Judge Academy > Transcript – May First Week: Regional Tournament Organizers and Premier Play

Transcript – May First Week: Regional Tournament Organizers and Premier Play

12:02:42 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, folks. My name is Jonathan Logistics champion from Judge Academy. I’m joined today by Michael Hill from face, to face games. My friend, Daniel from Magic Sir and Danielle and Alfonso from Yellow Rabbit. Today we’re gonna be talking about regional tournaments All that big news that came out of Wizards just about a month ago before we get to that. However, I do want to announce a couple of more shows, coming up tomorrow at 10:00 AM Pacific. We have David Leifer Tilly talking about policy lessons from recent paper tournaments and on Friday at 4 pm Pacific. We’re gonna be talking with Jason, Flatford about tournament controller in Melee.g. Now, before we dive into things, can I get some introductions from all of you? Let’s just start with you Michael. Who are you? Who are you? Where are you from torment, organizer? You work for your experience with magic and large events and all that good stuff.

12:03:39 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Awesome. Oh yeah, my name is Mike. I work for face-to-face games. I’ve worked for them for about seven years. Now start off selling cards at the counter and Awesome. Yeah, my name is Mike, I work for face-to-face games. I’ve worked for them for about seven years. Now start off selling cards at the counter and Quickly you fell in love with running magic tournaments in the store and then fell love of running magic tournaments outside the store. A large large vest through the face face open series And now I’m in charge of organized, play for the whole company, including the premier play system through Wizards and our in store events as well. I’m a little too Judge.

12:04:08 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:04:09 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
I’ve worked some GPS in Canada but my job with face-to-face keeps me mostly inside the company. Unfortunately, I’d love to get to more events but

12:04:17 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, I understand that struggle.

12:04:19 pm – Danielle Beschle:
That. That.

12:04:21 pm – Jonah Kellman:
All right. Daniel from magic, sir.

12:04:25 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Hi. I am Daniel Ortiz from Magic Sur. I mean, An associate of the brand since 2014. We have, we have work in the tournament organization of nationals regional. pro tour, qualifiers, and the biggest prediles in a region since Practically the beginning of our store here in Chile. And we are actually I we’re right now organizing the South American Magic series which will be the south legs of the Latin America. So

12:05:04 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Fantastic. And and Danielle and Alfonso from Yellow Rabbit.

12:05:09 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Yeah. Hi. I’m Danielle and is Adolfo. Hello everyone?

12:05:15 pm – Jonah Kellman:
My apologies.

12:05:16 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Yeah, no worries. Yeah, no worries. We are from Yellow Rabbit. And I’ve been in the business for only three years. This is all new to me but I’m I’m learning a lot. And well, we are the proud owners of Yellow Rabbit. Which we’ve been in business for around three and a half years and myself. I’ve been a magic player since thing a year 2000 or so. I quit for around 2006 and then came back. So try to be a pro player doing 2018. And after that, we decided to have our own local game store. And that’s how we get our experience with magic and what our experience with a large events. We are well, the only events we’ve been Having on the local game store. We had some qualifiers, you know, for a little bit, less of 100 people and that’s how experience US organizers.

12:06:35 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Fantastic. So one of the great things I think about this new premier play system, is that each of you as regional tournament organizers? Get to design a system that suits your area Previously when we had the pptq system leading into regional pro tour qualifiers. It was a one-size-fits-all solution that didn’t quite fit everywhere. And so I would like you each to briefly describe the system that you’ve developed. For your region. We’re going to go in the same order. One of the things that I’d like to hear though, is your favorite part about the system, what you think is

12:07:22 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Yeah, so um our big decision for our premium replacement here in Canada. Was that we wanted the.

12:07:27 pm – Jonah Kellman:
potentially unique or a choice that

12:07:28 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
We already had the face-to-face open series, and we wanted to fold the premier places into that while still

12:07:31 pm – Jonah Kellman:
you’ve made, because of the nature of

12:07:33 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
maintaining the Local game.

12:07:35 pm – Jonah Kellman:
your region.

12:07:35 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Store well.

12:07:35 pm – Jonah Kellman:
So Michael, let’s start with you.

12:07:37 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
So we have two paths to the regional championships, which we call the, after the the f2f championships. We have the in store play system with the Wpm partner program, where stores run, qualifiers, purchase the kiss through us. And then we also have the open series which you can play at a large tournament organized by Austin qualify through that as well. So this means that there’s lots of different paths to get to the regional championship in Canada. I, we wanted to design it so that if you wanted to qualify you should be able to if you just play enough magic. We want to make sure people can play in the regional championships if they want to. And we to that end, we have two regional championships, each cycle one in the West and one in the East because our country is so geographically, large flights flights in Canada, are also more expensive than in some other countries. So we wanted to make sure that people can play in a tournament and they’re not limited by their geographical location. And that’d be my favorite aspect of it.

12:08:32 pm – Jonah Kellman:
That’s wonderful. Yeah, absolutely. That I’ve had to fly within Canada and it’s sometimes cheaper to fly out of Canada to the United States, stay there for a little bit and then fly from the United States back into Canada.

