Transcript – September First Week: Trans 101

10:00:36 am – Samantha Harr:
Hello everyone and welcome to first week September, We got our second day here. Day Two Tuesday. It is Tuesday, right? Yeah Tuesday. Um I am super Super excited about our guest and topic. Today we have Elaine Tao here to talk about Trans week September. here. Day Two Tuesday. It is Tuesday right? Yeah Tuesday. Um I am super Super excited about our guest and topic. Today we have Elaine Tao here to talk about Trans 101 For judges. I know this is a topic near and dear to a lot of judges hearts. So Elaine, thank you so much for coming on today.

10:00:58 am – Elaine Cao:
Yeah, I’m super excited. Actually, just got my text set up

10:01:02 am – You:

10:01:03 am – Elaine Cao:
like ago so this is this might be a little A little sketchy, but I think I think we’re fine. I’m super excited about this topic, obviously. And yeah, super excited to share some knowledge for people.

10:01:20 am – Samantha Harr:
Fantastic. So go ahead and introduce yourself to to the judges out there, the folks in the audience who don’t have the privilege of knowing you yet. Elaine is wonderful and I love working with her.

10:01:28 am – Elaine Cao:
So, my name is Elaine. I’m an O2 from, from us, Midwest, from St. Louis, but now, I’m in Montreal, Quebec, I, my friend such is a trocious before anyone asks me, It’s a work in progress. I do a lot of

10:01:49 am – Samantha Harr:
Oh wait, did you? You did recently successfully, do your judge announcements in French though, didn’t you?

10:01:56 am – Elaine Cao:
ah, that’s the stuff happened there, that all of

10:01:59 am – Samantha Harr:
You survived.

10:02:00 am – Elaine Cao:
the Canadian judges know about and if you don’t, you can ask me afterwards. But yeah. I do a bunch of judging up in Canada. I do a lot of the conference organization up here and now I am a student at Concordia University which is exciting in a big life change for me. So Yeah, today was actually the first

10:02:24 am – Samantha Harr:

10:02:25 am – Elaine Cao:
day of school but I don’t have classes today so instead of talking to all of you Today was actually the first day of school but I don’t have classes today so instead of talking to all of you but yeah. oh,

10:02:33 am – Samantha Harr:
No, that’s, that’s awesome. Yeah, doing doing school, and judging and work and all these things at once is, is a struggle. I know very well, so good for you. That’s wonderful.

10:02:40 am – Elaine Cao:
Yeah, excited.

10:02:41 am – Samantha Harr:
So yeah, I will, I will.

10:02:42 am – Elaine Cao:

10:02:44 am – Samantha Harr:
Step away and let you let you take. Take the reins here and tell everyone show everyone what you got.

