Transcript – March First Week: Judge Writing

5:00:58 pm – Samantha Harr:
Hello everyone, and welcome to First Week, March. This is our last installment of First Week for the month. Welcome to Friday. Happy Friday everyone. It’s going to be a great one. So my name is Samantha. I’m a Level 2 judge from Tampa, Florida, and I’m here at Judge Academy as the communications And I’m champion. Here to introduce you today to Tobias, who’s gonna be doing a presentation on judge writing skills? We all need judge writing skills. It’s very, very important, and especially as events and other things start looking like, they’re picking back up. It’s time to brush off some of the rust, get our, get our skills back in order. So Tobias is a Level two judge from Canada and they are going to talk today about writing reviews, tournament reports and conference presentations. And I know a lot of people are very excited about conferences right now as well. So Listen in, I think it’s gonna be very exciting so let’s go ahead and kick it over to Tobias.

5:01:57 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
Hey everybody, welcome to. How do I write good? Where ideally, you’ll learn to write better than Hey everybody. How do I write good? How do I write good? Where ideally, you’ll learn to write better than better than the first draw my title which may or may not have been me. so you might be wondering or you might have been wondering what I said, what I meant by Judge Writing. Samantha did a great job of spoiling my three topics, which Made. Maybe I should have thought about that before I told her to say that. So anyway, the three topics I’m talking about are going to be judge reviews. Turner reports, and conference presentations. There are also judge articles, which is another huge part of judge writing, but I won’t be covering those since a. The process is actually super similar to writing conference presentations and be currently, we don’t have a super great place to collect and post them. We used to have judge blogs. I think we’re a lot of great article writing happened but like those are kind of dead. I mean, Oh well this stuff’s dead it’s like judging has been dead for like two years. So maybe in the next little bit we’ll get a great place for articles. But for now, we don’t have one. As I go over each type of writing, I’m going to be giving it a rating on what I think. A good approximate length is and what a good approximate amount of professionalism is so be prepared for more of these icons as you might have noticed by. Now there is very little writing on my slides say for the odd joke or meme or thing that is actually super important. So the icons yeah, used to them. For each type of reading. I’ll also be addressing three questions. What is it? Who’s it for and what’s the goal so more? Icons? Get used to these. Remember these burn them in your brains, very important. The reason I’m gonna be talking about what each thing is. Just as a little background info. The first time I gave this presentation, it was mostly about Turner reports. And when I, at the end of the presentation, like, Okay, so that’s everything you need to know about Turner reports. And My first question like say any questions that somebody’s like What’s a tournament report? I’m like Oh I have field as a presenter. And at that point, I also realized that not everybody knows what all of these things are or has engaged with them in any way. So, you know, that’s that’s what we talked about. If you already know it, then you’re super smart feel real good about yourself. Anyway. So we’re gonna start off by talking about something that I don’t see nearly enough of these days and that is judge reviews. First of all, what is a judge review? Well, the title I’d say is fairly self-explanatory. No surprises Here. It’s a piece of writing about another judge. Usually based on some observations, you meant made during an event, you both work together. Judge reviews are generally fairly short pieces of writing while I have seen larger longer Multi-event reviews, the vast majority of them are usually just one event worth of interactions or even just a single interaction, which by nature isn’t too long. That’s not to say that one event’s been interactions has to be a short review. I have seen some absolutely massive one event judge reviews. Those are rare. Those are outliers on our, you know, normal distribution there of what an average judge would be looks like Also for the for the formality rating, they’re effectively letters from you to your review, e. So the tone doesn’t need to be like, super formal like, you know, try and write competently but like, you don’t need to be super formal, you know what I mean? Next, we want to figure out who it’s for well since there’s only usually two people that will ever read the judge review. It’s not too hard hard, to guess who the main beneficiary is. That is the recipient. If you have written the judge review, that mostly benefits, you, I honestly have no idea what you have written, but I don’t think it’s a judge review, unless it’s a self review, self reviews, are something that a judge review the benefits you but then you’re not running. Anyway, the main onions have a judge review is the reviewing. Finally, what is the goal of a judge review? Ideally, it should help you recipient become a better. Judge The goal of a judge review is not to tell your recipient, how terrible they are at absolutely everything and make them feel bad about being bad. That’s bad. Don’t do that. You want to. If you’re talking about mistakes, you want to make sure that it’s for the purposes of helping them grow and improve, and not make those mistakes again. So I touched on a little bit. How are we gonna accomplish actually crafting review that helps our really yeah, better job. Being a better judgments, you sparkle? That’s important to know, remember that. The first thing you’re going to need to do to actually accomplish writing. This review is Be around your subject. Not in like a weird way. Please don’t think that because you’re writing a judge review, you can like stalk. Somebody back to their hotel room or like Creepishly. Sit beside them at Starbucks in the morning before. They’re like Shift, like, Hey, I’ve just like taking notes on your cup. That’s creepy, Don’t do