12:08:40 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
and this also helps judges too, right, because if you want to judge a large event in Canada, you don’t have

12:08:42 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:08:45 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
to fly to Toronto. If you live in Vancouver, you can go to Calgary or Edmonton, maybe

12:08:49 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:08:49 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Vancouver. And if you future cycle and that’ll give you the opportunity to work and get to know us as an organizer, and you don’t have to break your bank to do it.

12:08:59 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Awesome. All right, Daniel.

12:09:03 pm – Magicsur Chile:
If hi, but I’m going to use the same. Phrase, we use with Wizard of the Ghost.

12:09:09 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:09:09 pm – Magicsur Chile:
The tournament system we propose is flexible resilient and easy to understand. That’s the basic of our system. We had to adapt. To the difference, we had in our region. even though we speak the same language, we have very different cultures and our economies are not The best one and they buy way too much from one another. Even though we are next to each other. As I said they are biggest big issues regarding traveling from one country to another. And if we if we take Chile as an example, most most people don’t know this but You can place Chile in the map and you will get the line from New York to Los Angeles. We are that large we’re not. Wide, what we are very large. Most people don’t know that and so traveling in Chile is, it’s hard and it’s expensive. So we came up with assistant but that was at flexible as possible and also that cool adapt to the different. I think demography is the right term here since not all the countries have great big communities, some countries, Have haven’t even surpassed the 50 player counts in their nationals. So we had to design something that was appealing to them and that was able to give them the same opportunities or even more opportunities to get to the final regional.

12:10:47 pm – Jonah Kellman:
One of the things I believe you’re doing is you’re bringing back nationals? Is that correct?

12:10:52 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Yeah. Sort of.

12:10:54 pm – Jonah Kellman:
There’s the option for them.

12:10:56 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:10:57 pm – Jonah Kellman:
I think that that’s very exciting. I know that a lot of players enjoy being the national champion and having that as a route to the pro tour, I think it’s very exciting and it’s one of the things that I liked about the system when I was reading over it.

12:11:10 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Yeah, the We have three. levels of three ways to qualify to the original final but I think we could get into that a little ahead

12:11:22 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:11:23 pm – Magicsur Chile:
since Daniel and Adolf or need

12:11:26 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:11:26 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:11:27 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:11:29 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Well, take your time. Don’t worry.

12:11:33 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Well, with that, we’re just gonna move on to you. Anyways. Danielle and the Dollfro

12:11:37 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Okay. Well, our system, it’s called the Gathering Showdown series, and we chose that name because we, we wanted to do a tribute attribute to to the Gathering itself. It’s been a couple of rough years, you know, being apart from families and friends. And we wanted to to really make an emphasis on that part of magic, you know, the gathering, the gatherness of it. And our system is basically holding qualifiers in local game stores and then a large region of fine regional final every four months or so. And we choose that we chose that structure because we we thought that if local game stores have something familiar like the pptq structure, it will be easier for them to adopt that structure and our programming will be easier for them to have it on board. And that’s why we chose having the qualifiers on local game stores through certain time of type of membership. And from there, we have the qualified players for the original final event, which is called the final showdown, and it’s going to be a regional final for one each four months. And I think our favorite part is Giving each store their their own place. It’s not that we are the whole organizers. We want each store to feel that they have a voice, and they have a place in this system.

12:13:34 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Right? I remember seeing on your website every local store that is a part of the system, they are on the website. They are displayed as soon as they become part of the system and it is

12:13:43 pm – Danielle Beschle:
yes, and then

12:13:44 pm – Jonah Kellman:
One community.

12:13:45 pm – Danielle Beschle:
And then And then in some weeks, Players will be able to see each store and their tournaments and where they’re located and you know, but it’s a programming issue.

12:13:59 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Right. Fantastic. So, during the process when you were pitching your ideas to wizards of the coast, you were not aware of which other torment organizers were out there and submitting their own proposals. And you certainly weren’t getting a lot of details about what those other proposals look like, since the announcement have you had the opportunity to look at what the other tournament organizers are doing. And if you have your systems are set up for the first year, you’re locked in place for at least the rest of this year. Is there something that another Tio has done that you would really like to do and the floor is open to anybody who has any answer on this?

12:14:43 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Um, well yeah, we’ve I we’ve been talking about it. We’ve seen other systems that offer a more broad option of tears for the memberships, I think that is something we will be evaluating for the next. Seasons. For I mean forever.

12:15:07 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:15:09 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Yeah, and also we wanted to add further on some regional tournaments.

12:15:18 pm – Jonah Kellman:
something smaller than the regional championship, but on the

12:15:21 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Yeah, like the nationals. Yeah.

12:15:24 pm – Jonah Kellman:
that’s fantastic.

12:15:28 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
For us. whether or not the system we not the system we For us we’re always evaluating whether or not the system we have in place is going to be good for the future and whether and we want to make any improvements. As far as like what other organizers are doing, oh, I’m more interested in the feedback that I hear about their programs for my players. Rather than like what the current plan is if a player comes up to me and says, Hey, Did you see what the the organizers in Chile are doing? I really like to see that here. That’s something that we would definitely take into account because like our regions are so different, right? Like, it’s tough for like, from you,

12:16:00 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:16:02 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
to know what, if what’s gonna work for your other people in this meeting gonna work for us in Canada right and for dream hack in. The US is before players.