10:02:50 am – Elaine Cao:
Well, yeah, so I have some science that you can look at. Um, so yeah, like I said, my name is a, My name is Elaine. I’m an L2 in Canada. And yeah, welcome to trans 101 from Magic Judges. This is the topic that I’ve done a few times in the past. It’s been a while, but what more broadly I’ve done since 101 for like a bunch of different or eggs and bunch of different like on profits and stuff. So It’s pretty familiar to me. Well, that but doesn’t work just real quick. I know she judge Academy, it’s kindly moderating, the twitch channel but it is after all twitch. So I expect some people to not be very great people. If you want to be one of those people, I will gladly jump on you but not in this form. So just Put that somewhere else. But obviously if you have questions, You have questions so ask questions. Right. So yeah, a little bit about me other than what I said before then judging for almost eight years now, which is kind of terrifying. I do a lot of the conferences of in Canada. I present at way too with too many conferences, I read short for face-to-face and a bunch of other tools, but mostly face to face because I like them. And they are a large healing Canada, and also I wrote Rose Lawyer, which is a discord box, / web slash bunch of other stuff, that helps people find rulings and in cards and stuff, and really proud about. Yeah, I’m really proud of that thing that I’ve built. And when not judging magic and usually playing like, servantage online, Um and mostly playing blue cards like ethereal foyer which is completely unplayable but that doesn’t stop me, right? But other than that, like, like I said, I do a lot of activism, right? I’m in, I, I spoken at rallies. I’ve done all of the fried things. I’ve done. I’ve been speeches, that’s me in front of City Hall. There’s me in front of like some some crappy politicians like lawn or something. Does one in front of like But courthouse, etc. Yeah, like I got all of this stuff, right? So it’s like but yeah this is I do do other things and now I’m in school for political science because I want to study more about this one stuff. Um, and that’s something that like, I tend not to talk a whole lot about that in the church space. Um, just because it’s like, well, if I’m on the flooring there to, like, do my job and I’m there to like be a good judge and it was actually like, it’s like, I think probably about like, a year of me judging like Like a year after I started doing. Like larger events before people realize that I was clear. Just because like that wasn’t a thing that like I mentioned because it’s like, you know, and there I want to do well. So that just like didn’t get brought up, but I think it’s important, right? Because people have all of these different perspectives and I think it’s useful to bring in those sorts of perspectives. But first. Before we get started, just a bit of a note hope like yards here because you are probably interested in this topic, but I think a lot of people is like, well you could do a lot of different groups and talk about a lot of different groups for judging. So like, Why is this important? So I want to talk about relevancies. Like why Trans 101 for magic judges? Like this matters and also timeliness as in like it’s it’s actually very important time historically for a presentation like this. Real quick. Some sources. These are the main ones that I’m exciting, but there are a couple other ones. This first one is the what Professional Association of Transgender Health, Standards of care. This is basically a document that they put out of every couple years but just basically, it has some statistics that has some like this is what you would expect to happen if you go on hormones. This is what the requirements for surgery and stuff like that. Just like very basic like Basic knowledge stuff. I often cite the US transgender survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality which is a survey that I’ve used a ton because just because it has a lot of different stuff, a lot of different stuff in it it’s like 200 pages long there’s a lot of different stacks so basically anything from it and and also Notably last year in Canada up here, Canada became the first country in the world to ask the trans question, on the official census. So I’m throwing in some data from there as well. And obviously, this isn’t the whole world. We have people from everywhere. It’s gonna watching but like The idea is a lot of these members basically match up throughout the entire Western world. It’s not strictly comparable, just because of different methodologies different. There are things that are different about different countries, obviously, but it, I think, broadly speaking these numbers are approximately correct. Pretty much anywhere. So yeah, right there aren’t a lot of trans people, right? So it’s like, why does Why is this relevant here, right? Like According to the Williams Institute, 1.4 million adults identifies transgender in the US, that’s about one in 200 in Canada, they had that’s about one in 300. And then, you know, Couple others Ireland, but more than one in 200 England and Wales bit. More than that other us, that looks like closer to one in 150 and that’s not a lot, right? But there are a lot of overlaps between the trans community and the magic community for business that I will show you However, one other thing that I want to point out here is that you notice that 1.4 million adults in the US and 0.8% are not the same number and it’s because All of this statistics are freaking terrible. Um, they there aren’t good surveys about a lot of this and there’s a general range for like, Where are these are I think Like, for example, it makes sense that the number is a bit smaller in Canada, just because it tends to be more tends to be older. But yeah, like these numbers can vary wirelessly and I don’t want people to take away like specific numbers because Died. I don’t know if they’re accurate. It’s just a general idea. But yeah, there are things that are a pretty big overlap. The other pieces that there are a lot of people who are trans but will not say so on forms because they are afraid of a fate of mistreatment. They’re offended at the way that these questions are asked which is almost never done. Well, I think about running probably 10 to 20 forms, that ask the trans question, broadly, do it correctly and I mean, one, that’s annoying and two, which is not going to get the data because trans people would just be like, hell, I don’t trust you like, like, because you’re not using the right language. I don’t trust you to like handle the state of properly. So I’m just gonna not give you that. But for example, treats people have a higher rates of neurodivergence then the rest of the population, which I think makes a lot of sense. There’s a lot of theories about this. None of them really have like formal studies on them, but generally, I think most broadly, the idea is that because there are a lot Of expectations and such that. You know, neurotypical people tend to understand and as know what I’ve written people, we have to, like, analyze things. Like figure