09:13 pm – Samantha Harr:
I did.

1:09:14 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
I made it to L3 became program court. So Judge Cast has a has a pretty strong pedigree of You know, either you can look at it as judge cast produced judges that went on to do great things or we’ve just been really good at recognizing talent and pulling them in and then, Just letting them have this. Be a part of a springboard. so,

1:09:39 pm – Samantha Harr:
I was thinking like maybe maybe it’s that judge cast like takes hiatuses and comes back. Anytime somebody really needs to like go for L3 and then I thought Well be Pearl doesn’t need to go for all three and I’m like, don’t don’t look at me self like I

1:09:53 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:09:53 pm – Samantha Harr:
Like I can’t take Like I can’t take on Like I can’t take on any more jobs right now. But it’s getting really cool though.

1:09:57 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:09:58 pm – Samantha Harr:
like it’s been a really amazing stepping stone or I guess sort of stop on the path for a lot of amazing judges.

1:10:03 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. Yeah. And it does force you. If you’re gonna have a conversation about a topic, you you have to fill one of two roles. You either have to be the person who knows the information very well or you have to be the person asking questions to the person who knows the the stuff very well and judge cast is A very good forcing function to make sure that you’re one or one, or the other. And if you’re the person asking questions, well, eventually you become the person being able to answer them. All right, also as Judge Cast started out as an air quotes judge project. It was not associated with the judge program as a As a project. Okay, so you know it’s ours No one could come in and say like we need someone else to do this project. No.

1:10:57 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, and I think that that put that has put me in a really interesting position starting with Yeah. has put me in a really interesting position, starting with judge cast, and then getting hired, by Judge Academy. Like, when I’ve got my judge cast hat on, I am not really a Judge Academy person in that, like, I can obviously speak to Judge Academy stuff, but I, I try to keep those worlds separate as much as I can. Because, yeah, it is it is a like, Standal. It is a judge project made of judge, love and judge care. And not Spun off from the judge program

1:11:24 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. When in in 20 2015, when

1:11:27 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:11:31 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
When in in 20 2015, when of the hosts got suspended, we still continued the podcast because we were

1:11:39 pm – Samantha Harr:
Pirate Radio, Judge Pirate Radio.

1:11:39 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
just We were just, we were just ordinary citizens talking about Jud-related stuff. You can’t stop that. And anyway, so that’s a little, a little bit of of the history. We did take a little bit of a pause during the pandemic. A lot of people did, you know, there weren’t a whole lot of events going around. Policy wasn’t changing. Yes sets were coming out, but people weren’t necessarily playing except for on arena, which does rules itself. So and there’s only so many rules podcasts. You can do, you can only talk about layers so many times before you want to. Not. all right, so All right, so getting into how to do a podcast. The I’m gonna start off with a little, a little bit of advice at the very beginning from our favorite drinking smoking robot, bender from Futurama. And it’s not actually the robot

1:12:40 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:12:41 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Bender. It’s a the actor who also played the dog from Adventure Time. I think he said the first step in being good. Something’s being bad at it.

1:12:50 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, absolutely true.

1:12:50 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
All right. And and that is very very true in the situation in in podcasting if you’re starting out like if you don’t have any history of public speaking, you don’t have any any history in something. All right. true in the situation in in podcasting if you’re starting out like if you don’t have any history of public speaking, you don’t have any any history in something similar. You’re gonna be rough at the beginning and that’s fine. You know, the point is to get better, but When you start out obviously, the first thing you’re going to want to do is decide on a topic. Okay. And a lot of these things that I’m going to talk about kind of all happen around the same time. I’m going to present them as discrete. Steps, but they’re not. They, they kind of all like, deciding on the topic might decide, might inform the frequency, in which you’re you record at, or the frequency in which you can record at might cause you to pull back on the topic if you have, it might even be that you come up with a really, really clever name and that means you need to talk about X a little bit. Okay, sure. You know, so they’re all, they all form a lattice structure, but We’re here talking on the Internet, Internet’s love lists. So we’re going to we’re gonna talk in list form. So the first thing you want to do is decide on a topic. first and foremost, it needs to be something that interests you because if you’re going to be talking about this a lot, It needs to be something that you’re passionate about to some degree, right? while I am very passionate about talking about judging, if you wanted me to do a podcast about taxes, No, we’re paying your taxes or tax codes and stuff like that. No.

1:14:33 pm – Samantha Harr:
No, thank you.

1:14:34 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Or or you know, how to how to do sysml diagrams for engineering. No, not interested in talking about that at all.

1:14:44 pm – Samantha Harr:
No, thanks.

1:14:45 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
So you want to decide decide on the the topic something that interests you, something that will interest others. You want to make sure that either it’s a unique topic or if it’s a frequently covered topic, you do with the new approach.

1:15:02 pm – Samantha Harr:
Find a niche.

1:15:03 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
right, when when Judge Cast started out, it was the first Podcast, I think there might have been like, one or two recordings that had got posted on the blog site but not an actual podcast itself, okay? So you’ve decided on a topic is this, an area that you can grow into? Judge Casts. Original purpose was education. you know, it’s kind of weird that the the purpose is For you to not need us as much after you. Listen. then you’ve decided on a topic, but at the same time you also want to think about like Okay, you want to you want to do a podcast? Can you fit it in your life? okay, if you are super busy, And and you have a very variable, a highly variable schedule, it’s going to be harder to fit this fit, this into your life. Okay. You also want to make sure that what are your goals in doing a podcast. And you want to be honest with yourself, with respect to those goals, is your goal. to become L3, is your goal to Make money is your goal, You know, Internet fame. You know be honest you can’t just say necessarily. Well our goal is to help people. I think like Jess’s goal in joining the podcast. Originally was He saw it as a good stepping stone and working towards level three. CJ Schrader started up the podcast because he wanted, he was doing judge classes and he kind of wanted to expand that out. I did judge cast, because I like to talk. And a friend asked me to help. Okay. And I I still do judge cast because I still like to talk. And I still like to help out and I like to educate.

