Judge Academy > Transcript – September First Week: Building a Judge Community

Transcript – September First Week: Building a Judge Community

10:00:39 am – Matthew Fox:
Hello, everyone. Welcome to this first week. I am Matthew Fox. I am the community champion. The community barred champion for Judge Academy. And I’m really excited today because we discuss a lot of different things in the, in these first weeks. But for me, the heart and soul of it all is, How do we as judges build community? How do we build community among other judges? You know, What does that look like? How do we make it just more than, you know, just we see each other at events and then go our separate ways and a guess who I’ve been trying to get on for a little while now. Felipe is gonna be joining us today. We’ve had a couple of things happen. We have another guest, who’s supposed to be joining us as well. Unfortunately, she had some stuff come up the last minute and couldn’t be with us. Felipe was supposed to be on a plane and then coming to us from a hotel

10:01:24 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:01:25 am – Matthew Fox:
Instead, I believe your flight got like screwed up and so now he and the two people in his car, as he’s showing product placement for Wendy’s Wendy’s. Please send us our check, he pulled over the side of the road so he can go to Wendy’s and With us. So you might hear a bit of background noise. I was trying not to sing along to the song on the audio earlier. But Felipe, thank you so much for doing all you have to be a part of us. Uh hello.

10:01:50 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Hi. Oh, hey everyone, it was fun. Thank you. Matthew for the Invitation and as I said, we had a, I was supposed to be on a plane. and then landing, at the time of the Of the meeting, but United had a like a major change in my flight and they decided to meet you put from another state. So I have two buddies. That was actually traveling my car. And it was like, Sure. I’ll join the right and I asked them if we could make a stop. So we found Wendy’s. And I was actually desperate to find a table with a power plug so I can like see it. Make it, it’s all yeah.

10:02:33 am – Matthew Fox:
Mmm, I I gotta love road trip buddies, who are not only like, yeah, come along with us on a 10-hour drive, but yeah, also let’s stop for an hour and a half while you do an

10:02:41 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:02:41 am – Matthew Fox:
event. So that this is Judge Community right now. I mean that’s how Judge Community works. No.

10:02:48 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:02:48 am – Matthew Fox:
Exactly exactly. Well I’m so glad we can make this happen and let me go Start out by asking you that question What what does Judge Community look like to you? What does that mean?

10:02:59 am – Philippe Monlevade:
But I usually say that means family, because as you can see, the community was the reason I’m here right now. They, they win our their way to make it happen and During these seven to eight years that I’ve been part of it. My life changed a lot. I have a major change in my career. I made friends that I will carry them for life. And that is the reason we’re here. I like I love the community. I love the the way it was built. Even through we had like major changes in the judge community for years and years and years. I’m just happy to be part of it.

10:03:39 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I can tell they understand that actually understand that one quick technical note. Eric, did you see the other? There’s a comment about the topic title in chat, if you can take care of that. Yeah, I can totally understand that, actually understand that one quick technical note. Eric, did you see the other? There’s a comment about the topic title in chat, if you can take care of that. Um yeah, I think that’s how I see it as well for me. I I may have I think I’ve told the story of Warren writing, We’re not in the first week. You know, I I played magic as a kid way back during Beta. I was so proud when I sold there’s a piece of cardboard set said Mox Emerald on it for three hundred

10:04:08 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Oh nice.

10:04:08 am – Matthew Fox:
dollars and paid for all my books for school for a semester. And, you know, now want to not happy when I look at the price that now. But fair enough. And then, you know, fast forward, many years later. I got divorced, I did a good relationship, it ended these things happen and just most of the friend, you know, is that kind of thing was like I need a new group of friends, you know? Like just to kind of move on in a new way and I thought, what the heck? I’m gonna go play magic and Play this game again because my friends had I’ve met some people who are into it and I went and the judge who I met was so friendly. And so like, you know, wanting to welcome me and all this stuff. Not only to make me want to be a player. Wanted to make me be a judge and within like, a couple months, the group of judges and that hometown that I was in of Madison Wisconsin, where my closest friends and it just

10:04:56 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Of them.

10:04:56 am – Matthew Fox:
became One thing that really amazed me was not only was there a great judge community there where like we would get together and you know, talk about judge calls or just talk about what had happened but then I would go to these larger events and total strangers. Would it be like the best friend you’d ever met? Because we were all judges and there’s there’s something amazing that can happen there. Like you said, like if you talked with the road trip, you got when I went to Magic Fest Yokohama in Japan, a couple of years ago, I had we got that.

10:05:27 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Yes, I remember you.

10:05:27 am – Matthew Fox:
Yes, I think. Yeah, you remember the story um, one of the tires in my wheelchair broke, I just went totally flat. I need to get it replaced, but I don’t speak Japanese and I had no idea. Like, you know, Duolingo doesn’t talk about how to replace a wheelchair tire.

10:05:42 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:05:42 am – Matthew Fox:
So, I had to go searching and I just posted in the judge forum. Saying, What the heck? Let’s see, what could happen. A judge who had never met before total stranger to me, but because we’re both judges said, like, I just wanted them to, like, help me translate stuff on the Internet. They said No, no, don’t worry about it. They made the call for me to set up an appointment. They went with me to the appointment and they did all the translation to get it fixed and it just to stay still blows my mind. That it whole stranger did that? Because we’re both part of Judge Community.

10:06:12 am – Philippe Monlevade:
that is literally the judge community to like, Almost everyone.

10:06:16 am – Matthew Fox:

10:06:18 am – Philippe Monlevade:
We will we will order the ways just to help a fellow judge because we’ve

10:06:23 am – Matthew Fox:

10:06:24 am – Philippe Monlevade:
been helping before and you, when you get that feeling that people are doing good for you, you want to when you spread at work. So,

10:06:33 am – Matthew Fox:
I think it’s a great way to say it. That’s great to say it. I’ll say speaking of the community part, one of the things I love so much about these first week conversations is, we really wanted to be a conversation to be interactive. I see some great people in the chat already. And please like, when we talk there’s some of the questions we’re asking or contributions. Like if you have

10:06:51 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Oh yeah.

10:06:51 am – Matthew Fox:
Like if you have your Judge you, please put it in the chat. We’d love to talk to you about it. Um and so I think everyone kind of started talking about this already, but but you’re going further, why is it important? Why is having this kind of judge community? Like It’s great when you’re in real trouble. But just day to day, why is it so important that judging is a community?