out why everything is doing, that sort of analysis. Also, probably is more likely to make someone question, the gender identity that they’ve been assigned which results in more more Divergent people being trans like it makes sense. Obviously, there’s also a very large of the language the magic community and people being no matter, I don’t have a source for that but I think most people can hopefully take that at face value just you too. You know, your personal experience. I’m sure matches up with that. also, a lot of A lot of magic players and a lot of trans people tend to be about about the same age, right? So, like in In Canada, it says the proportions of transcend and The transit and non-binary, people were three to seven times, higher for genesee, and Bolivia has been for the order to generations, which makes sense. And also matches up with the kinds of people who play magic and the serpent from the Us also says basically the same thing. So yeah you see like this one in 200 number, it’s like That’s probably not right? Because you run your 5K, which has maybe 200 people and probably more than one of those people is trans or non-binary, probably more like, five or ten just based on my experience of, like, seeing people at these sorts of these sorts of events. And it’s like, you yeah, makes sense because there are all of these over Probably because of a Ted nowadays. The other. Thing is that this is now becoming more of a thing that is known in and because of that there are a lot more trans people than go. then there were maybe 10 or five, or even like three years ago, this is the analogy that I use all the time which is like you look at The history of left-handedness, right? It’s like it used to be a thing that you just weren’t allowed to do. And then it’s like, if people realize like, this is now socially acceptable, it rises up to a certain percentage, you know that stops, right? It’s not like it’s not like, Yeah, we’re trying to like trans all of your kids or whatever. It’s like, No there’s a percentage and that like is probably like natural but like, We maybe just haven’t reached that because, you know what? In 200. It’s a very small number turns out. but, The point generally is to try to be as welcoming as possible to as many people as possible, right? And you know whether it’s trans people who are coming into magic or it’s people who are already in magic who are then coming out like we’re trying to create a space that includes as many people as possible. A lot of people come to magic because you know you’re trying to find Our community. You’re trying to find friends, you’re trying to find something to belong to and I think this is something that a lot of queer people in general are missing. So like it’s something that is very important to me. No comments in the chat, which makes me a little nervous but I think we’re good. so, With that out of the way. the idea here is I want people to have some basic trans literacy I want, and I want you to have some Some takeaways that have like actual applications to judging and then hopefully, because most people who are judges, also, do other things. Hopefully you have something to take away into either of your day job or something else. Right. Anyway. so, Back to the basics. definition from the dictionary, which dictionary, which should have been expected. So from the Oxford English So from the Oxford English Transgender means denoting or Transgender means denoting or Start with a definition from the dictionary, which should have been expected. Hopefully not a shot. So from the Oxford English Dictionary. Transgender means denoting or relating to it Personally. Sense of personal identity, and gender does not correspond with their sex assigned at birth. Hopefully, that’s on the shock. Hopefully, this is something. This is the definition that isn’t too surprising to people. It’s like, you probably know what this means. So for example, when I was born, the doctors and my parents, because of the way that my China Taylor was formed, just decided to assign the mail on my original births certificate and that I decided that I didn’t like that. So I changed the way that I presented and I did a bunch of other stuff like try to fit In a way that I felt was more comfortable. That hopefully isn’t too much of a shock, but you will notice that a lot of it. That like doesn’t actually appear in this definition. Like, the first part is, you know, there are like you think of You think of trans stable being as being like, well, you were saying no miracle and you’ll be coming in a woman or you assigned female birth and now, you present as a man, but actually the plurality of trans people are non-binary. Which means that You basically. Fit in this, either like a middle category or a third category, depending on how how you define that, and that’s gonna be different for each person. I tend to like to think of it as spectrum of like from traditionally male to traditionally female and some people like to fit somewhere in the middle, some people have like like a mix of both. Some people tend to not like either so they just like, it’s called agender. They just don’t subscribe to it to actually either of them. But yeah, there’s this whole spectrum and I think that that’s something that is worth acknowledging because a lot of people, I think, don’t think about when you think of trans people, trans people, and it’s because a lot people don’t bother correcting others and don’t bother telling others because it is easier to Because a lot of people, I think, don’t think about when you think of trans people, and it’s because a lot of government, people don’t bother correcting others and don’t bother telling others because it is easier to just let others assume. Which Which stocks, you know, just the idea, it’s like, well people most people don’t understand, so they don’t try to explain it. It’s the first thing on this chart, right? For like, why they don’t tell others that they’re, they’re non-binary because they don’t get it. Well, Because you’re here and you now know what this is. Hopefully you now get it right. That is that is the point, right? um, The definition also doesn’t include what I will broadly term as medical transition. Which means various medical procedures, either surgery, or like taking certain hormones in order to better fit. into a different box, that’s not I think a lot of people think about like trans like, oh well, you have to do exercises or if you think about like movies from the 90s or whatever, it’s like Oh you go into this clinic and you come out like the next day and everything’s perfect. It’s like no that’s that’s not how that works and I think you kind of have this idea that that’s not how that works. But if you actually think about it, it’s like Yeah, it actually is really hard, right? But there are a lot of different reasons. Why someone may not go through medical transition, which I have represented by these three cards that I will that I will go through and the first thing is that there is a lot of access issues in terms of like, you might want these things but then you can’t you can’t have them, right? there’s