1:17:17 pm – Samantha Harr:
That’s a good point. I think like kind of assessing where I was when you asked me to join.

1:17:22 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:17:24 pm – Samantha Harr:
I was literally in an empty lgs vacuuming the floor because it was pandemic era and there was it was closed. We had nothing to do, we couldn’t even open the store and I was Desperate for something to do. That didn’t make me think about the end of the world.

1:17:41 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Lizard rodeo wasn’t enough for you.

1:17:41 pm – Samantha Harr:
So, The Lizard Rodeo is not. Wrangling the lizards out of the store? No, it was, it was a tough time. And I think I just needed, you know, I started grad school, I started, you know, joining you on on the podcast and I think I really needed something to get me through the tough times and it’s been so much fun. You know, I I have loved every moment of it. It’s been exactly what I needed and I am excited to continue doing it.

1:18:07 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Awesome. Great. And we’re happy to have. I’m happy to have you on the show.

1:18:14 pm – Samantha Harr:
The Royal we?

1:18:14 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
the show. Yeah, the royal we are so happy to

1:18:17 pm – Samantha Harr:
Like our ancestors of blood fast all

1:18:18 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
have you

1:18:19 pm – Samantha Harr:
the way back.

1:18:19 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. So once you’ve kind of decided So once you’ve kind of decided Yeah. So once you’ve kind of decided what So once you’ve kind of decided what you want to Yeah. All right so once you’ve kind of decided what you want to what you want to do or at the same time you decide what you want to do and how much time you can you can Yeah. All right. decided what you want to what you want to do or at the same time you decide what you want to do and how much time you can you can commit to it you want to talk about a format is this going to be a long form or short form type thing and Judge cast tends to be. A longer form. Our episodes are 40 minutes to. 80 minutes typically, which is a pretty, pretty long commitment for A to ask listeners. To to sit through.

1:19:01 pm – Samantha Harr:
Well, and not always even intentionally though. I feel like half the time we’re like, this is gonna be such a quick episode, we’re gonna be in and out in 30 minutes and then we sit there

1:19:07 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:19:08 pm – Samantha Harr:
talking for two hours about nonsense.

1:19:10 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yes, I do. Edit it out. I had to think about that second call. Um, so, Yeah, absolutely. Um, and there are a lot of people that have had success with a Shorter Form. There’s a YouTube channel, judging for the win that has a Dave’s. It’s Dave’s daily ruling. And those episodes tend to be in the five to eight minute range on YouTube and they cover a single card interaction, a single ruling when we do things, it tends to be Larger topics like combat in general or you know mechanics these type of mechanics in the new set or the ins and outs of hidden card error as opposed to a specific element of it. Um, but for others, for other stuff for other topics. Yeah, you want to decide on if you’re going to be more of a more rapid smaller content, or if you’re going to be a more in depth, exploration of things, brief episodes are much easier to manage, but having in-depth conversations are a lot harder. Um, long forms. They require a significant commitment for the planning for the recording. They require more prep time and they require well, I say they require more prep time short stuff tends to be scripted. Long-form stuff can be more conversational. so, It balances out a little bit but definitely long form. Stuff requires potentially more editing on the back end.

1:21:04 pm – Samantha Harr:
I feel like, consistency, probably helps the audience too. Like I think it probably makes sense to decide what you want ahead of time. So that you don’t have some five-minute episodes and some three hour episodes because you know, and on an audience likes, consistency and likes knowing what they’re getting into.

1:21:19 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. Also, you want to decide on the platform and this may inform whether or not you’re gonna do a short form or long form. There have been several several people that have done, judge related, YouTube, videos, YouTube channels. And those tend to have significantly more views. People are more likely, to stumble on them. So if that if that is a goal, if growth is a goal, definitely definitely look into into YouTube. We’ve thought about taking judge cast and like recording the audio and putting it on to YouTube. We haven’t, because, And got time for that. I mean, I’ll be honest.

1:22:02 pm – Samantha Harr:
Ain’t nobody got time for that.

1:22:04 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
I’ll be honest. You also want to talk about the Frequency. When I talk about, ain’t nobody got time about time for that. What’s the frequency? You know, Is this going to be something? Daily? Is this going to be something weekly? Is this gonna be bi-weekly? A judge cast was originally set up to be every other week because in a way, it was kind of the hobby of a hobby. You know, we had a We have day jobs, judging is the hobby and the judge cast podcast is the hobby of the hobby.

1:22:45 pm – Samantha Harr:
It’s like a maturity doll of hobbies.

1:22:46 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Also. Yeah, it’s a little nesting doll, also. Most people, if you work during the week, when is your free time? Your free time’s on the weekend judges were typically a way judging on the weekend. So our initial regular schedule, I remember talking with with Jess and CJ. About recording schedules. We didn’t want to record on the weekends because of events we didn’t want to record on Monday because that was often the travel a day of travel back. Probably not Friday either. Okay, maybe not Thursday. So that put us on Tuesday or Wednesday. And then I had my kid on on Wednesday nights, so we did Tuesday. And that was, yep.

1:23:31 pm – Samantha Harr:
Two negative.