12:16:08 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:16:09 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Give us that feedback about what they like about the other systems.

12:16:13 pm – Jonah Kellman:
And it would be a little bit difficult for Canada to do. Multiple nationals given that there

12:16:19 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Yeah, exactly.

12:16:19 pm – Jonah Kellman:
is only the one country in your region.

12:16:21 pm – Events Face to Face Games:

12:16:23 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Well, I’m going to getting here first. I’m going to say hi to Chilean to Peru. They are watching actually hyperu. They are talking in the chat, so we have to see the chat to say them, to

12:16:34 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:16:34 pm – Magicsur Chile:
tell him. Hi we as you said, we it’s not that we were an allowed but we were so, you know, into that process of designing this this this series that we never got to talk with other organizer. I think I I talk with Danielle. Basically, two weeks or something, prior to the announcement and and we had some exchange of ideas and and things that work out fine. By the debt. By the time they announcement was made. I was kind of impressed that correct me if I’m mistaken, but they’re two sites that I saw that were more complete regarding information where the Yellow Rabbit One and Magic store and I I had a few interviews with Podcasters regarding the series, and they all thought that the, the whole series it was going to be the same as the South American Magic series. I was like, No, it’s not going to be like that. Every region has this difference and they were like, Oh, but we don’t know since Europe happened, show anything and Asia, and all that. So, I was a little surprise about that. I But that’s okay. And we, I’m going to Explain a little more regarding the national situation here.

12:18:09 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:18:10 pm – Magicsur Chile:
one of the issues we had in our region, is the the traveling, if So we have nine nine countries, I have countries that only have as I told you 50 players internationals and back in the pptqs era. We had 74 pptqs, we have 774 stores in the whole region. So that’s very few compared to every other region. And So we had 34 pptqs with which means 34 winners that that got their invite to the rptq, and they want that, what that won the last season and all that. Let’s place it around 90 invitations. And when we run the rptqs, in our inner country in Chile, we only got thirty eight at most players. 32 of them were from Chile. For from Argentina. And if we have luck, we will get one from Peru and one from Uruguay. So that was our main issue and we wanted to change that because we want the regional final to actually feel like a regional event. And that’s why we came up with the city tours, and the national tours. These are events that are a little more. Expensive, honestly, for the players and for the organizers, however, they guarantee at least one plane ticket to the to the winner in order to have at least one. Player of that country or of that city in original final. That’s, that’s the main goal of the city tours and the national tours. And we wanted to appeal to the players that want to be and I’m going to rip off the Pokemon model but they want to be the very best so they

12:20:08 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:20:08 pm – Magicsur Chile:
So they want to be the best in their country and that brings us to the other things. At the difference between the Pptq system is that the winners will we’re unable to play any more tournaments. and that was a bummer because imagine if you want an rptq, you were not going to play ever again probably. But here you are able to win us a store championship, you get your invitation to the regional final. However, if you don’t have the money, or the me or the mean or the, yeah, If you’re not able to get a plane ticket, you can still go for a city tour or a national tour aiming to win. The pleasure of being the passenger city and also to aim for the plane ticket to travel to the regional final. That’s the things we really like about our program. and, but we have been seen the progress of other Regions because everything can be done a little better with which it with each iteration.

12:21:19 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:21:20 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:21:23 pm – Jonah Kellman:
I really appreciate how all of you have looked at your regions and the challenges that will come up in the challenges that existed with previous systems and how you’ve addressed them with the choices you’ve made. I think it’s I think it shows, great promise and I’m very excited to see the future of all of your turnaround series and I’m very excited to see how they evolve and how you iterate with them. Now. Of course. We haven’t had the opportunity to run any of these larger series. We haven’t seen where the flaws lie in practice. What do you? concerned about this isn’t what it, what challenges do you see coming up that you don’t quite necessarily have a solid planet There might sometimes be a thing where you’re like We know that this is going to be a problem. Perhaps, as you’re just saying, Daniel getting players to those regional events and you do have a plan to get some of them there. But what if some players qualified that might be a challenge here facing what challenges? Do you think you might face that you’re not a hundred percent certain you have a plan for because that talking about that might spur an idea from another torment organizer who might be able to help you out.

12:22:38 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
For us there with like similar to, to what we said before, our country being so large. There’s a couple areas that are kind of dead areas for magic in the middle of it. They’re like it’s Saskatchewan and Manitoba specifically, there’s very few magic judges and there’s very few magic players and there’s very few magic stores. So for example, we just ran ah, after tour stop in Regina where I had to bring judges from Alberta and from Manitoba to staff the event, no judges for Saskatchewan work the event at all. So that for that process, the challenge for us staffing cost wise, right? Because we have to provide some incentive for those to come so far to work, right? And then, for players too, is further for them to travel, to get to events. And we want to make sure those regions are served by the by the system that we have as well. There needs to be stores, running qualifiers, or for players who do live in that those areas to Ah, to qualified, right? So that’s a challenge for facing is trying to get stores on board, the few stores on, in those areas on board and in a way that serves their communities whereas in Ontario and in Alberta and Vancouver, NBC and go back. There’s tons of stores. Applying it won’t be a problem, but some areas it will be

12:24:01 pm – Danielle Beschle:
And I believe one of our challenges is also to get some stores on board. but it’s also our job to, to talk to them and explain to them because sometimes We’re too afraid of asking, you know. So we try to approach stores and and letting them know that we’re here for whatever they need. And we also faced in an issue with the traveling because our region also has Central, America and Caribbean. so another thing that that we like about our system is that we are giving winners Some support for their travel expense expenses. So, so I think that’s something that we were able to to solve.