that. Holy Crick. What I mean, is Be around the work way, Shadow them on calls and stuff, You can even let them know you’re writing reviews. Don’t get weirded out. When you, you know, Keep following them Taking notes also depending on how in depth, Your review is, is like, It’s gonna be and how much your shadowing them, It might just be worth. I’ll be like, Hey, is it chill? If I shadow you for a few calls, and right, you like Write a review about you. Most people are gonna be chill about you writing your view, but like, if you’re stalking them all day, Maybe they don’t want that. Maybe they’re super nervous. And so first event asking does not hurt. And you are definitely going to be taking notes. You’re not gonna remember everything adapter, don’t lie to me, don’t lie to yourself, you need to take notes. For those of you like, anecdotes your thumb story, I used to like, I used to think I was too good for notes. I’m like, I’m super smart. I don’t need to take notes. Everybody else needs to take notes because those people are not as super smart as I am. And then one time I was like Etta Thrift store and I was looking at books. I found this book that youtuber that I listen to it recommended and like, oh sick and I picked it up because it was like in the hallway and for any Americans my audience it’s like 75 cents. It’s like a really good deal for a book that’s like good. Anyway, so then I got home and I was watching some of that guy’s content like the youtubers content and he was like I was like super shock. He’s like okay so this book is actually like that’s one of the top 10 worst books I’ve ever read. You should never read it. I’m like Oh so, Basically too long, didn’t watch your meat. Brain rain is really bad, remembering things. You really need to take notes. Otherwise you’re going to end up buying the worst book of all time thinking that you It was a good look. Take notes. No, it’s a good notes are real. I’m not too good for nodes. You’re not too good for notes. There’s probably some people that are too good for notes but like, I don’t know. Those people are rocket scientists or whatever. Anyway, so let’s get back into actually how to write the review, the part. After all the note, taking reviews, essentially, written feedback. Might contain stuff that people have a difficult time hearing like constructive criticism and like heart truths. Something you really careful about is to avoid making your recipient defensive. If they get defensive it’s gonna be super hard for them to hear and like actually think and absorb and process what you’re trying to tell them and you might end up like, you know, they’ll be like, you wrote this review of me and they’re gonna like, want to argue with you about it and like, You know, if they want to discuss it, that’s fine if they’re defensive. The. So both of these things like that are going to totally undermine what you’re trying to accomplish. So, because you want to help your view become a better judge. You need to make sure that your review just does not come across aggressive. So here’s some like really small things that you can do and this applies to like verbal feedback too. Not just written. Like this is written feedback because it’s a writing thing, but like when you’re doing verbal feedback, you can also think about some of this stuff in the back of your head. So let’s start with an example, because I like examples, examples are great and it means that I get to show cute graphics of kitties picking fights with other kitties. So, let’s say, example, you’re just funny here, and you worked an event with Orange Kitty, who punched a player. After that player, started arguing with him upon a brewing. Now, first you should be specific rather than saying something like Orange Kitty. You are very aggressive answering Judge calls. You should say something like, In the call with Blue Kitty. I know just that you punched him when he began to argue with you, this is aggressive. Specific instances and examples help illustrate your point clarify to your subject. Exactly what you’re talking about. If you say something really nebulous about them, like they’re like, Well, okay, you might be right, but without any examples, How do I know that for? Sure. And if it’s something that they maybe like is bad, they’re not gonna want to believe you. just inherently, like I mean, they’re gonna try Assuming they review, he didn’t punch a player but was still acting aggressive, so like a more realistic scenario. You could say something like, Your way, of looming over the players was intimidating or You’re using rather clip tone of voice. Like these are more both way more helpful than just say, you were being aggressive, aggressive is just kind of big. Same thing with, you know, you weren’t being assertive enough or, you know, you didn’t. If you’re confident enough, all of these things are so vague that it’s almost in like it’s really freaking hard to figure out how to improve on something that non-descriptive. The next thing we want to avoid is making direct statements about. Who somebody is? We generally want to focus on our observations instead while telling Kitty something like You know, you’re the worst judge on the planet. Maybe fairly accurate judges that punch players are pretty terrible. That’s not good, but it’s also an unproductive thing to say to somebody a much more useful state would be something specific. Like we mentioned the previous slide, I watched your call with Blue Kitty and things that perhaps watching it was not the best way and the argument Simple way to remember, this is to avoid use statements and try to reframe things as I statements. So like I felt like you were acting like like acting kind of aggressive not you’re an aggressive human being or cat, I guess. Again you can’t always avoid use statements and the use statements are felt was bad. This is just a general thing tuck in the back your head, if it seems stupid in the situation where you’re trying to apply it, don’t apply it. You know. The next. Next thing you want to do is make sure that if you observe the behavior, make sure the feedback is actually coming from. You saying something like others on the team have noticed that you’re aggressive is annoying. Since if they noticed it, why didn’t they marrying up to you instead of just