a lot of, like, Yeah, but the classic joke in the trans community, which is how many trans people does it take to change a light bulb? And the answer is, Well, it takes one, but you need three doctors to sign off on them. Two of them must have PhDs. And you need to sit there in the dark room for six months to, like, make sure that it’s actually dark etc, etc. Just like all of this, like KB nonsense, which thankfully has been going away overseas years, but that’s not true everywhere, right? Um. And sometimes even if you go, even if you, you’ve jumped through all of you’ve jumped through all of these hoops, there’s a lot of places where care, right? like, there isn’t enough trans health I know in the even if you’re able to access it, and you, you’ve jumped through all of these hoops, there’s a lot of places where care, right. like, there isn’t enough trans health I know in the UK they have wait times up to like 10 years or something. It is insane. It’ll also in some places if you live in, for all the middle of nowhere which you know, affects a lot of A lot of Canada, right? Your local GP probably. It’s like I’m supposed to give you estrogen. I I don’t understand how does this work, and they’re just not going to do it, right? And of course, in certain countries that are less functional than the one that I have escaped to. You have to there’s some there’s something we have like pay money in order to like stay alive. I don’t, I don’t understand but yeah, that’s also kind of an issue sometimes. Another thing is that some people just haven’t decided if these things, if they want these things, right? Like surgery obviously is reversible because it is a surgery that’s how that works, but Even if like taking hormones, like what will result in changes that? Are for the most part, not not reversible, right? Like that’s Like if you stop it, sometimes something will go back but that’s not not always the case. So you have to really know that you want it and that’s not true of everybody, right? And it’s like doesn’t those not a whole lot of like In this. Community does not have a lot of like well you have to do this, you have to do this in order to be seen. A certain way, not that works. And the third thing is that obviously medical procedures are risky, right? Obviously all surgeries carry risk because you are Being cut up and then sewn together and it in in different ways. That’s obviously going to be risky because of surgery. but even like taking hormones, like Those can have nasty side effects, right? Like the testosterone, blocker that most trans, women are prescribed in the US. Has a laundry list of side effects. It is, it is like, really, really bad. And Also, like other people can have different conditions that make it so that you can’t do that, right? Like I know somebody who is a big-time activist who has been out for like 10 years but can’t take hormones, because she has a car, she has a heart condition. That means that you just, you just can’t take these. Or like, you know, if a trans woman has a history of breast cancer in their family, you just can’t take us again. It’s like that. It’s like not, it’s, it’s just, like, not an option, right? That sucks, right? Um, so even if someone, you know, may what these things, they may be eligible for all of these things, they may have access to it, the still, maybe issues, right? It also like there are people who just don’t trust doctors which I think is fair, because The doctors, like some people have had really bad experiences. But doctors and that that happens, right? But yeah there are like a couple comment procedures but even then like I’m not gonna read through all of these and like explain what they are. But you see the number of of trans people who have had all of these things is actually like not as high as you would think it is. You would see you would expect this to be like, Oh yeah, it’s like 80% or something. But like the percent of people who have had fully sample facials, Departmentalization surgery which people see as quite common. It is only 7% Here. The number of trans men who have had like just chest production is less than 40% according to purpose. Like it’s not as high as you would think it is. And you know, You maybe also be working on it, right? Because all of these are processes. and also, even if they’re on it, um, a lot of changes can take Several years this says, over the course of two years but my personal experience and the experience of a lot of my friends has been that it can sometimes be a lot longer than two years. And how much it? How much you get in effect is highly variable. And there’s also no way to tell if someone is going to have quote unquote, good results or not, right? Like the used to be this common thing in about in the community. Oh, if your trend if you’re transitioning to female and you’re already like skinny and like, Like have and like short and like whatever you’re probably gonna have good results. It’s not how that works. I’ve seen people. It’s like Oh yeah this would be really easy. Start taking estrogen game like 80 pounds. And it’s like, well that’s not what I expected to happen, but yeah. Some, some medical. I have no idea, right? But yeah, the point here is not like To go through these like grizzly, medical details. The point. Is that like you don’t know what people’s stories are, right? Like, and I hear a lot about like, well, like people would tell me like, Oh well, you’re like, Like you, I can like accept because you’re like, obviously trying. And you know, I do like done all of these things and you’re presenting in a certain way and like, that’s That makes sense. But I don’t get why this other person spicy. It’s like Well look other people have different stories. You don’t know what they are and they don’t owe you an explanation, right? Like the person who like, has this other person like isn’t doing a spicy it’s like Well look other people have different stories. You don’t know what they are and they don’t owe you An explanation, right? Like the person who like has a high condition doesn’t have to tell everybody. spicy. people have different stories. You don’t know what they are and they don’t owe you An explanation, right? Like the person who like has a high condition doesn’t have to tell everybody, it’s like Yeah I’m not taking hormones because I literally like will probably die if I do. Um they don’t have to tell people that because it’s, it’s gross medical details, right? so, without so, With that in mind my objective here is to add to just the body of knowledge that people have, right? Because it’s like as a judge you like this, this may not apply to you but you have a lot, but You interact with a lot of players, right? Like, you know, in many cases you’re like the leader of your local communities or even like bigger than local communities. And if someone isn’t that space that this what applied to it’s useful to have this information, right? The other piece is that obviously I am not in, everyone’s local community and every local community is different, especially in different countries. As I’ve learned, very learned, very rapidly, and