1:23:32 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yep. Yep. Yep. And that was that was so on Tuesday night every other week. And the reason why we did every other week is because we really thought we’d run out of stuff to talk about if we did it every week. Okay, so

1:23:42 pm – Samantha Harr:
I think it probably true.

1:23:44 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
you, you definitely want to have a regular regular schedule that sets up expectations for your listeners. And that puts you in a rhythm. The vast majority just like the vast majority of new businesses fail. Within like their first two years, the vast majority of podcasts fail within the first 10 to 20 episodes. and one of the big things that causes that problem is, About six to seven episodes in you miss them, you miss a week you miss an episode you skip and you’re like Ah it’s fine. and then, When it comes time to do it again. It’s, it’s fine. I don’t have many listeners, no one’s gonna notice. And then that just kind of starts to set up a pattern that ultimately ends up in then suddenly it’s been a month, it’s been two months and you’re like, Oh well. Now it would just be weird if I start back up again and it’s kind of done and over with So, by setting up a schedule and adhering to it, you both give your listener. You set expectations for your listeners. And You also. Force yourself to form a habit.

1:25:01 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, the trying to trying to commit

1:25:01 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:25:03 pm – Samantha Harr:
to stuff on a schedule for me is really challenging because my schedule is always doing wacky stuff but like be because of that I need to be all the more committed to it because yeah a lot of projects I start end up falling off that way so

1:25:16 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:25:16 pm – Samantha Harr:
Gotta gotta stay on top of yourself. Hold yourself accountable.

1:25:19 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yep. All right. So you you figured out what you want to talk about. You’ve figured out, you know, how often you’re gonna do these things. Something else that you got to do is you got to come up with a super cool name. Okay, what are you, what are you

1:25:36 pm – Samantha Harr:
Super cool.

1:25:37 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
name your podcast? You know, can it be Judge Academy cast?

1:25:42 pm – Samantha Harr:
Oh, don’t make me start another project.

1:25:44 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:25:45 pm – Samantha Harr:
No. I. Oh my God that that’s a lot effort.

1:25:50 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Huh. Yeah, so Judge Cast is at the time we inherited the name from from Ricky and Sean? They came up with the name, Judge Cast, And it it hasn’t caused us. A whole lot of problems. There have been some people that actually thought that we were legal a legal related podcast.

1:26:12 pm – Samantha Harr:
Oh, isn’t there another judge cast? That’s like wrestling officials or something?

1:26:17 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
it there was it during the pandemic there was an MMA judge cast started up

1:26:23 pm – Samantha Harr:
That’s so funny.

1:26:24 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
and it was, it was kind of terrifying because it was sort of like, well, they could probably beat us up. You know, right?

1:26:32 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yes, like let’s get them.

1:26:34 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Like if this is, this comes to an

1:26:34 pm – Samantha Harr:
No, no.

1:26:35 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
actual fight that they will win. Fortunately though, they ran out of steam during the pandemic. So You know.

1:26:43 pm – Samantha Harr:
Didn’t result in a fight thing, goodness for us.

1:26:46 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Right? But when you come up with your podcast name, either make it self-explanatory or really clever. You know, like it could be you know Brian and Sama talk about judging, Okay? That’s self-explanatory. It’s a little bit of a problem with you if either Brian or Sam Aleve.

1:27:04 pm – Samantha Harr:
it’s also very long, you know,

1:27:05 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You know. it is, it is Judge cast is is Is concise but you want you want to

1:27:12 pm – Samantha Harr:
right to the point.

1:27:14 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
come, you want to come up with a name that tells what you’re going to be talking about or is a super clever. Um, you also you want to decide for co-hosts, okay? So when you talk about the, the short form, or the long form, you also want to talk about whether or not you’re gonna have co-hosts is something that you’re going to do by yourself or you’re gonna do with others. You know, and realistically kind of is gonna depend on what you want to do. You know, if it’s just all by yourself, then you’re gonna be responsible for everything and you’re gonna be talking to the audience, reading a script. If you have co-host, you can talk to We’ll talk to them.

1:28:02 pm – Samantha Harr:
You can.

1:28:02 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, and

1:28:03 pm – Samantha Harr:
You can say thank you me.

1:28:05 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, and you can you can take breaks occasionally to look things up. While the other person talks,

1:28:10 pm – Samantha Harr:
Thank goodness.

1:28:12 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:28:13 pm – Samantha Harr:
So, thank goodness because I need to do that a lot.

1:28:16 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, that’s that’s the thing. Um for podcasts like judge cast where it’s kind of long form, three hosts work the best So that two people can be talking while the third one is preparing for the next section or going off to do something. If you are a Duo podcast. then when the other person is unable to make it for some reason, That’s a little bit you know that causes a little bit of a problem because you either have to scramble to find a guest or cancel and canceling causes the problem that I mentioned before with if you start skipping episodes. Typically, you’re gonna start with, if you’re starting a podcast you’re gonna be starting with your buddies, right? That’s that’s who that’s the pool of people that you’re gonna pull from

1:29:08 pm – Samantha Harr:
And they’re just kind of makes sense like work with people. You like working with because otherwise this would be such a chore.

1:29:13 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
yeah, and that and that Yeah, and you when you get the group of people together you want you want to make sure that there is someone who will make sure that the things that need to get done. Get done. You need like the group mom.

1:29:32 pm – Samantha Harr:
Someone needs to be an adult.