randomly gossiping to somebody else? it also gives the review the impression that everyone is talking about the mind, their back, which like, is true. As an aside. If somebody else observes a behavior and you don’t have a chance to that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pass along the feedback, regardless of where the feedback is coming from it. It should be passed along. So somebody on your team does come to you and be like, okay, Orange Kitty punched a player like, Don’t just be like, Well, can’t tell them that because the like tell them that this tip is mostly just to keep you from trying to give your personal observations to somebody through some sort of faceless collective. That just really weakens what’s what’s going on. Next, make sure review your review is given to your recipient relatively soon. After the event. It’s really annoying to get feedback months later and have to strain to try. Remember the judge call from, like, three months ago. Also, if you wait, too long Kitty, might be like, You’ll be like, you’ll give Kitty the feedback and he’s like, Well thanks. I’ve punched seven more players since then, and it would have been really helpful to know that it’s not good. And also a felony because like now I have a criminal record like You really want to stop the mistakes from continuing to propagate and the best way to do that is to tell people when they’re making a mistakes really quick. Also, remember that criticism isn’t the only thing that can be constructive. Positive observations can also be really helpful to a judge’s development, if you look over your notes at the end of the day and notice, it’s all bad stuff. That’s either a sign that your view is like, actually a terrible judge or probably a better, a better indicator of the fact that you’re taking kind of bad notes. And you’re not really looking for the good stuff because like Even very like, very hugees, like they’re probably doing something right, like, even if it’s just like, they’re really enthusiastic. Like even if they put every call, if they’re really excited and really happy, like that’s super good, and they need to know that so, try to notice the good things they’re doing as well because like, they, they need to know not only what they need to stop doing, but what they need to do more of This is super helpful. But be careful when including positive things in review, because rapid positive, things can come across, kind of patronizing and hurtful. I once got a review where it was a bunch of constructive criticism and then there was one line in it that effectively said You are very stylish and I was like, okay. Thanks, I appreciate the fact that I’m stylish but this has nothing to do with judging and feels. super like, Non anybody. I I looked at them, like I you’re just trying to feel better and I can tell and that makes me feel worse. So don’t do that anyways. So well, the above tips are really good. In general, everyone’s an individual. So what works great for one person might not work so well for another. So do your best to taylor, your view to the person. It’s meant for knowing them, a little go long way in this regard. Some people might need More, you know, cognitive approach or more caring approach and some people just want to think about much really. It’s all about knowing your subject. Now, I don’t see a ton of chat interaction because I do have a little activity for us. But if I have a totally dead chat room, it’s gonna be kind of mad. So, how, how many people do I have that are super into participating in an activity? Can I just get a? I don’t know, show of types and if they’re there are no types, I’ll just go through it as A read through. I see a type. Okay. Okay. I have a small number of people slightly awake, okay, that will want to participate. So this is helpful and I assume that maybe there will be some other people that watch this in the future and can pause and participate by myself. so, exercise time. I’m going to read your review and you’re just gonna tell me what’s wrong with it, how it can be written better? It’s also on screen because you know you also eyeballs so funny. We work together a GP Atlanta, I really liked how you interacted with players. Many of the people in the team does that you had issues with the team tasks and felt that you were really irresponsible hour. We’re happy that you shared your donuts with us. So, What? Is not so good about this review. Can I have a? I don’t know. Thing in the chat does this give me like people type finger like notifications. I see a not specific enough. This is correct. What? Exactly. Is. Yeah. Yeah, it focuses on if you nail down that it comes from the nebulous other people. Notice this and it also doesn’t really offer any pointed advice on how to fix the problems. That weren’t really even described because it’s not very specific. You’re also correct that donuts are nice but have nothing to do with judging and are kind of a rapid compliment. Does anyone notice anything else? That is kind of math about this? Good good notice. Yes, irresponsible and struggling with tasks or different and again some more specificity is to actually what freaking happened at all would be nice. Because I mean, from reading this review, if I don’t remember GP Atlanta like, say I’m buddy, I’m like what? Team tasks. What was I responsible about? I honestly can’t remember. Alright, I think that’s basically everything terrible about this review. So hopefully in your minds, you know, if you find yourself writing your review like this, you read your review will be like, Oh, this is like that thing in Toby’s presentation. Fix it, you know. Anyway. All right. so, Let’s move on to the next kind of type of writing like reviews currently, Turner reports. And to a lesser extent Germans in general or kind of a thing of the past. I think we it’s kind of hard to write reviews. We don’t work with people and don’t see people. And it’s kind of hard to write to reports went, there aren’t tournaments, but there are some events through sputtering, to life. Maybe. Maybe on the crown will be our last variance and events can just come back full force in the next few months, maybe please. And then we’ll get to see some more terms. I know. I I’ve written a lot of term reports and I will definitely be writing them for