10:07:10 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So, as you said before, Taking the helping part of the way judges will teach you how to react, how to be a better judge, how to be a better person, how to understand the community, how to understand all the minorities. In my, my car ride right now. We were having a conversation about the trans community and Gabby is an

10:07:37 am – Matthew Fox:

10:07:39 am – Philippe Monlevade:
amazing person. They were explaining a lot of things, a lot of how gender works because I’m coming from a Latin base language. We don’t have like neutral terms

10:07:51 am – Matthew Fox:

10:07:52 am – Philippe Monlevade:
and when you when you translate things to us, that is a lot of Cool ways. You just speak without like compromising. Anything. You’re saying, even though you have the best of your heart, the way, the message will passes a little bit

10:08:04 am – Matthew Fox:
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

10:08:05 am – Philippe Monlevade:
different. So In the community is like, it’s, it’s a lot of small groups. In a bigger group and if you if you don’t find your group, you can create your own. That is will be a lot of people that will join it.

10:08:21 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I think that’s a really good point. I think, you know, each of us has our own particular set of experiences and knowledge and skills. And one thing the community really does is it gives that ability to learn from each other and that can be about something like what you’re talking about in terms of like the different. Kind of people who do who do this kind of thing. I know just talking to you and some of the other folks from from South America talking about like how judging is different in different places. Really helped me a lot but also in terms of like skills, you know, I I I’ve always been someone for who I I know the rules well but it’s not something that comes naturally to me the way it does for others, but social interactions come a lot more naturally to me. And so I’ve I’ve definitely had some situations where Judges who I would always go to about like, okay, we explain to me how this layers thing works or something like that. When they then came to me and said, Oh hey I had this hard interaction of the player. How do you think should have handled it was like okay it’s really nice to see this kind of can go back and forth and stuff like that. Johann kisser. I hope I’m getting the name right wrote in when I did my first GP in China I got so much help from the locals. Some judges were guiding us each evening. Someone had us a local sim cards that enabled Google maps for us. Yeah that would be essential so much help just because we share a profession I think it’s really going to put it and Yeah, the word profession is in quotes and I think that’s kind of a big part of what we’re talking about.

10:09:41 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:09:41 am – Matthew Fox:
This is work, we do and we should get

10:09:43 am – Philippe Monlevade:
It is.

10:09:43 am – Matthew Fox:
fairly compensated for it. And I always want to make that clear. But it’s also a little different. It is a hobby, it’s something we love and enjoy and I feel like I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve always worked at small companies where we do have a lot of camaraderie among the staff, but The way I interact with the judges. It’s not like we’re all staff together. There is a friendship and a building there that you wouldn’t actually get if you were just all employees together. I think.

10:10:07 am – Philippe Monlevade:
No, that’s 100%. Someone up Joseph said about China. I remember the first time I was accepted to a GP in China. My Grand Prix of Magic Pass The first thing in the first post someone made, it was a judge from Hong Kong. Saying Oh if you the first time you’re coming to China, Internet’s a little bit different here. There’s a lot of Google things that doesn’t work like Facebook,

10:10:33 am – Matthew Fox:

10:10:34 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Instagram, even Google Forms. So, what we’re gonna do is that what it judge did he bought a lot of sim cards from Hong Kong? And though, that Internet was able to like, open all the resources that was blocked. By the Internet in China.

10:10:49 am – Matthew Fox:

10:10:51 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And we were able to even use like Google Docs for like our in a frown tournament back in the day. Or yeah, there was a lot of things

10:10:57 am – Matthew Fox:
That was great.

10:10:59 am – Philippe Monlevade:
that were able just because one of the judges the judges using the community just like, Hey, that were able just because one of the judges using the community just like, Hey, this is how we help each other is, What are we gonna do? And then he would like, everyone was insanely friends, really nice was

10:11:13 am – Matthew Fox:
That’s awesome. That’s great to hear. Well, and let’s back up a little bit and talk about how things got started. Because I think especially if you’re newer judge you’re coming in, like The judge community as a whole is this huge thing. I don’t think anyone’s gonna, you know, you’re now one now please change that.

10:11:28 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:11:28 am – Matthew Fox:
that. But it is a community but it’s also a whole set of interlocking communities. They’re often start at the local level.

10:11:35 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:11:36 am – Matthew Fox:
Leave it talk a little bit about how you got started as a judge. And like what kind of community you found is? You were getting started

10:11:41 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So I became a judge in 2013 from cracked between 13 and 14 and When I first started, I was actually a player and I love the game. I play as a kid and musical high school and then after like, some four or five years break, I was able to actually go to a tournament again and it was very happy because a bunch of friends traveling and one of the judges came to me in start talking and it wasn’t singing nice person. He was funny.

10:12:11 am – Matthew Fox:

10:12:13 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And we we have like our five hour conversation about rules and about things. and it was like, why don’t become a judge like well, Late maybe later because was like, it was a weekend that they have a PDQ, a Grand Prix trial on the Friday and

10:12:31 am – Matthew Fox:

10:12:32 am – Philippe Monlevade:
then a ptq on Saturday Sunday. And then I was able to watch one judge making a investigation process to a table and that got me into the point that the judge was so precise on the questions he was. So very skilled, only investigations that he was able to find the true on the table and one of the player one is qualified. And that process was like, I really want to learn how to do these. I really well become part of this and

10:13:02 am – Matthew Fox:

10:13:02 am – Philippe Monlevade:
on the next day I I went to the other church. That was talking to me about the community was like I want you become a judge. What do I do? It’s like okay. This is the document.

10:13:13 am – Matthew Fox:

10:13:13 am – Philippe Monlevade:
You should study that and then when when you feel like that you’re ready for make it past week, we can do it like at a time. Let’s do it and I did and I passed. It was like Wait, no. My judge who like no. No, not that. That means that you pass the test. Now, we’re gonna have an interview to know to see if you’re able to feed. What we we want, That was 2013. There was a lot of bad things happening over.

10:13:39 am – Matthew Fox:

10:13:41 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And I made that we spent like three, four hours, talking was a very good conversation, I’ll learn a lot. And then at the end it was like well. Welcome to Level One. It was happiest. Like I went out to celebrate, sorry about the cursing. We have for celebrating, it was fun. It was very good.

10:13:59 am – Matthew Fox:
That’s awesome. Yeah, the celebration among judges is definitely a big part of the community that will get to and can go

10:14:03 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:14:04 am – Matthew Fox:
in good and maybe sometimes not the best ways.

10:14:07 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Well yeah.

10:14:07 am – Matthew Fox:
Um, celebrate responsibly is always going to be the Judge Academy platform and don’t hold me to that if

10:14:12 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:14:13 am – Matthew Fox:
you see me as celebration. But um, so you I’m not gonna karaoke though, but here’s my next question is, so what was the judge community? Like, because you got started in Brazil, right? As a judge. Were you what, what kind of judge community?

10:14:27 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:14:28 am – Matthew Fox:
Do you find there?

10:14:30 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So that was one judging my city, Ah, and in Rio de Janeiro, my state. There was two judges. One was our RC

10:14:40 am – Matthew Fox:

10:14:40 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And the other one was a guy no CD. And then in Brazil we had like 10 judges all over Brazil which was like low as possible.