12:24:58 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, if I remember correctly, your

12:24:58 pm – Danielle Beschle:

12:25:00 pm – Jonah Kellman:
system has differing amounts of support depending on how far the event was from the regional championship and I think that’s at the very least, a very good first step because offering the same travel stipend to somebody who is only 50 miles away to somebody who is on the other side of the region, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. And I think that that’s a good

12:25:22 pm – Danielle Beschle:

12:25:23 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:25:27 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Yeah, I think that I feel the same

12:25:27 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:25:31 pm – Magicsur Chile:
regarding region as Daniel and Adolfo our main Issue is to bring as many player as possible to read it to the original final. I can give a few. They crushing a few numbers that I want to share at this

12:25:50 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:25:50 pm – Magicsur Chile:
At this moment we have we have 129 compared in a region that will translate into 129 invite We’re still and that’s only store a store qualifiers, that only brings us with 20% of the available material to run the store qualifiers. Meaning we may get to 150 155 store qualifiers. Then we will have to add up the city tours and the national that will bring us another 50 invitations which will get us to a little over 200. However, the regional final is aimed to To bring at least or or we adopt 200 players. So Even though we can get the 200 invitations to get them, 200 players on site, that’s something different. And and that’s I think that’s the real challenge. And we’re working to as I said to get as many of them as possible with or support regarding plane tickets with the city, tours and nationals and and working in an original final that is us attractive as possible. For players to. feel comfortable or feel confident about traveling to the original final, even though they don’t have an invitation and try their I don’t know if love try their skills at the Last Chance qualifiers, or at the other side events, I think it should be a great experience for the players and they should be able to to feel, as I said, confident to travel to the original final also, I think one. And if the idea of this meeting the judge situation, we have been without Active events scenes. Two years. Probably trying to.

12:28:04 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:28:06 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Yeah, so most of the Have. some, some of them left the program, once we changed to Judge Academy and we have seen some modest Neal certifications or new judges. However, they have no zero experience regarding running an event, not even

12:28:27 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:28:29 pm – Magicsur Chile:
a Friday night. So That, that’s something that my might be a challenge for. stores that are getting into the into this kind of events for the first time since that’s happening and they, they need to feel the support from the community that they There is someone watching their back like, You know, I’m I I belong to the church academy and I’m going to help you out in this situation because I as a judge want to give this to my community.

12:29:02 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:29:05 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:29:05 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Um, it definitely.

12:29:07 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
And if I could add one more challenge

12:29:07 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Oh absolutely.

12:29:09 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
for us to like there’s a big population discrepancy between East and western Canada. Like most of the candidates population centered on Ontario Quebec. And that creates like an interesting dynamic where like, the potentially one of the regional championships will be. I’ll have a lot more. Invitees, who would attend that event then the other one in the West, right? And that’s something that we’re thinking about and how to how to approach and and deal with as well.

12:29:32 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, it sounds like a challenge. That pretty much all of the larger regions are facing is this one of getting players and judges to actually attend the championships themselves, you can get people into the stores and you can get invites out. But for a lot of regents, getting people across multiple borders or across thousands of miles or kilometers, that’s a bit of a challenge that I think a lot of other tournament organizers are gonna face. And I’m I think that all of you will be able to learn a lot from the successes that the other tournament organizers have and see what works for you. And maybe Something from somebody else. Now, Daniel you just brought this up a little bit. Let’s talk a little bit about Judges and judge Academy and tournament officials.

12:30:25 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Yeah, actually it’s Steven is actually asking the same question what role do Judge and just Academy have in its original series.

12:30:31 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:30:35 pm – Magicsur Chile:
well, as I was saying of the mic in the conversation, Being a judge is supposed to be what you want to bring to your community. What you want to give to your To your game experience. Some players want to win at a tournament. Some others want to collect magic and some others. Enjoy them. The story, the art, the The drama. The and there are some that really enjoyed the rules and the organization and and the events. And that’s is where the Judge Academy and the judge program. Should be focused.

12:31:14 pm – Jonah Kellman:
I think that they’re also the people who enjoyed the gathering and the

12:31:18 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:31:20 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:31:23 pm – Magicsur Chile:
And that’s where the Georgia Academy gets their in their their meaning or they’re important in the in this event. As I said we have a lot of new stores, believe it or not, some people were bold enough to start a business in Covid situation, and that’s great and but they have no experience regarding tournament organization and just should be the To help them regarding this. To give the first steps. How how can I set up a smaller? And how can I set up a Friday night? How can I run a commanderly? And then going They taking bigger steps now. Okay. Now I want to run a store qualifier. How can I do that? I wasn’t here when the Bbqs were working. So how am I going to do that now? So and that’s what the church economy show. Give their input, their idea and their experience. Also, just should feel encouraged to approach the stores and the tournament organizers, not the other way. I mean, if you got in the Judge Academy program, if because you want to give something to your community, not because you want to be sitting on the bench, waiting for someone to pick you up and play.