any tournaments, I attend. So, at the very least, if you’re following that Facebook, you’ll see that and maybe you’ll write your own and that would be So first, what is the term report? Basically it’s a summary of retirement. You worked usually includes anything interesting or exciting that happens during the event. To reports are generally going to have a more formal tone since they’re seen by more people. They can also be a lot longer than something like a judge reviews since you’re covering more than one judges interaction interactions, you’re covering a whole event of judge interactions. So there’s that. So this might sound like a bit of a weird piece of writing for somebody who’s like, never heard of one before, which is if we want to flash back to my opening story, might be why some of the people in my first, the first time I presented this were, like, What is this thing? This thing sounds so weird. So let’s take a little bit of a break for a moment and talk about the history to reports. Once upon a time, they used to be one of the requirements for L2. The other requirements for L2 are up on the screen because back, when I made this presentation, it was a requirement maybe and some veterans out there. Can guess based on these little icons, what they were about to go to into that. So, anyways, I like, any judge that became an L2, when it was a requirement, I had to write one of these and I did like I wrote my report. And then I also wrote one for every event. Every complement I did after becoming L2 and you’re like, probably wondering in your mind. Why would you do this to yourself and others? And the reason is, I was like a super shy judging. My local judge community was me and me. So, I was really uncertain as to whether I needed to keep writing term reports to be an L2. I was like, I think all these requirements, maybe I’m supposed to do them every year or something. I’m not really sure. And like I really don’t want to get Decertified because it was like super hard to get the L3 out here to like give me a test. Like it was a big pain and I also just don’t want to bother the L3 with like a bunch of random name questions. So I’ll just keep writing them and hopefully I don’t get these certified. So there are hundreds, maybe not hundreds, maybe over just over a hundred of these stupid reports just on judge apps. if you ever want to read them, all the good ones are GP Vegas, because GP Vegas has always gas So currently turn reports aren’t compulsory, so even if you’re you know, too uncertain to ask your higher ups, what is or is not required, you probably won’t get the the idea that you have to write to report for every event but that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to write them. There are a lot of really good reasons to write term reports which is going to go through now. To figure out why we should write reports. We should figure out who’s actually reading the reports. At first, I thought nobody was reading reports and then people started coming up to me events. I mean, Oh, I read your report. Oh my God, you read my report. Why would you do that? I kind of freaked me out and then I tried to make them better because I realized people were actually reading them I think there are three main demographics of people that will actually read reports. First judges looking to advance from either regular to comp rail or from smaller complements to larger complements these judges, like generally report. See, I feel for them the next level of advances, like, I wonder what a GPS. Like, if I would like it, let me read it. Her report. Like Oh man. Everything’s on fire all the time. Oh, wait. It’s Vegas. staff that are working in Admin? Okay, right second, judges or event Might want to get a feel for what the average judge sees as they’re working in events and what things might need fixing. So like man there are like 20 Terror reports. All about how like we’re socks and ruin the whole event. Maybe we need to really fix this, which I mean kind of can’t Well we got companion Now. It’s better. I think I don’t know the last audience but you’re reports Is you. Yes. Even you can benefit from your own term report which I actually was completely Spoiled by the sparkling possum individual. Which you got it. The really good thing about term reports is they’re kind of like little babies self reviews. You kind of you get to see how much you’ve improved and what you did bad and what you did good. And this actually leads right into the gold. So what are the goals of term report? Well, let’s start with How it, what, what the goals of it for you personally, one way that it can benefit, you, the writer is, it’s kind of like a self-review a lot of times the judges interactions that you will see the most of are your own and so you’re probably going to include a lot of those like I know I do and you’ll include your, you know, how what calls went amazing and you’ll include what calls were totaled trash. And then you can like Look back on that and you’re like, okay So I answered like four chows. The voice questions wrong, Maybe I need to learn how chalice works or like, I’ve hunted like three years ago questions. Okay. I need to go like, study Ursa saga, and this can really help you identify where your strengths and weaknesses are in a way that just sort of like, nebulously thinking about it. Can’t because, like, when you’re in the moment, you’re you might not remember so much of your attractions, you might not realize how many years questions you didn’t screw up. um, for for admin level judges term reports can help them implement structural changes to help lives. The average judge are kind of said this in the previous previous slide. Something I didn’t mention though, is for people who write policy or people who are in charge of Like the OR have more of a foot in the door for changing the. IPG if they redeter report, like man, everybody hates how this trigger works with chalice the void. Maybe we should change like put something in this trigger to fix this. This is me Loki saying that I hate how Mr. Chair your policy works for Chalice. If anybody imports anyway, finally judges looking to advance can prepare himself for the kind challenges. They might face and event type that they’ve been to before. Like I said, like I do in the previous