10:14:48 am – Matthew Fox:

10:14:49 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And then after 2014 we start growing There was like a major calling for judges. And we started growing and my local community became one of the cities in Rio that had like the Most amount of level one and two judges. To the point that we went for, like one judging the city to like 25.

10:15:12 am – Matthew Fox:
Oh wow.

10:15:14 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And then in Rio, we went for like one level two, like nine level shoes that we have right now.

10:15:22 am – Matthew Fox:
That’s awesome. And what? What kind of community events started happening when you were like, with all these new judges, what kind of community building need to see? Or were you a part of

10:15:31 am – Philippe Monlevade:
so, back in, back in the day, they had a like a Well, thank you on the judge apps and the judge. Center. We had a lot of projects and one of the things that I joined as was I could Was the translators? Because also one of the things that community taught me was how to speak English.

10:15:56 am – Matthew Fox:
Oh, okay.

10:15:56 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Because yeah, I had like no I knew the basics of school which means nothing. And the first time I actually interact with it, American judge. every time I was saying like something insanely in my head, make a sound makes sense, but like Was horrible when I speaking, she was like, so he’ll start to teach me words that has the meaning that what I want to say, but it’s totally different. And because of that, like, okay I want to work in translates translations. So, I was able to join transition teams and then we grew for like, two judges to like 10 judges that we have like a lot of project that was based on that. We we implement in after we have like four or five level choosing Rio, there was the major ptq system when they implement like a lot of torrent championships everywhere. So we create a group. With all this store owners and all the judges. And we’re like, okay, so this is a schedule. Everyone will pick a date. So we would never gonna clash and

10:17:04 am – Matthew Fox:

10:17:04 am – Philippe Monlevade:
judges time. so that the on that sentence, like every player could pick, like, I want to play this event, this event, this event, and this is gonna be just gonna be in

10:17:15 am – Matthew Fox:

10:17:15 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And with that we have, we helped all the judges that want to become level ones or want to become level shoes. The rule advisors at the time. If they really want to become judges, we could help with experience with sharing our thoughts, our level of what we do stuff. All the players and all the staff. Like everyone was insanely happy the way we handle that for life, for three or four years.

10:17:41 am – Matthew Fox:

10:17:42 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Until the end of the PQ.

10:17:43 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, the next lot of sense. I think that’s one of the to me, I think one of the best starting places for finding and building. Local judge community is that kind of communication, you know, just having

10:17:53 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:17:55 am – Matthew Fox:
it might be an email chain, it might be a group on discord or social media, um, but just one, like, what we had Madison for a while because like there were five judges at my store. We’re pretty store who would all kind of rotate and a couple judges, some of the other stores But I was able to kind of get all these people of all, be part of one, kind of social media group, it already existed in some extent beforehand. Um, and just as a way to get like, say Okay, hey, who’s trying to, you know, go for this event or this event. And I remember some of the store owners loved it because now instead of them having to choose okay, you both want this front.

10:18:29 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And chase judges.

10:18:30 am – Matthew Fox:
They’re like, Oh, They’re like Oh what do you ask for Friday when he asked for Saturday? Okay, this is easy. Um, and one of the things that I often found, is that what started as a discussion group for figuring out who should go to what very quickly became a Oh, hey, can you help me with this? And it was everything from someone might say Hey, here’s a rules thing. I’m not quite sure about. Can someone double check me but also Oh hey we’re out of, I can’t find the printer papers. Anyone know where the printer paper is kept in the store that kind of a thing. Did you see that kind of like local local communication happening. What among judges in Brazil?

10:19:07 am – Philippe Monlevade:
um, so from Rio we used to have the Whatsapp group for like, So, this is happening. And how do we handle that? Like, sometimes a player was going, like, going maniac on whatever situation or I saw owner then decide to not, let’s say the tournaments are at nine and the locals to the LG soldier decide to show up at 10. So what we do, so, instead of, like, The things we did at a time and we were talking a lot of how to preparate and how to communicate with everyone to everyone being same page at all the time, to the point that we once had an event. In the Burger King tables, like we went to Burger King because the store

10:19:55 am – Matthew Fox:

10:19:56 am – Philippe Monlevade:
the store owner wasn’t there and he was like Oh I’ll show up like 1pm in

10:19:58 am – Matthew Fox:

10:20:00 am – Philippe Monlevade:
the tournament. Should sound like nine. The judges was like, So what do we do? And we The the guy that work in the Burger King at a time was like Oh I guess I can open this order a little bit earlier so guys can see it on the table and then we figured out as as we go and then we had a torment of it.

10:20:17 am – Matthew Fox:

10:20:20 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So, that was a lot of, there was a lot of communication because the the owner, the star owners in Brazil was like We need judges but we

10:20:29 am – Matthew Fox:

10:20:29 am – Philippe Monlevade:
don’t want to pay for them. How do we do it? Like No, This is not how not gonna judge for experience. we don’t want to pay for them. How do we do it? Like, No, this is not how not gonna judge for experience. What we did was like, Okay, so this

10:20:36 am – Matthew Fox:

10:20:38 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So this is what we, we believe will be fair And you can choose anyone that we will help you from the beginning to the end. We’re gonna do advertise. We end up literally everything. The guy was like Yeah, that’s fine. So they start you instead of like trying to chase a judge. He would just send a message on the group and there will be like. So I have these event and I need a judge. Who wants you? And there were like, that will be a

10:21:06 am – Matthew Fox:

10:21:07 am – Philippe Monlevade:
lot of people like, Oh, I want you to do that. And then with that, we would like to schedule. And they have like a spreadsheet for like, Yeah, I’m judging these. I’m judging these and judging this. And then These level one judge, like, I want to become Level 2. What I wanted to, I want to become a judge. How do I do whenever? Okay, so you go to this event, we’re gonna talk about, and then, if you want to work over there, we can manage that and we did everything that we could to make sure that the person gets the experience. To go to the next process of the next step of the process.

10:21:44 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah. Yeah, I can really see how powerful it is. I want to talking about, you know, negotiating a store owners because you know, we’re all independent contractors, we all get to do it we want, but I think there’s some value to people in community all agreeing kind of like yeah. Hey here’s about we’re all gonna ask for, you know, and I remember one of the first ways this happened was, I’ll talk about more in a second. But I I used to organize a thing where we got all the people who had done Friday night magic in the different stores, we’ll all get together at a restaurant like you talk about how they’re their night went and have some some food and some drinks often a lot more drinks than food but you know just have a good time and at one point two of us who

10:22:26 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Division. Division.

10:22:27 am – Matthew Fox:
worked at one store, we’re talking

10:22:28 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:22:29 am – Matthew Fox:
about how much we got paid. And we said Yes too bad like we’re only getting this amount and we want that amount and someone from a different store. Went Wait. How much are you getting?

10:22:38 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Know what’s Yeah.