12:32:52 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, I think that if you think that there’s a store in your area that could run in qualify or is running a qualifier and you’re not certain that they have a judge, I strongly encourage you, to talk to them be like, Hey, I would like to help out. I would like to make this event better. I want to improve the community for everybody involved. I want to make sure that the tournament is the best that it can be.

12:33:11 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Or even if they have already if they already have a judge because I’m going to talk from my experience.

12:33:16 pm – Danielle Beschle:
The community.

12:33:19 pm – Magicsur Chile:
I have three judges in my store including myself. before the Judge Academy, when we were using where the reporter I had a stuff that was able to run everything from the Reporter. They were able to create events report penalties. Prince parents do everything they wanted and they were not just they were my stuff. I have to say this, they were And nothing about way. I’m going to say this. We were an example because all of my stuff were female And they they my whole team was able to run everything. Every not only from magic from from other other tcgs as well. And they show and they prove every single time that way they were more fitted to run the event that they actual judges and that was a big issue for me. Like, you know, during the program, you’re learning this, and you are not able to run or to use the reporter. And you tell me, I don’t see this in the Josh Academy. That’s that’s not that it feels for me. And now, the situation changed and change a lot. And I I had this conversation a while ago, because back in the day, we need to have a someone a scorekeeper that was able that the new how to run an event in the world that have to bring a Paintings and you have to polish that those paintings in us, you know, black work and and then you have to bring sleeves and cut them and deliver them and everything. So you need a paper team you need a lot of judges to do very Like you know, simple simple

12:35:18 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:35:18 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Simple task. Yeah. That

12:35:19 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:35:20 pm – Magicsur Chile:
At this moment, you don’t need anymore because you now have the everling that is awesome. You just post your code in the TV in your store. The players getting this in the tournament. They receive the Paris in the phone. They report everything, the phone. So you probably cut yourself three or four judges in a big event only because you don’t need them anymore. So now the judge work is a little easier. I think they can actually focus on their ruling of the event and help the organizer in other ways that to to make the event run as smoothly as possible. So even though back to my arena idea, even though I have three judges in my store that are more than qualified to do that, I am always open to receive new justice because they need the experience and sometimes I just want to relax and I don’t know, go have a beer next door and that’s my problem. But I could get a new judge in the store to have the experience to know how it is to run a big event and he will going to learn that and it’s going to take it to another stores and so on because the experience is, is the beauty of this is that you are able to learn something with one organizer and then take it to someone that actually needs the experience.

12:36:46 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Absolutely, I think one of the things that Judge Academy has seen, there were a number of judges who have come up during the past, two years, when there haven’t been events for them to get practical experience with and While the certification does testify and ensure that the judges have this baseline level of knowledge, the knowledge that you need to run an event. It is impossible to replicate the experience of actually judging event taking your first judge call elevates. You so much more than just that knowledge that you get from reading the rules. Now.

12:37:23 pm – Events Face to Face Games:

12:37:23 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Danielle and Adolfo. You were. I believe the first regional tournament organizer to require certified judges for your events. Are there challenges that you’re worried about in that requirement and are there legal concerns? Is this? I know that some places might be a little bit worried about requiring certified judges in this way.

12:37:48 pm – Danielle Beschle:
I’m not really. The thing is that we are we stated this because we believe as Daniel said, A judge knows how to run. Tournaments, big tournaments and the ruling is important and we want to to be sure that every everything is done, how it should be and prices are given away as they should be and so on. but also, if I must say from first hand, I have experienced The best help I could ever have from a judge because obviously, this is a first time for me. I have no idea. How things have to be organized and I’m learning but this judge has just been really amazing and he’s been helping us you know here you need a lead judge and some floor judges to run this but if they have to do something else they can and if you need someone at the price will at the registry or just in the general run of the show. They can. They can help. And and that is something that we need to. To sorry, he’s got something in history.

12:39:17 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Quite, all right.

12:39:17 pm – Danielle Beschle:
That is something that we all need to. To know that we are not, we don’t know everything, especially in big events. They’re just our help. And I want to make just a little like a commercial here for the judges. Some stores have approached us Asking, How do I get in touch with a judge? How do I know where to get a judge, What level of judge, should I have? How many? And I think this is something as Daniel said that the Judge Academy should provide like, Go knock on doors. If you know that this region is requiring stores to have a judge. Well then judges you know go call right whatever because a lot of stores don’t know how to do this or how to reach you or how to you.

12:40:16 pm – Jonah Kellman:
But yes.

12:40:18 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Oh yeah.

12:40:19 pm – Jonah Kellman:
And tagging on to that. I just want to remind all of our judges who are listening, double check your privacy settings on the Judge Academy website, due to global privacy laws, you are defaulted to having most of your information hidden. So if you want, tournament organizers to be able to know what city you’re in or even what country you’re in. Make sure that that information is available because otherwise they’re not going to be able to find you.