slide. In particular like they they can get a feel for the event is like but then also see much more of the specific stuff. So they’re like Oh like there’s this like gathering point thing that I never thought about making sort of start thinking about it before the event and it’ll kind of help like First-timers who are working to like going into a magic person. Like okay, I’ve read about this in the reports I’m sort of familiar with it. There isn’t so much new stuff to like explode my brain. So keeping your goals in mind. How do you achieve them? Well, once again like with the review you want to take notes right on the floor, blah blah. You know, I talked about this, Remember the book and like me buying and it was awful, You’re not gonna remember stuff. Take notes, notes are great. Yay notes. Don’t need to talk. You don’t need to document like every piece of trash. We pick up but air on the side of more information rather than less since most tournament reports are chronically under written. Also, This is just a personal thing, Make sure your notes don’t suck. There are so many times where I’m taking those on my phone, I’m like, chalice question. And then the next day I’m like, Okay God, I like right out My term report like notes, expand them a little bit and I’m like, Chalice question. I honestly don’t remember what I what this is about and sometimes they’ll take me a while to figure out what my notes are saying. It’s like, make sure your notes are good. Anyway, the kinds of things. I usually included were like interesting rulings policy other stuff, kind of like that, any weird logistics stuff, definitely anything I screwed up and how I handled it, unless I think it’s gonna be super misleading for the audience. Like if I did some janky deviation and I am super worried that it is gonna poison the mind of, every judge, that reads it. I may not include that. Um also anything I’m usually include anything that was new or had changed from the previous events I’m like Oh they changed the flag colors. Let’s talk about how they change the flag colors. How it was awful? Or great or whatever, also include that. Something you want to avoid doing. Since this is a public piece of writing and not a personalized, review is pointing out the mistakes of specific judges. The last thing you want is for your report to be a review with a fake nose and glasses. Um, it is perfectly fine to say something like eyeshadow to judge and they incorrectly ruled Miss Trigger on a terrible life. Don’t know how they did that. Let’s not worry about it. I think it’s not okay to be like Kitty incorrectly ruled mistrigger on a tarma go. If, unless you like, talk to Kitty about it first and Kitty is like, Totally cool with it. So like you’re like, Hey Katie I saw that you punted this call. Can I talk about report? He’s like No. That’s really embarrassing. You’re like Okay, that’s fine friend. I won’t do that. Don’t just do it. And then kitties like, what the freak are you doing? You’re like, Oh, oops, because then, you know, you can’t clean it up and that’s bad and can’t believe anything, you know that anyway. Something else you want to be careful about is mentioning a judgment steak and then like on ambiguously describing the judge, something like the head judge of Grand, Prix, Vegas incorrectly ruled, Miss Trigger on a goife. This doesn’t explicitly call somebody out my name but it’s also fairly easy for anyone to figure out who it is. That being said, judges in more visible positions, like this are usually more chill with sharing their, their mistakes and stuff, and if they don’t want you. So, so talk to them, I have my, I still I still fall back on. My rule of you should talk to them before you share it, and but, and they they will probably be chill with you sharing it. But if they don’t, they probably have a really good reason. Like, you know, it’s gonna poison the mind of everyone and screw up a million FMS or something. I didn’t. But point is use your judgment. Don’t don’t transmere people in your reviews or your reports that are definitely not reviews and besides your probably. Like, I know, for me personally, I usually have enough of my own mistakes to fill out the report and don’t need to like mention everyone else’s like, you know, if somebody else ruled Mr. Gonna Go. I probably also hope this trainer I go don’t know how we all did that, but you know what? I probably did it too, I can just talk about that. Finally, something, I think often gets overlooked is making the report. Interesting, This is last relevant than it reviews since a review is often fairly short anyways and keeping the reviews interest is pretty easy. Since people are pretty egotistical, so you’re like, Hey, I wrote something that’s all about you and only about you and people like, Oh my God, I love myself as I just read about them. They’re excited term reports, aren’t don’t have that going on for them. So you got to try and make it kind of, you know, spicy for the reader. In the marketed a little bit, otherwise, everyone’s gonna tab away to Facebook and like Facebook sucks. So I understand that making interesting is like, kindly this nebulous and like that’s super helpful, a few things that help me are. Sometimes I include some stupid jokes. I give a personal perspective on events. So like the event is, you know, from a person’s kind of view and like how I feel about it and that makes it like more human. I guess maybe, I don’t know. You can share some of your thoughts and feelings. Yeah. Also, talking about anything that went catastrophically wrong and how it go fixed is as long again, as long as its thrown even under the bus, and it makes your report spicy. so anyway, hopefully somebody some of us are taking notes on this topic because we are going to move forward So, let’s move on to our last topic. The last topic is presentation. Yay, presentations. Well, it doesn’t technically fall under the banner of writing since it’s not really consumed as a piece of writing. But as a series of bunny images, at least, in my case, most presentations are written there, beforehand and follow a lot of the same procedures as writing, something like an article or report and those that are written out beforehand. Well, I’ve only ever seen one conference presentation that wasn’t written out beforehand, and