10:22:40 am – Matthew Fox:
You know, and realize like that at that store they were getting maybe half of what we were getting. And for him, just that moment of being able to hear us talk about

10:22:46 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Everything that for me. Sorry.

10:22:47 am – Matthew Fox:
that and realize. Wait a minute judges in this same town, we’re having events. At about the same size are getting are getting paid much better. You know, That helped him a lot. And I think that’s that’s another place where the community can become. So important is when you’re at that local store level just being able to connect with others in your area. You know like Hey how are you getting treated? What are you doing? What tasks are you doing? What are the things that you’re supposed to do? And the owner’s supposed to do and all that?

10:23:14 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Also, we we created one thing in Rio, which was lunch with the judges.

10:23:22 am – Matthew Fox:

10:23:23 am – Philippe Monlevade:
which, let’s say someone wants to become a judge and because I was traveling a lot in, all my connections was usually in Rio So I will blend. I gather all the old shoes, we go for lunch and we pick it up like one or two candidates for level that once you there was level one and once you become level two, And some friends that want to want to become judges, we go to a table, what big table. And we have a lunch and conversation about, why do you want to become a judge? How can we help with that, and we start doing that for one judge that wants to become level 2 and then at the last one that we did was like 25 people It was like, amazing. We had a blast.

10:24:06 am – Matthew Fox:
That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear that. I have to say, if I wanted to become an L1, and someone said, Okay, great go have lunch with 25 people. I’d be very intimidated but the way you talk about it sounds like it’s a very friendly open kind of a thing.

10:24:20 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Oh yeah. It’s totally was totally friendly. Totally opened up.

10:24:25 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, good.

10:24:26 am – Philippe Monlevade:
For more intimidating, that looks like. It’s, it’s totally safe environment.

10:24:30 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I’m sure.

10:24:31 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Which which is the the major thing that we say of every event at every time you gather with judges, this is a safe environment. So you can do, we can say whatever

10:24:39 am – Matthew Fox:

10:24:42 am – Philippe Monlevade:
you feel is safe, you can be whatever you want to.

10:24:45 am – Matthew Fox:

10:24:46 am – Philippe Monlevade:
We’ll never hold you to that, we never judge you on it.

10:24:49 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, no, I think it’s I think it’s so true. I think that’s why I mentioned the, the kind of we had a similar gathering wasn’t just for new judges. But was for, you know, hey, all the Dodgers are gonna go out for drinks, got some appetizers and get together. You know, tell war stories or talk about something else. We need to get our minds off of it. Um, and yeah, every now and then

10:25:06 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Hmm. No.

10:25:08 am – Matthew Fox:
someone would be like, Oh hey, I’m interested becoming a judge. What do I do? And I often say, You have some time to go get a burger or something now and you know, invite them to come along because it was a great way to let them see, you know what? But that judge community was like. And I think that’s a to me, that if kind of like building the social connections online is the first step, The second, which is not always possible by any means. Certainly when you got started, when there was like two of you in one city and maybe 1,000 miles away a couple more, it’s not always possible but if you’ve got more than five or six judges within a driving distance of each other. Yeah once a week or maybe once a month, everyone getting together in person whether it’s to Talk about judging or to, you know, have a draft together with whatever packs you’ve got or you know, play a cube or something like that or just, you know, play a totally different game. But just having that time to

10:25:57 am – Philippe Monlevade:
For just taking along.

10:25:58 am – Matthew Fox:
yeah, just have the time to be social with each other is such a good way of building a kind of judge community. We’re talking about So, and you talked, we’ve talked a lot about how this works at the local level, which I think is kind of the heart and soul will get more into different ways, we can do that, but obviously now, I mean, I know, I’ve never been to Brazil, but I’ve seen you it probably a dozen events because I know you travel. I’ve seen you hear my own country United States, but I’ll see you in Japan. What was that?

10:26:24 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:26:25 am – Matthew Fox:
Like when you started going to, first of all, just like all like meeting judges from all over Brazil, but then we didn’t Like when you started going to, first of all, just like all like meeting judges from all over Brazil, but then we didn’t even larger to more international. Like What were the communities you found there? And how is that different?

10:26:35 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So we have a very, very small, local community in my city and then we became as we grew in the first time I went to, like a regional I saw Judge from. From the very north of the country. And here like so many cool ideas and so many different ways to handle even our call, there was like, okay. So this is like This is how we learn different things. And when we move from the Brazil from the outside, from like from South America and then the first time I travel to like to us for a tournament, It was it was such a shock because it was I was very, I was very shy to speak. and as I mentioned before, like that was a lot of people trying to teach me how to how to communicate when I noticed that the community was trying their way and trying their best to Explain to a South American judge. How we do stuff, why we should do this way, how we gonna do that different? How we gonna handle what draft instead of like getting a judge? Okay, go run this draft, like explain to them. They were very helpful.

10:27:55 am – Matthew Fox:

10:27:56 am – Philippe Monlevade:
That was like one of the best I’ve ever had. And when we we switch the local version to the international version. The first time I went to Japan, I was blue the how they run stuff if you remember at the beginning of the

10:28:09 am – Matthew Fox:

10:28:12 am – Philippe Monlevade:
the round, the judge was the hedge will say, the open announcements. The translator will say the the Japanese of the announcements after that. The players will vouch each other. And they will they will say thank you for I believe the center was like thank you for the game thing for being here. And then after that the clock will start. so, That was a lot of process. It was so different. They were so well organized.

10:28:42 am – Matthew Fox:

10:28:42 am – Philippe Monlevade:
They were so synchronized that I was like the moment that they did that. I got a goosebumps and even They were so synchronized that I was like the moment that they did that, I got a goosebumps and even for saying that I actually got goosebumps here so it was saying good.

10:28:51 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I I definitely remember that. It was such an such as such, a nice change, but also, so different. And the thing that I most remember that I struggled with the first, but again, the judges were there to help me was, um, You know what I’m used to doing especially in America where people have no problem being very loud when they need something is, I’ll be watching, my head will be down watching one match or maybe a two or three at a table and I’m listening and want to hear Judge call, you know, then I I looked to find it, um, in Japan. There’s a couple other places I’ve seen in there. People were much quieter but you’d raise the hand high, and so I had to learn. I need to be just looking much more instead of just listening and yeah, it was the other judges who helped explain that to me. And I think that’s One of we talked a little bit about differences, but one thing I think it’s so inch so important about community. Is that we’re not all the same because like it that that’s like a

10:29:41 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:29:44 am – Matthew Fox:
difference but also just seeing like, I realized in my area, I was always taught to do a deck check by separating cards out by like instance and sorceries and creatures and lands etc. And then when I started traveling to other events, I think I was on the East Coast and I met folks who I thought it was witchcraft or illegal because they were doing deck checks by, you know, to converted man of cost. One, two, three, four, five, etc. I know use that method because that’s just easier for me and just kind of see and being able to hear other people talk about why they do the things they do. I agree with her, I might not. But always, let me think more about how do I judge the way I judge?