12:40:42 pm – Danielle Beschle:
And of course, if stores have a judge in their community and it’s it is a he or she is a certified judge. Of course, they can be the one for the store, but I think it is something that has to go both ways.

12:41:00 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Absolutely, you can’t just sit there and expect every store to call you when you haven’t.

12:41:05 pm – Danielle Beschle:

12:41:05 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Let them know that you’re there.

12:41:06 pm – Danielle Beschle:
That you EXISTLY? Yes, yeah and also we decided that the best way to ensure that the local game stores are running the events at the level of Quality. We expect them to do is having is by having them. I don’t mean to say like a review, but An Apollo. Yeah, like a support and with someone from the Judge Academy and how we ensure that everything is will go smooth. And even though Companion and Event link are really efficient tools. I have seen players that have Questions regarding the game itself. So I think is also an advantage to have a judge that can solve those questions.

12:42:09 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Jonah regarding your

12:42:10 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:42:13 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Question? A because you brought something that

12:42:15 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:42:16 pm – Magicsur Chile:
is not an issue here in origin, and I mean, Origion, Daniel, Adolf on mine. And he’s still the legal issue.

12:42:26 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:42:26 pm – Magicsur Chile:
That here things were completely different than in other regions.

12:42:31 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:42:32 pm – Magicsur Chile:
I’m going to give you an example. When I start being a judge, I went to my store and magic sword in Venezuela, back in to all, I don’t know eight probably and they organizer back then, which might associate right now in just a medal. He always saw me play, you’re not very leases and Getting along with the tournament stuff. And one day he asked me, Would you like to be part of the national stuff? I know like me. Awesome, let’s go for it. And what we’re going to be in this hotel. These days you can get there good. You can get there.



11:48:46 am – Magicsur Chile:
Daniel Ortiz (Magicsur)

11:48:56 am – Danielle Beschle:
Danielle and Adolfo

11:49:17 am – Events Face to Face Games:
Mike Hill – Facetofacegames.com

12:43:22 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:43:22 pm – Magicsur Chile:
everything. I got a few bags of gold bags of everything. And at the end of the day I got a few bags of gold snap. I remember even this the expansion back then and he opened it a promo cards. I just promo cards and they he placed them face down and it was like we I had three stuff today that are visited their first tournament. You can pick cards that are face down. Those were my three fears, fetch land from the Judge program. Awesome. And that was it. I was happy. I was helping the community and I got something back and then I keep working in some nationals and I finally got married my certification. And for me, it was a friend about Helping one prayer release. So it evaluate you help me run the Saturday police and you can play for free on Sunday. That was an awesome deal for me, especially in the economy. We I was living back then, in Venezuela. Which was complicated to save the

12:44:27 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:44:27 pm – Magicsur Chile:
list and that’s something that

12:44:28 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:44:30 pm – Magicsur Chile:
happened along. I think most of Latin American countries playing magic is it’s hard for us some some have the meaning to I don’t know, buy a lot of problem. Some other don’t have them in to do that and working as a judge help them get that.

12:44:46 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Right. It’s supplements.

12:44:47 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Well me

12:44:47 pm – Jonah Kellman:
It makes it possible.

12:44:48 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Yeah, so I so and as I said, it’s the legal issue here is different because we don’t have to, like, pay by the hour.

12:44:59 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Right now.

12:44:59 pm – Magicsur Chile:
said, the origin of the program that

12:45:00 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Before we get too much into that.

12:45:03 pm – Magicsur Chile:
the original of the program was you’re not making a living out of being a judge, you are giving something to that community.

12:45:08 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:45:13 pm – Magicsur Chile:
And that’s the way it works in most of the countries in Latin America. So when we say here, we require a judge in my feel like an imposition, but it’s not an imposition, it’s more like a recommendation.

12:45:32 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Right now.

12:45:33 pm – Magicsur Chile:
I mean.

12:45:34 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Michael, you chance to talk about this and we are starting to run short on time. So I want to see what you have to say.

12:45:40 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
So like I I do think that the best people around these events are judged urgents. I just want to start off by saying that I I’m a judge.

12:45:48 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:45:48 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
I, I ran pptqs. I, there’s stores that I worked at that. I couldn’t imagine them doing it without me. There’s some stores that I could see that they could do it without me. Depending on what store I went to, right? Um, so not getting into the legality. I’m not a lawyer. I’m, I can’t speak on that, but

12:46:01 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Right. I don’t believe any of us are.

12:46:04 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
but can say that acknowledge the possibility that some small stores Saskatchewan or some small store in the Northwest Territories, the most experienced person in that area to run that tournament might be the starter. And who might not be certified through Judge Academy, right? In most areas the most experienced person to run your term. It’s probably gonna be a judge but that’s not always going to be true. So saying that you have to have a level two judge for your event or someone with a competitive reel badge. Would restrict the amount of stores that could apply. And could run that tournament. That being said, if I hear from stores from players, that went to a qualifier to store that event was a disaster and it was awful. They never want to play again. And I find out that they didn’t have a judge, or didn’t have someone who had the adequate rules knowledge, or IPG knowledge to run a competitive RL event. I’m going to talk to that store and address it with them, right? So and I am recommending to stores that they do hire a judge when I email them off with the event information, I do tell them like, Hey, here’s a link to Judge Academy. We recommend a certified judge. We don’t require it, but I’m still, I still do believe in what the program offers these stores. And I want them to get involved with the program.