1:29:34 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yes. And I just realized like I’m not always looking at the camera. A lot of times I’m actually looking at your picture sama like I’m having a conversation with you because

1:29:42 pm – Samantha Harr:
Although, like for the, for the audience, right now, if you ever decide you want to start a podcast but you really want a second person, don’t have a second person. You can just print off a picture of mine or Brian’s face and just talk to the picture. You know, just paste it on your wall, have a conversation with us. We’re there in spirit for you.

1:29:59 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
That’s so creepy.

1:30:00 pm – Samantha Harr:
No, it’s really. It’s it’s good. Let them do this.

1:30:03 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Well. I can’t stop them.

1:30:06 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:30:07 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
And don’t tell me.

1:30:08 pm – Samantha Harr:
Let’s see what it feels. Let’s see where this goes.

1:30:09 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
It’s like Brian.

1:30:09 pm – Samantha Harr:
Let’s see where this goes.

1:30:10 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
I have a picture I have a picture of you on my wall and I talk to you, you know, and record talking to you.

1:30:15 pm – Samantha Harr:
I can’t wait to see where this goes. Let it let it happen.

1:30:18 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
That’s terrifying.

1:30:22 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:30:24 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You. to do also and I’ve started all You so one thing one thing you want to do also and I’ve started all of these with one thing. This is. That’s how you can tell. I’m transitioning to a new topic. You want to make sure that the topic gives yourself enough room to grow from this ties in with with the name if you want to talk about if you name your podcast like Hcecast where you’re gonna talk about hidden card error, all the time because it’s the greatest penalty ever.

1:30:54 pm – Samantha Harr:
It is. I inarguably 100%.

1:30:59 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Well you you almost need a whole podcast for it because it’s so complicated.

1:31:04 pm – Samantha Harr:
Well, because it’s so perfect.

1:31:05 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
It’s that’s that I’ll be for Judge Academy cast after hours. So, give yourself you. You want to, don’t you want to not paint yourself into a box in in the topic you want to give yourself room to grow? Judge cast, has to a degree. Put ourselves in a box and this was this is deliberate. Okay. We are a podcast for judges by judges and we talk about things that interest judges. We, we talk about rules, we talk about policy, we talk about running events, we talk about programs and stuff like that, and The number of people who are interested in the intersection of all those things is relatively small. if you were strictly a rules-based podcast, Okay. Then you would have a much larger audience, because, who care, because players also care about the rules and there’s millions of them. Whereas the number of people that care about, you know, How best to set up a snake at a large event is. Capped. You know, there’s, there’s a finite number of people that care about that. So, you want to make sure that the topic that you’re going to talk about if you’re if you’re talking about I’ll just come up with something. You know bicycling you know, your your bicycle enthusiast. Okay well occasionally you might want to Talk about other things. But have you have you kind of put yourself into a into a hole? All right.

1:32:50 pm – Samantha Harr:
If you start talking about unicycles is your audience gonna revolt? Are they gonna be mad?

1:32:55 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:32:56 pm – Samantha Harr:
Will they be interested?

1:32:58 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You know, if you if you’re talking about cycling but you think you might occasionally want to talk about like dirt bikes or motorcycles or something like that, you probably want to try and work that in in the beginning so that you can pick up people who are interested in that kind of thing as well. All right. Another thing to consider and this is something to consider a little bit in the beginning, but will become more of an issue later on is income. Like Are you looking to make money off of this or or Maybe not make money but just offset the costs. So do you do you get sponsors? Do you set up a patreon? We we judge cast, we always joke about making a patreon. And we never do.

1:33:46 pm – Samantha Harr:
We never end up doing it.

1:33:48 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
And we never end up doing it. And the And this has been going on for, you know, like 20 since 2014-2015 whenever Patreon came around. because, When it comes time to setting up, you know, you need to provide the patreon’s things for their for their dollars.

1:34:08 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, then they won’t pay you and then they want things like, Oh, can

1:34:11 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, and then you got to do those.

1:34:12 pm – Samantha Harr:
Like Oh, can you imagine?

1:34:13 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
you got to do those things, right?

1:34:16 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:34:16 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
And so the reason why we haven’t set up a patreon is because no one, none of the none of the past or present hosts have wanted to do those things like when it comes time to You know, look at like the money that we pull in versus the expenditure coming out. No, yeah, just not worth it. Although, if you are looking to monetize your podcast or offset the costs, or have that be a source of income, Patreon is definitely, absolutely a thing that you want to look at you

1:34:50 pm – Samantha Harr:
Little enough.

1:34:50 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You also want to look at sponsors. Um you know Dragon Shield Moxfield.com a cool Stuff Inc you know our sponsors of a lot of things. A lot of media that I consume you know. And so you want if you want to find a sponsor that’s relevant for your interests. But wouldn’t necessarily cause a conflict of interest. So we talked in past years about

1:35:15 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:35:17 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
maybe seeing if Star City games would be interested in sponsoring. Maybe a channel channel fireball but they were also running the large events. Well.

1:35:28 pm – Samantha Harr:
Say something critical and then suddenly never get hired to judge again.

1:35:31 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Right. And it ended. I mean, not that I’m necessarily concerned that that would happen. But if I’m gonna say like, if I’m gonna say good things about channel fireball because they’re paying me, I also want to be able to say, like, Hey, they had an event that didn’t go well, and here’s why like I want to be able to give the be honest, be honest opinion and to two degrees. That’s, you know, where you said that you’re, you’re part of Judge Academy or you. You’re the face that the acting face. Now of Judge Academy.

1:36:00 pm – Samantha Harr:
The interim face the legitimate

1:36:01 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:36:01 pm – Samantha Harr:
business, salmon.

1:36:02 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
The interim phase. That that creates a little bit of a conflict. Like I know that there have been there have been times where punches might have been pulled when we’ve been talking on the episode because of your your work relation.