10:30:22 am – Philippe Monlevade:
One of the. One of the things that I pick it up on my very first event, I that I still carry is, I was passing, I was passing by and I saw level three and I was like a very fresh level one. And for us. Thank you so much. and for us was like, there was such a major difference from levels because in Brazil, we have one level three And then when I went to my first GP, that was like a lot of Level 3, there was a lot of people from everywhere. My roommate was from Spain. And there was one level three judge that he was like he was picking up trash from the draft tables. And in my head, I was like why you’re very high, very skew level judge wire like a very good person very very good judge, speaking of trash from the table,

10:31:17 am – Matthew Fox:

10:31:17 am – Philippe Monlevade:
He came to me and I went to him, like, I tried to understand the process. And he explained all the perks off. If you do that, you’re gonna generate more space to players. Players are happy, the more players are happy, the more they play, the more that you get happy the modernity yoga’s, happy more us, get happy. and then, Every time that I’m passing by a table and I see like a bottle of water or just a pack of cards. Or the chairs are totally mess.

10:31:45 am – Matthew Fox:

10:31:47 am – Philippe Monlevade:
You just like feed the chair. Take care of the trash.

10:31:49 am – Matthew Fox:

10:31:50 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Throw out the trash. and that was, there was a point that I saw like, even though the judge is like Very high level Judge. He’s still a judge, you still like regular person. He still was Do the things that we’re supposed to And that was like that for me was a very good shock. That was like, okay. So

10:32:09 am – Matthew Fox:

10:32:10 am – Philippe Monlevade:
This is like, this is what they do. So we need to, We need to like replicate that and try to teach people how we Supposed to.

10:32:18 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I I know what you’re talking about there, that I definitely started when an L1. I thought the l2’s were like, you know, the high and mighty and then when it became an L2 and I thought the L3s were the high and mighty and all and any very quickly learned, that’s not the case that every judge is gonna pick should be picking up, trash and pushing in chairs. I remember the first time I just made L2 and I was at an event where the only wanted that That I think it was for backups that everybody except for the Red Shirts should double check a backup with someone else.

10:32:51 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:32:51 am – Matthew Fox:
And so on L3, who was at the event came over to me and said, Hey, what do you think about this backup? And I stood, I was so new to being an L2. I what I was used to was that every higher level judge would come over to me and quiz me as a way of helping me. Learn And so I started thinking about it being like well and they were like, It’s a live call. What do you think This is the right back up? I was like, Oh okay, like I didn’t they were treating me like they wanted just you know they were Hey you’re my equals a judge. Give me your opinion here and that was such a like Oh okay this is not I think we hear the judge levels. I think, especially those, when his back like five levels or whatever, but even now just with free, it’s so easy to think that we’re hierarchical and it’s just not the case, you know, it really is just we’re, we have different skill levels. It’s important to differentiate that and to know like who’s gonna know more about these things, but we still can all help each other. We can all pick up trash and then when he go out for drinks or snacks or whatever, at the end of it or karaoke, you’re all just people together.

10:33:54 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Uh, you said something that better. Remember the first time I work in With one specific level of tree from which now is from wizard with just dance. He was doing logistics from day two. In. He had a plan, he show up. The he came to the meeting like so this is my plan. and I want your I want to give me your feedback about this and I was like, Wait, do you want my opinion like

10:34:25 am – Matthew Fox:

10:34:25 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Like, I’m a very like, a very green judge like, Are you sure? You’re one of my opinion? It was like your opinion might be different from what I understand.

10:34:35 am – Matthew Fox:

10:34:35 am – Philippe Monlevade:
and then your input might be the thing that we gonna change the whole event and then yes I really want your opinion was like I was soldier. I was so excited. I was like I felt like very special like okay. So that’s what that’s what Judge Community is about. Like

10:34:51 am – Matthew Fox:

10:34:52 am – Philippe Monlevade:
the base of the things. Like how I wasn’t excited?

10:34:54 am – Matthew Fox:
I heard. I heard a presentation once on how to team lead an event where you have like multiple judges and, you know, you’re the team lead of like deck checks or whatever. And they said, they said a very good idea, is to find the person who’s never been on the team before we have one or two new people. And ask them what they think about things and a couple. I was like, Wait, but they don’t have the experience. Why would you do that? They said because they haven’t learned bad habits yet. Because I think one of the things that we forget is sometimes like, we all just get used to doing something a particular way. And then we just think that’s the way to do it. Kind of like what I did with the deck checks and then realize wait a minute actually there might be a totally better way to do it or it might be that what it’s a very good way to do it in in New York is actually quite different from how was a good way to do it in Madison or in Rio or in Tokyo or something like that. And so that idea of just seeing that everyone at the table and the judge community can give can bring a perspective that you might not know. That can be super helpful as well.

10:35:56 am – Philippe Monlevade:
100% agree on that.

10:35:57 am – Matthew Fox:
You want to add to that that we’re talking earlier about ways to do deck checks, and someone’s pointed out. The idea that I would not normally endorse of some of the mid-Atlantic. We’re just sites, site sorting like a maniac, although that does come from the official Judge Academy Twitch account. So maybe take that more, seriously, maybe not, I will leave that up to you all. We are having great conversation to chat. Thank you all so much for that. Co-view agreeing. The idea of all judging need to pick up trash, and all kind of things like that. Um, one thing’s also I see, is that like at the larger events, It’s also the where the local community I think can be super helpful because I like I remember when I was in in Tokyo, like, you know, other judges who I knew from other places, like they were so helpful to me and I, I, you know, one thing I’ve noticed is that like, wherever you go, there’s always probably gonna be a couple of Brazilian judges and they’re always gonna find each other and, and help each other out. And I imagine that’s true from people from a lot of different places. What has been like for you, kind of like having folks from your own home city or country but now going all these different events together.

10:37:01 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Here. Uh, what other things that I that I love is, when I see a schedule, like, the, the post of the, who is going to the event, and I see a Brazilian name our personal exceeds Portuguese, it’s like When you go to your ass, when you go to any other country, usually don’t speak your local language or less. You’re from America and then for me to be able to switch just a little bit for like Okay, I can speak my own language which is this person and then most of the times we are able to be in the same flight. And then it becomes you stop being like a work, treat to become like a vacation trip and then yourself like hanging out. Is that something about The local community back in like as soon as we we start having events again. The head of 2021 20. Sorry, I came to a flight to a event in Richmond. And I booked my flight wrongly because I was so used to not paying attention the things because was just like the same series.

10:38:08 am – Matthew Fox:

10:38:09 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And instead of going to Roanoke, I went to Richmond. and I had to, I had to buy a new decadent spot, which was fine because I had Miles, but I lost my wallet and my passport into the pocket seat.