12:47:13 pm – Jonah Kellman:
one of the things that I was talking with some other folks about creating is a prefabricated application for various regions, so that if you are hosting a regional championship qualifier, if you’re a new store and you haven’t hosted an event like this before and you haven’t, Looked for judges before rather than having to come up with an application yourself, figure out what questions are important. What information to look for having an application that you can copy and paste and just change the name of your store and the date and location. Do you believe that that would be a useful tool for the smaller stores in your area to have? So they don’t have to develop that from scratch every time.

12:47:56 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Yeah, templates. A template for Untouched Academy for storage to create event applications would be helpful, not just for those small stores, but also for some of the bigger ones too, Yeah, templates template for Untouched Academy, for storage to create event applications would be helpful, not just for those small stores, but also for some of the bigger ones too, right?

12:48:04 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:48:04 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Yeah. Yeah.

12:48:09 pm – Jonah Kellman:
So, in addition to that, are there any tools that judges can provide judges as we were mentioning Knock on the doors and say, Hello? I’m here, I’m a judge. If you’re looking to run one of these events, if well, we don’t currently have those templates available you as a judge, want to provide one to your local store so they can Solicit judges. That’s a useful. Step. What other things can judges do to help tournament organizers? Find judges and get the staff that they need.

12:48:37 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
In a couple of communities here in Canada, there’s been local us who have organized together to provide documentation to stores about what they can provide to them, what their expectations are for rate of pay. What the contact information for the LTS in the area, Some information about the premier play system for Canada as well that they ran by me to double. Check it over, make sure it was accurate. And that I think is something that judges can do if you have a leader in your community who wants to organize people and help, make sure that stores get the judges. They need that super helpful for stores.

12:49:12 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Fantastic. Does anybody else have anything to add on that before we keep on moving along?

12:49:18 pm – Danielle Beschle:
No, not really. No.

12:49:20 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Alrighty, as we’re nearing the end of this, if anybody in the chat, has any questions that you would like to ask any of our fabulous guests, feel free to go ahead and ask and I can present it to them.

12:49:27 pm – Danielle Beschle:

12:49:31 pm – Jonah Kellman:
In the meantime. What at the events themselves when you get to the day of your regional championship, what sort of because I am the logistics expert here. Judge Academy and I am most interested in logistics what sort of logistical problems or hurdles. Do you see happening at your events? If any at all if you think you have everything covered, that’s fantastic.

12:49:58 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Wow, I wish I I think it’s the The the scale balance of the main event and side events know that as as the main event is coming to an end, more players will go to side events and that will increase the number of players in that area. So we’ll have to manage the, you know, the tables and sitting and and whatever. But I think basically that, that would be it. Yeah. For our part.

12:50:36 pm – Magicsur Chile:
I, I

12:50:38 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
For, oh God.

12:50:40 pm – Danielle Beschle:

12:50:40 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
For us. I think it’s the like we haven’t announced the dates officially yet for the for the tour weekends with the with the regional championships at them but they’re very close together. So they’re like in in within two weeks will it be across the country with the same P? The same core company staff running another three day event which is for us could be daunting in a bit tiring. So and same thing with some of the

12:51:04 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:51:08 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
judge staff too, like, although not, everyone’s gonna fly across the country to Calgary from Toronto. I expect that some of the more senior judges in the country will want to work both those events and could also be tired and a bit worn down. So I think that’s gonna be the biggest challenge for us.

12:51:24 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Yeah, I agree with what Daniel said. I simply the biggest challenge will be the Side events against the main event. The Last Chance qualifier might be. A fire pit for everyone.

12:51:41 pm – Danielle Beschle:

12:51:41 pm – Magicsur Chile:
A lot of players want to try their skills and earn the last invitation and then on the date of the main event where the focus should be the main event. But I said these events are supposed to be like, great magic gatherings. So, It will not only be the main event. We will have commander side events and drafts and everything else. So judges should be able to move from one event to the other and Know how to switch because it’s not the same giving a rolling in the main event that is going to be a competitive event and then turn their heads to the side and give a different ruling or a different sanction in a draft. That is a casual event among eight friends.

12:52:39 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:52:40 pm – Danielle Beschle:

12:52:41 pm – Magicsur Chile:
That I think that.

12:52:42 pm – Jonah Kellman:
That flexibility is very important.

12:52:43 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:52:45 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Now. From the chat Daniel, you were talking about earlier. How paper is the pairings and the match lips? That’s less of a required skill. It is. Sometimes used in some places we do sometimes use paper pairings and very, very rarely matchless. But with that skill set, becoming less important. What new skills do you look for in a judge to staff these larger events?

12:53:10 pm – Magicsur Chile:
i, I think judge should be They’re able or or have some degree of knowledge regarding the use of the companion app and the heavenly in order to help the players to set up their accounts and remind them of the reporting the results on time. I think that’s basically it what, as I said that at this moment, they judge needs to help the store organizer. To run the event knowing the place. Here are my tables number from here to here. This is going to be my event and I’m going to give the players the best experience possible. I’m going to support them with my knowledge regarding the rules. However, if they have some technical issues regarding the companion, or the enveling, I should be the one to I. I should be one of them. People able to solve to solve that issue?