1:36:22 pm – Samantha Harr:
My stack of ndas I’ve signed.

1:36:24 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. So All right.

1:36:28 pm – Samantha Harr:
Well, but that makes a lot of sense and you want, you want to build a confidence. You know, you want your audience to be able to build confidence in you if they have any reason to think. Like, Oh, of course, you’re saying, nice things you’re getting paid by them then, That that stinks, it stinks, as an audience member to have to feel that way. So, the more transparency you’ve got,

1:36:47 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:36:47 pm – Samantha Harr:
you know, I think the better,

1:36:49 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, absolutely.

1:36:51 pm – Samantha Harr:
not every conflict of interest is avoidable but I think, you know, be careful to at least disclose any, if you can

1:36:57 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. All right. So now I’m gonna something something else that you want to focus on and and not skimp on our show notes.

1:37:10 pm – Samantha Harr:
Show notes.

1:37:11 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Show notes, say, How do you feel about show notes?

1:37:15 pm – Samantha Harr:
They are the backbone and lifeblood of all that we do.

1:37:21 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
yeah, and so this this ties into this is something that you don’t want to skimp on is our show notes, a script that you read from or is it an outline of talking points? For this particular conversation right here, oh, I’ve got show notes, which is in the outline of talking points form. so, you know, and my there is The ability to. Have show notes. Or or the the effort that you put into it. Like sometimes when people are playing D&D, the DMS will have these intricately planned. Planned encounters and stuff like that. And then other times, they’ll just have a sticky note with Goblin with a Funny Hat written. Not question, Mark written on it. And they’ll just improv the whole thing, you can’t improv the whole thing, if you’ve had a lot of experience. Like, I could probably come up with a hour-long presentation on Miss Triggers with a little bit of prep time. But I would still need to write down notes or I’d be able to come up with just bring the policy up and have that off to the side as just kind of a reminder of the things that we want to talk about. But if it’s going to be something that I’m less familiar with, Show notes. also, if you are going to treat the show notes like a script you read from, Proper grammar is really important.

1:38:53 pm – Samantha Harr:
It goes a long way. It goes a long way to make everybody sound credible.

1:38:58 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, there’ve been times where where Sama has started reading something and like gets about halfway through. And it’s like, what?

1:39:07 pm – Samantha Harr:
What, what does this say?

1:39:08 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
We? We and I’ll look at and be like, Oh, I love some words out, I left words

1:39:10 pm – Samantha Harr:
First, what? I’m even reading.

1:39:12 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
out. I knew what it said, but yeah. all right, um, also, one thing to think about is is planning ahead, you know, when you come up with an episode idea and you say I’m gonna record every week or every day have a log of what you’re going to talk about for the next Several episodes because the last thing you want to do is I’ve got to record today and I don’t know what we’re gonna talk about. I don’t know what I’m going to talk about so especially if there’s more than one person, like if it’s just you you might be able to wing it, but if there’s multiple people, they have to be on board. so,

1:39:58 pm – Samantha Harr:
True planning help.

1:39:59 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah. Maybe maybe even record a few episodes in advance. so,

1:40:04 pm – Samantha Harr:
It’s a good idea. We should do that.

1:40:06 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
We. Yeah, well we about three to four days before. It’s it’s almost like the equivalent of We yeah, we about three to four days before. It’s it’s almost like the equivalent of You know, what do you want for dinner? You know, I don’t know what you want.

1:40:17 pm – Samantha Harr:
Right, I don’t know.

1:40:18 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You know, that’s like how how layers

1:40:18 pm – Samantha Harr:
You I don’t know you pick you. Let’s go to Taco Bell.

1:40:22 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
I just talked about layers. Six months ago, can we talk about something else?

1:40:27 pm – Samantha Harr:
I think, you know what, I think Layers is the Taco Bell of Judge podcast topics because Everybody always wants you to go back to it. It’s the old standard but like

1:40:37 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
The old Standard. Yeah. All right. So editing Just before we get into some of the technical. So I’m going to talk about more the the technical aspects in just a bit, but you aren’t done when you turn the mic off. You know, editing is probably the least fun part because you’ve you’ve you’ve done the recording. You’ve done the episode but now you’ve got to add, You’ve got a remove, the sound you’ve got, or the the background sound, you’ve got to, you know, get rid of the ums. I know what my arms look like. I have a little bit of a vocal taken that I have a hard time, starting sentences, you know, I kind of got a few full starts before I get going. Sama has a

1:41:26 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, apparently I click a lot.

1:41:28 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You click, you click. So you got to go through and get rid of get rid of those clicks but you get the same time, you don’t want to over edit, you know, there is, you know, better is the enemy of good enough. In a lot of ways you’re gonna I will say if you have multiple people, you want to record on separate tracks. and the reason I mean earlier, for example, I coughed, Okay. If we’re all in the same track of salmon was talking at that time and I cough well that’s just in their permanently if you record on separate

1:42:03 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:42:04 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
If you record on separate tracks we can edit out the cough. so,

1:42:08 pm – Samantha Harr:
I I always have lawn mowers out my window and my dog barking next to my door. So yeah, there’s there’s always something going on in Samuel World

1:42:16 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:42:17 pm – Samantha Harr:
that needs to be edited out.