10:38:26 am – Matthew Fox:
Oh no.

10:38:27 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So, I left my pockets in the The pocket team on the plane. And the moment that I arrived, In the event, like five hours later. The toe was like, we were worried about you. We understand what happened? How can we help you?

10:38:45 am – Matthew Fox:

10:38:46 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And then one of the local judges came to me, like, I, I know you are Eventually I found out where was my wallet and I think was like, in Baltimore And the local judge was like I’ll drive you there. You know like wait.

10:38:59 am – Matthew Fox:

10:39:01 am – Philippe Monlevade:
me like four hours out of your way? Like I know, I know you’re being trouble. If you don’t have your passport, you go back to your country. So I’m down to the dad if you’re about to was like Yeah let’s do it. And we have like an amazing world trip because Liz is an amazing

10:39:18 am – Matthew Fox:

10:39:20 am – Philippe Monlevade:
person. And we will laugh the whole time. We sing along was very good.

10:39:26 am – Matthew Fox:
yeah, I can totally understand that kind of thing I think especially when you’re traveling internationally or even just like different parts of your own country but where you’re not used to like hey you might not know the public transportation system, or how do you care or, you know I mean, Travel. I think one of the biggest things people always are curious about is like, okay, going to different countries, like do I tip at the restaurant or not? Or, and again, all sorts of the

10:39:44 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:39:46 am – Matthew Fox:
customs of judges. customs of of the judges customs of of the judges having that judge community you can reach out to and and mail this connections with

10:39:52 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Yeah, they won’t sleep.

10:39:53 am – Matthew Fox:

10:39:53 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Oh sorry.

10:39:55 am – Matthew Fox:
go ahead.

10:39:56 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Yeah. We always go to the local. Judge whenever we are in a city that we never been for and like, hey, what is a good food over here? What is a good thing to tag along what we do in your city?

10:40:07 am – Matthew Fox:

10:40:09 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And they were like, Come up with a list of things that you should do side. Scenes food, local food, local places, you go like good beer. Sorry.

10:40:19 am – Matthew Fox:

10:40:19 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Sorry, can we talk about alcohol?

10:40:21 am – Matthew Fox:
I think that’s okay. Yeah, I mentioned drinking a couple

10:40:22 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Okay, so good drinks.

10:40:24 am – Matthew Fox:

10:40:24 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Good drinks? Yeah.

10:40:25 am – Matthew Fox:

10:40:25 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:40:27 am – Matthew Fox:
Mocktails are also a thing for judges. Want to make very clear? It’s not required to go drinking, but it’s one thing people enjoy.

10:40:32 am – Philippe Monlevade:
so they always have like all the best options and then when you go to a

10:40:36 am – Matthew Fox:

10:40:37 am – Philippe Monlevade:
city, that’ll never been, that is your new experience. That is a new thing. And then you’re gonna have that memory whenever you go back like, Oh, the local judges gave me that option. This is very good.

10:40:49 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, definitely, definitely. So let’s talk a little bit about like the ways the things that we do to build this could we talked a lot about like what makes this community. So great, we a little bit

10:40:58 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:40:58 am – Matthew Fox:
We a little bit about We a little bit about how we build it. Let’s, let’s get more specific about the different things people can do to build community, because I think there are people who are just like,

10:41:42 am – Philippe Monlevade:
oh, usually just before going to the conference, There was one situation when a judge came, a level one judge came to me like I want you become a level two. I was like, Yeah, that’s the time but he was us judge. There was working as a he was also a Marine I believe. Yeah, yeah.

10:42:03 am – Matthew Fox:

10:42:03 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Yeah, Marie. Yeah. Marie. And he was working in a submarine. and he was like, Yeah, I When he was explaining, he explained to me, that he built his own community by the ground, he started picking up boxes, going to his work and because they stay like 10, 11, 15 days under the sea. It was like, teaching people how to play magic. How and he built his own committed by the ground. It was like, Like that. That’s very cool. That is

10:42:31 am – Matthew Fox:
That’s amazing.

10:42:32 am – Philippe Monlevade:
The f***** up. I was like, Yeah, that I’m helping you to become a vote. You even though I’m not from your country, I will help you any how I can and that was an amazing are going

10:42:41 am – Matthew Fox:

10:42:43 am – Philippe Monlevade:
conferences. Um that is a lot of in Brazil. We have a lot of level one conferences or like I want to become a judge conference And the we use the judge apps. But sorry, the Totally forgot about the name of Jessica. I’m sorry about it. We have a lot of platforms before, so I’m sorry about it.

10:43:06 am – Matthew Fox:

10:43:07 am – Philippe Monlevade:
so, the, the way the conference works right now is if you want To to build a community if you want to. To make a community better. that is a place that you go, that is a lot of

10:43:22 am – Matthew Fox:

10:43:24 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Europe trust. That is a lot of soft skills that are over hard skills. But even on our regional conference, like the, the very big one in Brazil. We had a person presenting he was, he was just need his rule advisor, but he, he had a such an amazing Conference presentation about customer service.

10:43:49 am – Matthew Fox:
Mmm. Yeah.

10:43:51 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And I had a, I had a project in Brazil for customer service for like five years and what that person was saying was blue in my mind, I was like that it was the best presentation I ever

10:44:02 am – Matthew Fox:

10:44:03 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:44:05 am – Matthew Fox:
That’s awesome.

10:44:05 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And it was insanely happy with that.

10:44:06 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I think that’s so true. I think conference is like the presentations but also just being at the conference itself.

10:44:11 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:44:11 am – Matthew Fox:
You know, my favorite conferences are always the one where and you know, schedules can be difficult especially if it’s at a night or something like that. But like when you just have like, 10 or 15 minutes after a presentation or maybe after two presentations for people just to talk to each other. You know, it’s one that you talk to the person next to you get together with a few. People have a lunch break where people can like connect with each other both to talk about what you’re building in in the country. You’re learning the conferences but also just whatever it is. Um The first conference I went to I you know I’m a commander player I always carry my deck with me and people were just like Hey we’re just stick around the store because an afternoon and play Some commander. Do you want to do that? And some of the best friends in the judge community. Have now I met because of that game, You know, I think people can use conferences and so many ways to to build that community.

10:45:01 am – Philippe Monlevade:
oh, I mean if I’m correct a Brie and Chris was the one running conference like that was running a lot of conference online and every conference that they have they had like some small breaks for people like dark each other and we were using a zoom at the time.

10:45:18 am – Matthew Fox:

10:45:19 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So So a lot of people were like open cameras and and start talking and

10:45:22 am – Matthew Fox:
That’s great.