12:54:15 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:54:16 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
to talk to your local organizers

12:54:16 pm – Jonah Kellman:
I think.

12:54:17 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
about. Like if you have a story that you play fnm at, ask them if you can get access to Event link for the night. And just like, try to try to enter some results. Try to create the next round. Have them teach you how to use it. If they know how to use it. The biggest problem, I’ve noticed running some large events here in Canada. The last few months is that judges just have no idea how to use that link? Is this brand new, right? And every judge in the room is a scorekeeper. Now, if you have a phone, you can be a scorekeeper

12:54:44 pm – Danielle Beschle:
You know.

12:54:45 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Are so that’s an asset so I try to learn. That’s my that’s my biggest advice.

12:54:48 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, I think at this point event link has been out for about two years. And I know that a lot of judges especially Older and more senior judges, who have been around for 20 or 25 years, or even 10 years, they biased against event link because it doesn’t work exactly the way they want it to. And even if they know how event Link works, they don’t know how the Magic Companion app works. And I’ve seen judges and I’ve been

12:55:12 pm – Danielle Beschle:

12:55:14 pm – Jonah Kellman:
the judge when a player comes up to me and says, How do I drop? I’ve gone. I don’t know how you drop and that is something that you as a judge should be able to answer. You should be able to always help out players especially when it’s something as fundamental as. How do I report my results? How do I drop from this event? How do I find my perryings? That’s something that you need to be able to do? Even if you’re not as comfortable or familiar with the app, as you would like now, As we’re wrapping up, we just have a couple minutes left. Is there anything? Talking about the logistics, the events, what you’re doing in your region, anything you’d like to say to the judges who are watching, is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap up for the day.

12:55:59 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
For Canada, just if you’re an all one, I’ll try to work towards that competitive reel badge. There’s gonna be lots of opportunities for stores, looking for people who they can trust with the infraction procedure guide. That the disaster. That’s the major area. That a store owner doesn’t have store owners usually know the rules pretty well. They usually understand the MTR, the basics of the MTR, but they, they won’t know how to fix a hidden card error, right? So if you can work towards that competitive, very all badge that will tell Storer that, you’re The type of jobs, they need.

12:56:32 pm – Danielle Beschle:
And yeah, just emphasize on judges to to approach the stores. And, you know, just hey, I’m here, you need something or whatever because, again, some stores may not know how to get in touch with judges. Yeah.

12:56:53 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:56:54 pm – Magicsur Chile:
I will have to say Judge the game. See the world? So, Good.

12:56:59 pm – Jonah Kellman:
That’s that’s a great attitude to have well already. Thank you. Michael, Daniel, Danielle and Adolfo for you who are watching. We’ll be back tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific with David Lightford, Tilley and policy lessons from recent paper tournaments and then on Friday May 6th at 4 PM Pacific with Jason flatford discussing the tournament controller in melee which is another piece of tournament software. Thank you for watching and we’ll see in the future.

12:57:24 pm – Danielle Beschle:
Thank you. Thank you.

12:57:25 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Thanks for having us.

12:57:27 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:57:28 pm – Events Face to Face Games:

12:57:33 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:57:34 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
All right, thanks for having us. Oh,

12:57:35 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Fantastic. Thank you so much. Y’all were fantastic. We had some very good conversations. We did have some very long tangents at times, but I think it was very good. I was pleased to talk with both of you. If you want to hang out and continue to chat, I’m more than happy to do so, but if you have other things that you need to get to absolutely feel free, I am gonna be reaching out to you in the next couple of days. Or so to ask for mailing addresses, as we would like to that, you get a gift of the presenter packet and so we’ll be sending that out shortly.

12:58:05 pm – Events Face to Face Games:

12:58:07 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:58:07 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Well, thank you very much for. That’s awesome.

12:58:08 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:58:08 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
That was not expected but very welcome.

12:58:12 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Thank you for the opportunity.

12:58:14 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, absolutely.

12:58:15 pm – Magicsur Chile:
Let’s help this work for the best. For our Dutch community.

12:58:19 pm – Events Face to Face Games:

12:58:19 pm – Jonah Kellman:

12:58:19 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
And And for for like please like if you get any feedback from from judges about the different systems that other regional tournament whereas is running, I would very much like to hear it if Judge Academy receives any feedback like and if like, I’d like to talk more with with the other RTOs as well about what they’re experiences are because

12:58:40 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, I would be.

12:58:40 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
Sure, we can learn.

12:58:41 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Happy to facilitate communication or set up a channel for all of you to chat in. I think that would be a very

12:58:45 pm – Events Face to Face Games:

12:58:47 pm – Jonah Kellman:
useful tool for everybody.

12:58:50 pm – Events Face to Face Games:
So, well, cheers, thanks for having

12:58:50 pm – Magicsur Chile:

12:58:51 pm – Events Face to Face Games:

12:58:52 pm – Jonah Kellman:
Yeah, absolutely.

12:58:53 pm – You:
Thanks y’all one.

12:58:53 pm – Magicsur Chile:
But bye. Thank you.