10:30:27 am – Elaine Cao:
To talk about. Sorry, I lost my train of thought. I also want to like, make people think about what else you may be able to do in your own spaces. One thing that You may notice that isn’t on this slide is that I’m not talking about like experienced transges because as much as you may think, as much as people may think this presentation is actually not for me, like I can handle myself. I’ve been out for like 12 years. I’ve I’ve dealt with like so many people like yelling slurs at me. I’ve been judging for forever at this point. It’s weird thinking of myself as an outer but I guess that’s what the pandemic has done. And like I’ve been yelled at my players more times than you can count as you can, probably expect, but like I’m fine, I’m good, right? The point here is that there’s a lot of people who are at, you know, the age that someone tends to come out as trans is probably early 20s, which is probably about the same time that someone who wants to become a judge is going to to Start down that path, right, Broadly speaking. Obviously right, like you can transition transition Later, you can transition Much earlier. You can become a judge material layer. As you know, I know people who are like 13 who are certified and know people who have like 60 to like just certified right like, but probably speaking in that space, right? So that’s What I’m trying to capture. You, you never get used to that, thanks. so the first thing I want to talk about is names, a lot of Trans people have not changed, their legal names, I think fully have done. So it’s I’ve actually coming up on, like, six years since I’ve changed my name which is kind of insane to think about but It’s not. It’s often very difficult depending on what jurisdiction, you’re in a lot of US states. not very accepting for the sort of stuff, a lot of Like even if you can do it, like getting that propagated is the nightmare, right? Like, PayPal, PayPal is notoriously bad about their trans policy where it is. I don’t know if a single trans person who has successfully changed the name on PayPal even after submitting them like their actual name change, like what? I tell people who want to change, who want to like change their name on PayPal. It’s just making you PayPal account. I know it sucks. But like that’s what I tell them to do. Because it is terrible, right? Just getting it. Propagated to your bank. Your your addresses, like like whatever stuff takes her up, takes forever. so, because of that, you’re probably gonna be dealing with a lot of what we call dead names, which is A sling term that refers to a name that somebody no longer uses. I think this is something that I think there are a lot of judges who ask for this information without really needing it. So I think when you are considering asking like if for the information, like, Make sure that you actually do need if it’s for like a tax form than like, sure. But like, Anything other than that probably not right. and also, If you do need a treat it like as private information and don’t share it, right? Like I’ve I am Oh, I know of so many organizations that are like, notoriously, bad about, like, there were just randomly, like, leak, this sort of information or it’ll just show up in databases where it has no reason to be there. Like, and I’ve yelled at Very much every major tournament organizer because of something like that. so like, you know, One example, both for this is that if you need someone’s legal name, maybe don’t ask, don’t don’t ask for that on the staffing form, but maybe you can take care of that afterwards. So that only the person who’s actually like doing the tax paperwork can have that obviously. Similar to the last piece that names should not be treated as names. You know, if it shows up, you know, they often show up in places where like this should be just somebody’s name like a male like on the mailing list or something. It’s like I shouldn’t be getting um, like an email address to To. If name because how does that happen? That doesn’t make sense. Right. And also, of course, this applies, when other name is visible because of other things. Like, for example, if If I have to give you my PayPal to so that you can pay me. I thankfully, I’ve changed my PayPal but that’s not true of a lot of trans people because of various difficulties and also vaccination records. This is a huge one obviously I’m super in for like making sure that everyone who attends your event is vaccinated but if you’re going to do that just know that this is going to be vaccination records. That one do not match what people have registered as in two like that, that person probably doesn’t want like random and people to know about, right? So if you’re going to ask for like vaccination records, make sure you have processes in place. That solve that sort of issue. so, I mentioned the stuff in the past about