10:45:22 am – Philippe Monlevade:
there was a lot of us. We see each other for like a very long time in even there was a lot of us. We see each other for like a very long time and even hearing the voice Of the person like I went to our Southeast Asia conference. That we started like four in the morning for me. And I woke and there was wait until like eight. The reason I went to the conference was mainly because I had a lot of friends from Southeast Asia and the moment they were like presenting. I was happy just to hear their voice and that should make the just you see

10:45:53 am – Matthew Fox:

10:45:54 am – Philippe Monlevade:
them again. And during the pandemics, what the best thing ever happened to us was the online conference that there was a lot of people. that I was able to hear Toby saying, He said something on online conference. That there was like for so different from you as like. There was a lot of things there is

10:46:24 am – Matthew Fox:
Mmm. Yeah.

10:46:25 am – Philippe Monlevade:
not going on on the rules so you don’t need to worry about it, you need to worry about yourself.

10:46:35 am – Matthew Fox:
I’m sure.

10:46:37 am – Philippe Monlevade:
And seeing Toby like the the god of rules. Saying that you don’t need to worry

10:46:47 am – Matthew Fox:

10:46:48 am – Philippe Monlevade:
about roof right now.

10:46:53 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I can really see that.

10:46:53 am – Philippe Monlevade:
There’s someone like there was so

10:46:55 am – Matthew Fox:
totally see that. I think that’s another. You get to see different sides of people.

10:46:59 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:46:59 am – Matthew Fox:
These things, you know, we You know, we talked a good deal about how conferences are one kind of social gathering. These things. how conferences are one kind of social gathering.

10:47:03 am – Philippe Monlevade:
I was so happy that I I was so happy that I wasn’t that

10:47:03 am – Matthew Fox:
conferences are one kind of social conferences are one kind of social gathering. There’s lots of other ways you can search the gather, you know, I don’t ever want judges to think that you

10:47:05 am – Philippe Monlevade:
conference. hear Joe all the first voice and

10:47:07 am – Matthew Fox:
have to you know get a promo. Every time you get together those judges there could be dinners, there can be meetups, there can be karaoke nights like all these things.

10:47:15 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Toby’s and Kevin like everyone there

10:47:16 am – Matthew Fox:
What, you know, if you want to help strengthen your judge community, pick any kind of social activity and say,

10:47:18 am – Philippe Monlevade:
was like the people that you used to

10:47:21 am – Matthew Fox:
You know, posting your judge group about hey, who wants to join me for

10:47:23 am – Philippe Monlevade:
see like every weekend,

10:47:24 am – Matthew Fox:
this. I always want to say We’ve got about 13 minutes left or so, so if people have questions they want to ask us, we’re gonna go through one or two. The other kind of I don’t want to do the questions for Fleet Day but there’s other things you want to ask, please go for it. Um, So, we’ve talked about in-person gatherings. Let’s talk about social media and using social media. Because I think when people think about social media with magic and with judging like, yes, there are controversies. Yes, there can be drama.

10:47:53 am – Philippe Monlevade:
and because of pandemics, like, no

10:47:53 am – Matthew Fox:
But like, you know, like anything

10:47:53 am – Philippe Monlevade:
was able to see anyone I just hear their voice just hear the how they were handling the things

10:47:55 am – Matthew Fox:
you, those are the things you think

10:47:55 am – Philippe Monlevade:
that made me exactly happy.

10:47:56 am – Matthew Fox:
about. Actually there’s so many ways that we

10:47:56 am – Philippe Monlevade:
No, no.

10:47:58 am – Matthew Fox:
build community with social, media, media, with Twitter or Facebook, or these things, talk about what you’ve seen there in terms of like judges using any of these platforms to, to build connections we build community with social, media, media, with Twitter or Facebook, or these things, talk about what you’ve seen there in terms of, like, judges using any of these platforms to, to build connections with each other we build community with social, media, with Twitter or Facebook, or any of these things, talk about what you’ve seen there in terms of, like, judges using any of these platforms, to, to build connections with each other and to build community.

10:48:11 am – Philippe Monlevade:
So we in Brazil we have one. What’s up channel? That is mainly for tournaments. so, The, the reason we have is like, let’s say you’re in a tournament and you have like issue that you had no idea how to fix it. So you post that question into the Whatsapp group and in my cell phone anymore, what’s up is the only group that I have that is not muted. so if someone says something, like my

10:48:38 am – Matthew Fox:

10:48:39 am – Philippe Monlevade:
phone will block and every single level two Jerry from Brazil who actually look that message and message the person. Like, So, this is, This is the fix. This is how you handle it and then we’re gonna talk about it later. Not in the channel like privately, the person and also, the way you said like, How that you can build the community. Most of the times when you are traveling, there is some places that

10:49:04 am – Matthew Fox:
Mmm. Right.

10:49:06 am – Philippe Monlevade:
you go that is like that you have no idea what to do so you post on Facebook. Hey, you go. That is like that. You have no idea what to do. So you post on Facebook. Hey, I’m just arrived in x-place. Does anyone any judge once you hang, once you go, eat something. What drink something, which tag along is there any good? Local stores that we can go to like play draft? And then in five seconds, there will be a lot of people replying. And then like, in five minutes you you get a group, you go to a place, you hang, you have your social getting. There’s always a way to Peter Community from the scratch in social media.

10:49:37 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah yeah I think that’s so so true like that. I one thing that makes it so possible is there’s always a lot of moderation that happens there when you talk

10:49:46 am – Philippe Monlevade:
Really. He?

10:49:46 am – Matthew Fox:
about that Whatsapp group. about that Whatsapp group. I imagine part of why, you know that is because, you know, people are That happens there when you talk about that Whatsapp group. I imagine part of why, you know that is because you know, people are gonna use it responsibly in terms of what, you know, they should or shouldn’t be

10:49:52 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:49:52 am – Matthew Fox:
shouldn’t be posting on anyone’s been on a judge forum on our own Judge Academy forums and stuff like that. You know, other places too. shouldn’t be posting on anyone’s been on a judge forum on our own Judge Academy forums and stuff like that. You know, other places too. We’re always having discussions like okay, conversation and I to me I I granted this is only I’ve not seen too many but the all-time masters as far as I know, is a person who was my RC here in the Midwest. Um, Rob McKenzie in the the North USA North He’s run like a judge slack channel for a while where I always know. Like at this point there’s so many

10:50:23 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:50:24 am – Matthew Fox:
different sub channels didn’t broken out for like, Hey let’s talk about movies here. Let’s talk about sports, let’s talk about politics etc,

10:50:30 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:50:31 am – Matthew Fox:
And it’s just it is a little more work that moderation. And Robin actually gonna give a presentation about this at a conference. I’m running here in Minnesota a couple weeks. Um, yeah, but like, it’s just doing that extra work of saying. Okay, hey let’s let’s make sure this let’s build a social community

10:50:44 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:50:47 am – Matthew Fox:
Let’s make sure that, you know, okay, hey, if it becomes like hateful or back and forth, take care of that image becomes very off topic, okay, step in and take care of that. Um, but with just a little bit of that work, you can really find a place that just people turn to. And now they go to, like you said, not just for rules questions, but for, hey, I’m in this town, where should I go for dinner? Or Hey, does anybody want to, you know, watch this game at a bar with me tonight or something like that. It really becomes. Not for all of us. But for a lot of us, social media is a big way of how we exist in the world to make connections with people and for judges to use that and like I’m an old person. So I’m always stick to, you know, Facebook and Tiktok but um I’m sorry Facebook and Twitter but because actually of judges who are seeing doing great content on tiktok which I think I’m far too old for but now I’m very active and because yeah

10:51:37 am – Philippe Monlevade:
That is actually funny.