1:42:19 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
So, all right, so that’s that’s a little bit After a hosting, Okay? You’re gonna want to host your podcasts somewhere, you don’t have to be Web savvy in order to host a podcast. There’s a lot of sites out there that’ll host your podcast for a small fee. You know like you know four dollars, eight dollars with some limitations, you don’t have to be tech Super technical Buzz sprout. Rss.com are both good sites judgecast.com. blueberry to to post our podcast with We’ve got our own domain and we use RSS because when we started and we got our own website and we moved off of Mtg cast a lot of these sites didn’t exist yet. So If we were doing something like that, now we’d probably do buzzsprout. We also did our own web page because we we saw, we were gonna have blog posts. And we were gonna have all this other content other than just the, or we wanted to have the option to have all this other content.

1:43:20 pm – Samantha Harr:
Then that’s a good point, you know.

1:43:21 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:43:21 pm – Samantha Harr:
I think it makes a lot of sense to give give yourself room to grow. You know, don’t put yourself in such a corner that later you’re like, man, I think it makes a lot of sense to give yourself room to grow. You know, don’t put yourself in such a corner that later you’re like, man. I sure wish I’d bought my own domain name and all this stuff. Like, it’s cool that we have that option, even if we don’t use it,

1:43:33 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, and it doesn’t cost a whole whole lot and you can recoup that easily with Patreon. All right, for recording software. I have been told that if you have a Mac GarageBand is the bright thing to use audacity for the PC is free and powerful and good. Again, you really want to record each person on their own track. In Judge cast Sam and I we both sit down with audacity, we use time. Dot is is a website that all it does is tell you what time it is to And allows you to sync up time and then we do like a clap to get like a sound board effect. Yep. And I use that to line the two conversations up and then I just record off of that. However, if we have a guest and maybe they don’t have audacity most times they do, it’s, it’s a quick download if they don’t but there are other sites out there like Zoom.us squad, squad cast and zencaster, which Everyone goes to the same URL and you can record two separate streams using the website and then they will send one of the people, the the host, all those files and you have them all a separate tracks. That is

1:44:53 pm – Samantha Harr:
It’s really cool.

1:44:54 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Huge and you can you can play with them, you can level, you get other software to level them. It’s wonderful.

1:45:01 pm – Samantha Harr:
We live in the future.

1:45:03 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, and it, it helps out like, maybe one person is recording, and it’s because it’s Florida. It’s raining and there’s a big storm outside, okay?

1:45:11 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:45:11 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Okay? You can use a certain tools on there that are in audacity or plugins to, to mitigate that. Music. This can kind of come a little bit later. Like if you’re just starting out you’re probably you might not be worrying about that. But you know, you’re gonna need music for intro, Outro maybe segue changes. You want to make sure that you’re using either. You know, stuff that’s in the public domain or royalty, free royalty, free is not the same as copyright free. You can if you get permission from the artist that’s often good enough. I still have squirrel away somewhere, the authorization that we have for judge cast. We use one of the songs from Carbon Leap. The band Carbon Leaf. and we have permission somewhere that Sean and Ricky got back in 2010 I have that just in case any lawyers coming ever say you know hey your little DERPY judge podcast you know I’ve got I’ve got it

1:46:16 pm – Samantha Harr:
You got hand over all the money you’ve made and it’s like that’s

1:46:18 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:46:19 pm – Samantha Harr:
whole, no sense. Zero zero dollars.

1:46:25 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
So Social Media Engagement. You want the twitters? You want the facebooks?

1:46:31 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:46:31 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You know, old man. You know you want to be sure to

1:46:34 pm – Samantha Harr:
my Facebook.

1:46:34 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
yeah, the Facebook, you want to twitter the Facebook instant

1:46:36 pm – Samantha Harr:
You want them, my spaces.

1:46:39 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
talks the instacarts, you know, whatever. Obviously you what you want to, you want to be able to interact and engage with fans, the interaction that Judge cast has kind of had has evolved over time, because a lot of the things that we used to get, we used to get emails, where people would ask us, rules questions, and policy questions. Well, with the with discords and slacks and stuff like that, the number of other places that people can go to, to get that information is It has exploded. And in a lot of ways, the judge cast of community is a subset as a smaller subset of an already small community, which is just judges. In general, you know, are you going to ask a policy question and wait, two to three weeks for it to be to appear on the episode? Where you just gonna ask in the in the Judge Academy policy, discord and get your answer? or are you going to, you know, you got a rules question, you can send us an email and wait a few weeks or you

1:47:45 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:47:45 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
can just ask it in the SOS channel and get an immediate answer right away. You for whatever commander question

1:47:51 pm – Samantha Harr:
Real snapping.

1:47:52 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
you’ve got

1:47:55 pm – Samantha Harr:
We’ll talk later. We’ll talk later about that.

1:48:01 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:48:05 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:48:05 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, have have contests if you were just starting out and you want to build build your base. Running Contest Having giveaways, you know, you know, like and retweet for for a box of this or a pack of this or a copy of this judge foil that you got from a from a conference a year ago, that kind of thing. um, We had a, we had a contest, several years ago, which was built. Build, a bear, build a better bear, cub. Yeah.

1:48:37 pm – Samantha Harr:
That’s what does that mean, though? Like what did they submit?

1:48:38 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Well, you, you want to tutu a tutu

1:48:40 pm – Samantha Harr:
What would

1:48:41 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
bear. Cub. Okay. Build a better bear cub. So, people submitted their own card ideas.