10:37:52 am – Elaine Cao:
broadly is You can change people’s names in an event link in companion, but then I get like a million questions from people being like, I know you said that you can do this, but I don’t know how to do this. So I I’m just gonna show you so Yeah, kind of still under a previous thing, I have found

10:39:36 am – Elaine Cao:
Players one. Like if they know that they may get tossed or they may Good match loss if they’re like keep being jerks. They will probably not do that. Until like, yeah, you you can threaten people with this and then they will hopefully not be jerks but you don’t have to. You don’t have to It given the first time just think of it as a tool that we have in case. Some someone is being HR about this. but yeah, you absolutely have the right to toss people for being a jerk about using. Our name, all the like, run pronouns. Just like you have the right to talk someone from being a jerk for any other reason, right? Um, some other drug stuff that I don’t didn’t have. Clear. Flow for on Social Academy. I’ve seen a lot of people it’s like, Oh, there’s a space for like nickname or something. It’s like if you put your nickname, Like, I’m not gonna see it. So please just like, put your preferred name as your full name. It’s fine. I promise, it’s good. I will. But for those who all organized conferences, I will, I ask that you give an option for like someone’s mailing name because that is the point at which someone’s legal name might be relevant. Because if you live with people who aren’t accepting and who like yeah, like, it makes sense that you may need to have your mail be addressed to a different name and this is the point where that would be relevant. I say this having forgotten to do this at my last conference, so everyone makes mistakes. Um, is basically what I’m saying? Um, the Last bit is, once again, kind of related to the previous point about proper proper that about proper infosec about. These sorts of about this sort of information is that like you know, you shouldn’t, you hopefully shouldn’t have to apply with your legal name and that it should really only be asked for at the point that’s relevant. So I would encourage people to try to restructure your application processes along that line. Last part. And this is mostly about a lot of This is mostly a tendency that I’ve seen with a lot of queer and transition to judges who are you are into my trident mentor This is obviously true of like a lot of your judges but it’s especially true of A lot of judges. um, who are transcendental career, which is that number one, they tend to not know their own but, Their own limits and they will crash. And the second thing is that they really have something to prove which I think both of these make sense, right? Because if you’re a minority in a space, you really will always feel like you have to prove something as part of being that minority and the And the second thing also, once again makes sense. Because if you’re, if you just started, it’s like medical hormone process. You what your body is capable of has now drastically changed. So you know, like I think it took me six weeks to that I went from, I went from benching like a hundred pounds, so benching like 40 pounds so it was really fast and I think a lot of People like one don’t realize like, yeah, hormones. Like you actually do things into like Yeah, looks like you probably can’t lift that anymore. Like you probably can’t just like run around constantly anymore. It’s not a thing, right? And even if in like, if you started to start strong, it’s like I see a right?