5:42:58 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
So, is there anyone in particular that in particular, who I know that rights really good reports and reviews, currently the report scene is dead. Like, it’s just dead. I, I know I wrote a report, like, for SCG, Whatever that I worked a few months ago, I know Elaine, how has some good writing out there, and I know, Isaac King is doing articles and stuff, it doesn’t really reports. He’s got a lot of articles about various things. They’re pretty cool but I don’t know who else has been particularly active lately. I think this is the part of the show where I say on Judge Academy, there is plenty of excellent writing and you should go look at me. You probably already have so, as for reviews, Yeah, I haven’t really seen a lot of people writing reviews like Part of this present. The reason I made this presentation is because like we need more judge writing out there just in general, reviews are such an important part, like your views and feedback or such an important part of the program, and they’re just like, they’re not happening right now as bad. So I am sorry if that did not sufficiently answer your question. Also. I see that. There’s a comment from. I think that’s Nicola above you possum. I didn’t have anything to say to it. I didn’t notice it when it was written and I I agree with it but I didn’t It would have been kind of weird for me to say that just in the middle of presentation. But yes, this is A correct statement. I mirror this sentiment. Are there any other questions that I can attempt to answer?

5:44:57 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
I don’t see any.

5:45:10 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
So I don’t see any other questions. You know and wants to pm me or send me an email, you can find me. Please pretty easily on Facebook under tobiospace area and email is Device Area So feel free to reach out to me in PM or email, but Unless Samantha wants me to stay here for like, I don’t know. A little while longer, I don’t really have anything else.