1:48:49 pm – Samantha Harr:
A better bear coverage with more bear

1:48:49 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:48:51 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:48:51 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, Nicholas Nicholas Zit Everson Nicholas Zimmerman. And it was just a bear, a line drawing of a bear. Yeah, Nicholas. Nicholas Zimmerman. He called it Ms. Paint Bear. And it was just a bear. A line drawing of a bear. And the, The Flavor text was deal with it and it was like, handwritten, two two in. And it was one of my favorites because it was just so irreverent. But a, a great way to also get the word out is to both be a guest on other shows other podcasts or have guests from those other podcasts. Um, a great way to provide content on a topic that you’re not too sure about is to have a guest. Come on and talk about it. You know, for judge cast, we’d had Jared or Levine Eric Levine, come in talk about investigations, we had James Bennett on when Judge Judge Apps was stood up. We had Nicolette, come on to talk about Judge Academy. When it was a just a gleam in. The program’s eye.

1:49:52 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:49:52 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Well yeah, so that’s that’s kind of it. The That mostly sums it all up the big, the big stuff. The the big takeaways are, I mean because when it comes to recording software, if you’re getting a pie, you’re gonna Google that and you’re gonna do research. When you look at like what microphones you’re gonna buy, you’re gonna go on Amazon and be like three stars. I’m not getting that or you’re gonna

1:50:14 pm – Samantha Harr:
I got.

1:50:15 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
look at your favorite.

1:50:16 pm – Samantha Harr:
I got this because it was cheap and at Best Buy.

1:50:20 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
What? Is that a wiffle ball? What is that?

1:50:22 pm – Samantha Harr:
I think it’s called a snowball. I don’t know.

1:50:25 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
It’s nobody just picking it. Yeah, mine’s a mine’s, a blue. Yeti mic on a, on a, on a boom. It’s nobody. Yeah, mine’s a mine’s, a blue. Yeah, mine’s a mine’s, a blue. Yeti mic on a on a, on a boom.

1:50:32 pm – Samantha Harr:
You fancy.

1:50:33 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Boom arm. You know, you’re going to go research, these things yourself. So you’re not gonna spend a whole lot time, but the biggest things are Talk about something that you’re passionate about. treat it kind of like a job, like like don’t
1:51:13 pm – Samantha Harr:
I think a great way.

1:51:15 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
have like, one to two thousand listeners. That’s, that’s the vast majority of them. Like, you’re not gonna start this thing and become one of the, you know, 10,100,000 listeners very quickly. That is a going to be a long process. So so just

1:51:30 pm – Samantha Harr:
I think in this digital age, it becomes very easy to get jaded as to like, audience numbers because like, yeah, it’s easy to be like, Oh I’ve only got a thousand listeners and this other person has a millions and it’s like, kid, I can’t imagine a thousand people like listening to me. That’s crazy. And that’s really cool. And don’t lose sight of that.

1:51:50 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Well, then, don’t look at our, don’t look at our numbers because that’s about. That’s about what we

1:51:55 pm – Samantha Harr:
Don’t don’t spook me. very,

1:51:58 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
At its, at its height at its height. We had about 5,000 like Prepandemic, You know, like 2014-2015 like the height of the judge growth. When we had like 7,000 judges in the program, we would have about four and a half to 5,000 episode downloads each episode.

1:52:13 pm – Samantha Harr:
That’s amazing. I mean really, really think about

1:52:15 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:52:15 pm – Samantha Harr:
like what a thousand people in a big old room. Look like you’ve. You’ve seen events that size probably like early pictures from him like

1:52:21 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:52:22 pm – Samantha Harr:
that’s a lot of People and that’s something to be proud of.

1:52:25 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
And I’m telling all of them about how I threw shrimp, tales in the trash and garbage doesn’t come for a few days. And now, it’s stinking up the The trash outside and I don’t know

1:52:37 pm – Samantha Harr:
Okay, well,

1:52:38 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
what to do.

1:52:38 pm – Samantha Harr:
Well, everybody else. Feel feel very proud of that number. If you were b-pril, don’t feel proud about the things you say to thousand people.

1:52:45 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
What? No, absolutely not. That kind of stuff gets I’m listening to that when I’m editing and I was like, I really tell that story. And I edit it out and then it doesn’t

1:52:52 pm – Samantha Harr:
A lot of stories get told.

1:52:53 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
make it on the air until I tell it here. And then I realize what I’ve done.

1:53:00 pm – Samantha Harr:
A lot of stories do not make it to public broadcast, but maybe that’s what we need to do.

1:53:03 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:53:04 pm – Samantha Harr:
For our patreon is set up a like judge cast after hours. Where we just say, right?

1:53:08 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
That’s, that’s the running joke.

1:53:10 pm – Samantha Harr:
Maybe one day.

1:53:11 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You can hear you can hear Santa talk about her, love for certain anime characters.

1:53:16 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:53:17 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
You can just hear me aging in the background.

1:53:21 pm – Samantha Harr:
Leave my anime wife’s and husband

1:53:23 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
We’re or we can have arguments about,

1:53:24 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:53:26 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
which is the better anime robot.

1:53:29 pm – Samantha Harr:
Oh Bull. Test bolt has five.

1:53:31 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:53:31 pm – Samantha Harr:
No, volt has 5.

1:53:33 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:53:35 pm – Samantha Harr:
Maybe Zambot sometimes zambot.

1:53:36 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
See, the reason why I know Voltron is better is because the listeners know what Voltron is they may or may not know what what Albatross five is or whatever robot you were talking about.

1:53:50 pm – Samantha Harr:
I like old robot shows, okay? I like robot shows from the 70s and 80s and I will not apologize to anyone for that. So we are getting close. We’re getting close to time. Um, so if you all have any questions, feel free to pop them in the chat. I’ll be looking at that and we’ll sit here and hang out and talk with each other while we wait for questions. Um, I know. Somebody asked, Um, do we have any plans to bring a third host on Brian?