10:46:16 am – Elaine Cao:
I will say that I think it is universally true that as long as you are trying and you are doing the best that you can like, you don’t have to tiptoe around. Queer people or by trans people because it’s like we can tell you’re trying, it’s fine but so don’t be like Oh well now I have to do everything perfectly. It’s fine I promise. If you have any questions other than that, come up later that you can’t think of right now, please feel the contract me at any of these social media sites. I am already chart, basically everywhere. So it shouldn’t be that hard. But yeah, thank you to sermon and ADB for hanging out with me. Thank you for everybody who’s been watching.

10:47:11 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, thank you so much Elaine.

10:47:12 am – Elaine Cao:

10:47:12 am – Samantha Harr:
This has been absolutely wonderful. I appreciate all you’ve been doing here with us today. I know this is a complex topic and I know it’s a topic. A lot of us are interested in. And I, I really want to echo your sentiment of, like, just do your best to everybody. Like, none of us are perfect. We’re all trying our hardest like life’s complicated, and but we’re smart people, right?

10:47:30 am – Elaine Cao:
Things are heard? Yeah, yeah, we’re good.

10:47:32 am – Samantha Harr:
Getting out there and doing our best. I love that. And I think this is really, really cool and I appreciate you sharing all of this with us this afternoon. so,

10:47:41 am – Elaine Cao:
Just bring each transfers to the US. Okay, so I know so many trans people in Canada. So it is impossible to change the So it is impossible to change the doesn’t solve the in Canada. Canada. So it is impossible to change the name on their e-transfer, so that doesn’t solve the issue.