5:45:39 pm – Samantha Harr:
No, that’s great. Hi, this is Samantha again. I think you’ve done a great job. Um, so questions. Yeah, I I really, really love Judge writing myself. And I think it’s, I really agree with you. I agree that it’s a skill. I want to see come back in full force and be Common again, once events, really start picking back up. I think that there’s a lot of opportunity right now to write, blogs and articles and there’s plenty of writing to do but you’re right. I think that reviews and tournament reports are on the horizon more than they are right now and I

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5:46:15 pm – Samantha Harr:
And I I think a lot about You know, we have so many judges that certified over the pandemic times. I wonder if I really have no idea, have they ever even seen a tournament report

5:46:27 pm – Tobias Vyseri:

5:46:27 pm – Samantha Harr:
Idea. So, I I wish I had some examples off the top of my head delight places. I could send them to if they wanted to see what that could look like. But I think that all I was probably a

5:46:39 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
I mean, like,

5:46:40 pm – Samantha Harr:
really good time to encourage long-standing judges to really use their mentoring skills. To kind of get people up to speed and help out where they can on this. What do you think?

5:46:51 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
no, I I agree with that, like I think our we do have some really fantastic writers in the community. Like if you look at like I know the old judge blog stuff used to be like super active and great resource for like just policy like, Philosophy stuff and like there was just some really great writing happening there and it’s just not happening anymore and like and judge apps. There’s tons of like old reports on there, but Reading from Policy. Like If you go through if you if you read reports there’s some amount of like old you’re going to be reading wrong information and that becomes problematics like I don’t want to

5:47:28 pm – Samantha Harr:
for sure, yeah audience audience out there if you go back and read old reports, be sure that For sure. there, if you go back and read old reports, be sure that, you know, take it with a But as far as, like, writing style and stuff and just what is this What is the end product sort of supposed? supposed to look like there’s some great examples out there but yeah, don’t don’t go quoting anybody on ancient policy.