10:51:38 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, start using that. You know, I’m sure in three years, gonna tell me about a social media I’m gonna meet someone who’s 18 is app. I’ve never used that all the judge communities built on and you know, that’s great, like, keep it moving. Keep it changing into all these different directions.

10:51:53 am – Philippe Monlevade:
You said about the people moderating. We have at least three judges, from the top of my head, That was like the base of our community, the base of the new community which was Bruno that I believe you met her. Bruno was the Bruna was our RC and then she was the community champion from the Jet Academy. The responsible are Sorry, I forgot that how to address that but he she was responsible for

10:52:22 am – Matthew Fox:
A coordinators, I think.

10:52:23 am – Philippe Monlevade:
the For handling the transition from the judge apps from Jet Academy in Bruna was amazing. She was like the best person to the job. And then she had, she was talking

10:52:34 am – Matthew Fox:

10:52:35 am – Philippe Monlevade:
into into real life issues and then, She passed along to a person to two people. They were like They jump in, they were both fresh level ones. And the way they handle the situations in Brazil. Made most of the old judges, like, Okay, we we will be taking care of these two. People are amazing, which is Luna. And window. Both of them were able to navigate during the whole pandemic situation. They were like, having a lot of conference helping a lot of people. They both were such an amazing base for the newer judges. You’re very open day. They talk about literally everything. And having them in Brazil was one of the best thing we could have. Because it was very hard on everyone. My name is was harden, every single person period.

10:53:32 am – Matthew Fox:

10:53:32 am – Philippe Monlevade:
But having like two pillars. From two different perspectives. Taking responsibility for a whole country in making sure that we will survive that area was.

10:53:44 am – Matthew Fox:

10:53:45 am – Philippe Monlevade:
But like, I need to mention both of them because they were, they were the

10:53:48 am – Matthew Fox:

10:53:49 am – Philippe Monlevade:
both feelers for US housing.

10:53:52 am – Matthew Fox:
I think that’s such a great story because it really kind of ties up a lot of things. We’ve been saying, first of all, just like a lot of community is just stepping up. You know, I when I got started I was very worried about stepping on people’s toes, you know? Like I don’t want to overstep my

10:54:03 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:54:04 am – Matthew Fox:
balance, it’s really realize everyone. The judge community was like Thank God. If you help I have to do less you know and that’s everything from offering to judge a couple, you know because the judges I knew were just so over stressed to to those events but also to great again reminder of like The level system is very good at showing us people who are very skilled at very particular skills, you know. And that often that you know, rules, policy logistics, social things etc. But you can be an L1 and have really good experience. Moderating a discord forum or, you know, really knowing a lot about, like, one of the things, I’m always encouraging people to get to pay more attention to is how to work with kids, you know, because like, I’m not someone who is good with kids and I, I really, but we had for a while and L1 who was a teacher, and, and a parent, and they were able to really kind of give us some some good perspectives on. Like yeah, when you got, you know, 10 year old that at your event, here’s maybe how to give a ruling a little differently than you might or something like that. Um, and things like that. So yeah, it’s just so much the community recognizing like, we all have different skills, some of, which

10:55:11 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:55:12 am – Matthew Fox:
Some of, which are recognized by the level system. Some of which are not and and everyone can find their place.

10:55:17 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:55:18 am – Matthew Fox:
So, I think we’re about time to wrap up. So thank you again, Felipe so much for being a part of this, but they’re never gonna last comments or thoughts. You want to leave people with

10:55:27 am – Philippe Monlevade:
ah, First, I want to thank you for the invite and also want to thank Gabby and Seth which is over here.

10:55:32 am – Matthew Fox:
Yes. Thank you both so much.

10:55:37 am – Philippe Monlevade:
They were they were like the reason I’m here. that was a lot of people that I want to like, I want to thank the person that put me on the on the program, which was Leonardo. from Brazil and like, one thing that I will always say to all the judges is, The Judge community is a family, If you want you, if you have any issues, we will go our way to fix it or try

10:56:05 am – Matthew Fox:

10:56:06 am – Philippe Monlevade:
to help the best we can. If you have any questions about anything, just raise your hand on college. It’s literally what we say in a tournament, but it’s also what we say to each other.

10:56:16 am – Matthew Fox:

10:56:16 am – Philippe Monlevade:
other. This is very safe community. You can talk about anything that you feel like and as said before like if you want to other. You can talk about anything that you feel like and as said before like if feel like and as said before like if you want to

10:56:35 am – Matthew Fox:

10:56:37 am – Philippe Monlevade:
never give me attention. That is not it. Like If you talk, we are all human

10:56:41 am – Matthew Fox:

10:56:43 am – Philippe Monlevade:
beings. You’re all be. Like we will try our way to help you any way we can.

10:56:50 am – Matthew Fox:
Yeah, I think it’s such a good way to put again and I like the one of the things you said I think is a perfect way to end which is we’re a family if you want because I do think like you know, you can be very social like myself or are either of us but also like if you’re an introvert and you don’t want to spend to, or just, you know, I’ve met judges who they love to come and judge, they’ll say hello and have lunch with us, and then they’ve got their own friends and they do their own thing and that’s totally fine as well, or finding the

10:57:14 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:57:14 am – Matthew Fox:
middle place to me. It’s the best thing or judge community is, um, it is there for you as much as you want it. And that can be a lot that can be a

10:57:20 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:57:21 am – Matthew Fox:
little you can help build it or you can just be happy.

10:57:24 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:57:25 am – Matthew Fox:
It’s there and mostly ignore it until you need it. So thank you so much for being a part of this. Thank you so much to your road trip. Buddies, thank you for EDB for being our technical assistance today, which

10:57:31 am – Philippe Monlevade:

10:57:34 am – Matthew Fox:
is so helpful. I want to remind people who are still watching that. This is just day one. We have four more days of great first weeks if you check the website and our social media, you’ll find all that also is the the conference person I want to let everyone know that the information about end of Conferences is now up applications are open for that. We’ll be open until September 25th If you want to run an enter your conference. I definitely talk to other people in your region and maybe see if you can coordinate. So it, you know, instead of having to compete with each other. But mostly, thank you so much for being for listening and asking your questions have a great day. Take care everybody.