1:54:17 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yes, and I have we have had plans. We’ve we’ve talked about it and we’ve We’ve we’ve talked about it and we’ve Yes. We’ve we’ve talked about it and we’ve We’ve we’ve talked about it and we’ve

1:54:30 pm – Samantha Harr:
Is this like asking someone on a date? Do we need to like hype ourselves up to be like? Well, you go out to judge cast with

1:54:34 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
I think.

1:54:35 pm – Samantha Harr:
with us.

1:54:36 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
I think we need to find out if they like us. You know, it’s like Send us a little note. It’s like, Do you want to be on judge cast circle? Yes, No.

1:54:44 pm – Samantha Harr:
Oh, an old like ruled paper. I love that.

1:54:47 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:54:48 pm – Samantha Harr:
We like folded up into one of those

1:54:48 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:54:49 pm – Samantha Harr:
like Fortune teller things.

1:54:50 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Oh, it’s like pick a number and

1:54:52 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, do you like us?

1:54:55 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
And then Yeah. Yeah. Open it up. And it’s like Do you want to be the third host? But yeah.

1:54:59 pm – Samantha Harr:
That’s so cute. If they and if they say no, we will be crushed forever. Our feelings will be hurt forever.

1:55:04 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:55:05 pm – Samantha Harr:
We’ll never recover but We’ll never recover but I’m so glad We’ll never recover but I’m so glad

1:55:06 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:55:08 pm – Samantha Harr:
that somebody in the chat knows what Bull Test. 5 is. Thank you, thank you audience. Um,

1:55:12 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
They just Googled it real quick.

1:55:13 pm – Samantha Harr:
Great to L3 for that person. You’re an L3 now. That’s how you get promoted around here. No sama’s. Weird old robot shows.

1:55:24 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, you actually came over, came over to the house and made me watch one of them for a bit.

1:55:29 pm – Samantha Harr:
I did I made you watch the like the first two episodes.

1:55:31 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, it wasn’t. Wasn’t bad. It was very dated.

1:55:38 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, it came out a million years ago. Okay, though the other thing about Voltas 5 is like it starts pretty good and then just gets bananas, it just gets weirder and crazier. So you got to stick, you got to stick with that one.

1:55:49 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Gotta stick. Put it, all right.

1:55:51 pm – Samantha Harr:
but, Gotta do the elaborate asking them to prom scheme. Oh, when I was when I was in high

1:55:55 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:55:56 pm – Samantha Harr:
school we didn’t have promposals, like kids do now.

1:56:00 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:56:01 pm – Samantha Harr:
No, like, I mean we we asked each other to promise it was a big old thing, but like now kids act like it’s a I mean do they put on a big situation like it’s a wedding proposal? It’s it’s crazy. Yeah, kids are not. You have a teenage daughter like

1:56:15 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
I know, but she she only recently, Started I said started liking liking boys. I’ve only I’ve only recently learned that there are. There’s a boy I need to slightly dislike

1:56:29 pm – Samantha Harr:
Oh, stop. That liberal. I mean, I’m through, I’m through doing things like promposals, is also really challenging in the pandemic era. Like we want to stand three feet away

1:56:36 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:56:37 pm – Samantha Harr:
from me,

1:56:41 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
you like to, I’m gonna hold my arms out and and not, not touch you.

1:56:47 pm – Samantha Harr:

1:56:47 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Your back. Yeah.

1:56:48 pm – Samantha Harr:
Which is good. Kids, stay away from each other. You’re making me older just through. Osmosis I’m aging rapidly where I talk to you. Well, I think I think we’re pretty good. I think we’re about ready to wrap up. Do you have anything else you want to

1:57:06 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:57:06 pm – Samantha Harr:
tell the audience? Mr? Perlman.

1:57:10 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
No, I don’t if you if you’re if you’re interested, if you’re a l1l2 looking to learn things about the rules, you know, obviously you can check us out at Judgecouse.com, we’re on Spotify. We’re on iTunes. I don’t normally do the show outro. So I don’t know the words, you know, follow us on Facebook Twitter.

1:57:32 pm – Samantha Harr:
Oh my gosh. Here, I’ll pull it up.

1:57:33 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Judge cast, something.

1:57:35 pm – Samantha Harr:
Here we go.

1:57:36 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
At Gmail.com.

1:57:37 pm – Samantha Harr:
I need to print this out and have it like post or fight on my wall

1:57:39 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yeah, how’s it go?

1:57:40 pm – Samantha Harr:
somewhere. It’s thinking about it. Come on. All right. All right. That’s our episode. Join us. Next time. When we talk about whatever kind of topic, it just says topic in all caps, right there. Until then, you can send us an email at Judge, Casa, Gmail.com, or like it’s on Facebook or follow us on Twitter at Judge cast. Till next time, I’m Samantha Harr and I keep it fun.

1:58:01 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
I’m Brian Perlman and I keep it under an hour.

1:58:05 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yes. First time ever.

1:58:07 pm – Bryan Prillaman:
Yes, absolutely.

1:58:08 pm – Samantha Harr:
All right. Well, thank you all so much for joining us today.

1:58:10 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:58:11 pm – Samantha Harr:
It’s been a lot of fun and thank you, Brian, for being it being being willing to come on and do this, we really appreciate your time and your energy and thank you for being a

1:58:19 pm – Bryan Prillaman:

1:58:19 pm – Samantha Harr:
co-host, whatever, whatever we are. And yeah, um I guess the next. Next thing we have coming up is first week August. So join us again in August. I don’t know who all is going to be joining us for first week then but we’re gonna start playing. So thank you all. We’ll see you then.