5:47:50 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
Sure. Actually Samantha while you’re here, do you know if there is gonna be some kind of judge Sure. here, do you know if there is gonna do you know if there is gonna be some kind of Judge Academy, like officially sponsored like something similar to the old judge blogs were like judges can put like their own articles like not the not the forums so much because they’re gonna be something similar to that or you don’t know or know or

5:48:10 pm – Samantha Harr:
I don’t have specific information yet, but we do have projects kind of kind of coming up and we’re working on that and I would really love to see some open writing spaces. everything, it’s sort of essential Because yeah, I really do miss having repository, you know, and like it. I don’t mind visiting people’s personal blogs that they host themselves, but I think it is nice to have sort of a single place that everyone can come look. um, But yeah, EDB says to tell you that.

5:48:39 pm – Tobias Vyseri:

5:48:42 pm – Samantha Harr:
We have a pin thread on discord right now, for submitting writing. So anybody out there interested in doing some writing, feel free to submit it. Feel free to let us know about it. We’ll make sure it gets pinned. So everybody can see what you’ve been up to.

5:48:54 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
Oh, that is cool. Now with with the personal blogs and personal websites and stuff is, do you know if there is any Possibility of judge academy, like, providing like a link. Like, these are some helpful links, like linking over to some some active personal blogs or would that be? Legal issues or maintenance issues or I’m not sure.

5:49:17 pm – Samantha Harr:
That’s a good question. It’s some, that can be tough but it’s not. I really don’t know, but maybe, um, yeah, I would love to round up examples and that’s one of those things. Also, if we can also write new ones, you know make example posts. I know the, I think the Hunter Bird Memorial is this weekend, right? Soon.

5:49:38 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
Is it?

5:49:38 pm – Samantha Harr:

5:49:38 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
That’s that is That’s that is many That’s that is many miles away from I I am not flying to that so from me. I I am not flying to that so I have not aware of it.

5:49:41 pm – Samantha Harr:
Oh yeah, I will not be there but but if anybody’s going and would like to do some writing about it, I would love to read it because it’s current

5:49:52 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
That’s true. An entrepreneur memorial is kind of like a more unique event, right? It’s like That’s true. An entrepreneurial is kind of like a more unique event, right? It’s like a

5:49:56 pm – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, security event and it’s it’s super popular, Super Cool. Um and I I’m jealous of everyone that gets to go every year because I it’s

5:50:01 pm – Tobias Vyseri:

5:50:04 pm – Samantha Harr:
something I always comes up the week, it happens that I can’t make it and I’m always just heartbroken. So maybe next year

5:50:11 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
Yeah. Yeah. If I’m if I’m in the area I I would definitely apply for it but right now traveling is yeah.

5:50:20 pm – Samantha Harr:
Traveling is a challenge. I feel that for sure especially especially when you’re you would be traveling from Canada. Yeah. Traveling across countries right now is

5:50:29 pm – Tobias Vyseri:

5:50:30 pm – Samantha Harr:
Little touch and go really you know lots of lots of things go.

5:50:35 pm – Tobias Vyseri:
Emptied. Anyway, thank you for the info Samantha. I was appreciate to hear from Judge Academy.

5:50:41 pm – Samantha Harr:
You absolutely. Thank you so much for joining us today. This has been fantastic. I always love seeing what you’re up to your presentations are gorgeous and I love your writing. So yeah. It anybody needs advice to buy us is definitely the person to ask. They’re very, very good at this stuff. So yeah, if you if anybody has any questions or anything to follow up with, feel free to ping us all in discord or reach out, however, you are most comfortable. Thank you all so much for joining us today. This has been first week march, and we will see you next month in April