10:47:54 am – Samantha Harr:

10:47:55 am – Elaine Cao:
Like, you can change Like, you can change your the bank, it doesn’t change it. Like I don’t know what the deal is. That system is like How together with so much, like duct tape and like, spaghetti it is, it get it, I’m sorry. is, is it’s not as good as you can

10:48:12 am – Samantha Harr:
Well and that’s that’s an interesting point. Um, I you know, resources are gonna get better for all of these things but they’re not there and a lot of places or they’re just not up to I mean, any government website in the

10:48:22 am – Elaine Cao:

10:48:22 am – Samantha Harr:
US has, you know, it looks like it was built in 1996 on Angel Fire as I think EDB said the other day. So like you were We’re getting there. But yeah, thank you Elaine and thank

10:48:32 am – Elaine Cao:

10:48:33 am – Samantha Harr:
Thank you Elaine and thank you

10:48:33 am – Elaine Cao:

10:48:33 am – Samantha Harr:
audience so much. audience so much. We appreciate you being here today. Um, so audience. Join us again. Tomorrow, we’re gonna have first week, Wednesday, with Arna and John talking about optimizing event link. And I know we have a ton of people with a ton of questions about event link. Which is is also still being. Optimized and improved every day. Yeah, thank you all so much and we’ll see you tomorrow.

10:49:03 am – Elaine Cao:
All right.

10:49:04 am – You:
Likes it makes it clear.

10:49:05 am – Samantha Harr:
You did great Elaine. Thank you so much.

10:49:06 am – Elaine Cao:
All right, I am like so I’m like sweating. It is, I’m going to get like so hot

10:49:09 am – Samantha Harr:

10:49:11 am – Elaine Cao:
in here. Just like, Oh God, it’s fine, it’s

10:49:13 am – Samantha Harr:
Your great.

10:49:16 am – Elaine Cao:

10:49:16 am – Samantha Harr:
I do that too, with like, with my lights, and my laptop, and all my stuff going on. I’m like, suddenly it’s so hot and I’m just like gritting my teeth through it.

10:49:25 am – Elaine Cao:
Yeah, I was thinking like maybe I

10:49:26 am – You:
Or monitors here.

10:49:26 am – Elaine Cao:
should open the window but like if I open the window but like if I opened cards outside so that wouldn’t have helped but but I was thinking like maybe I should open the window but like if I opened a window you went here like cards outside so that wouldn’t have helped but yeah, I don’t know, maybe I need a fan or something into space. Yeah.

10:49:37 am – Samantha Harr:
Awesome. Um, Elaine, I think I got your address. I will double check that I your mailing address. I’ll double check that. I got that in the form so we can send

10:49:44 am – Elaine Cao:

10:49:44 am – Samantha Harr:
you your promos as a thank you so much for doing this.

10:49:46 am – Elaine Cao:
Chorus. Appreciate it.

10:49:48 am – You:
I actually have a question about your presentation. So there was a, someone mentioned in chat that the graphics were kind of hard to see and that’s just a result of like the Internet being a series of tubes and video processing. Would it be all right to use some of the slides of those charts from your presentation when I put it on the archive, on the website.

10:50:08 am – Elaine Cao:
Is sure, I didn’t know there was an archive but okay.

10:50:12 am – Samantha Harr:
Yeah, we upload. We upload our. So we they stay recorded on twitch for people to view where I think like two weeks.

10:50:20 am – You:
Yeah, 14 days.

10:50:21 am – Samantha Harr:
And then after that, after that, we take them

10:50:22 am – Elaine Cao:
I think that’s

10:50:22 am – Samantha Harr:
After that, we take them down and them in our archive. Only only people that are registered Only only people that are registered Yeah. After that, we take them down and put Only only people that are registered Only only people that are registered

10:50:28 am – Elaine Cao:
Okay, that’s good.

10:50:28 am – Samantha Harr:
members can see those. And Maybe even level ones, is that right? Or no?

10:50:33 am – You:
We you know what? Hey, why don’t we take a meeting sometime in the next few days to look into that. And make sure it’s set up correctly and maybe make a new post about it somewhere.

10:50:39 am – Elaine Cao:
Okay, I will.

10:50:40 am – Samantha Harr:
I think it’s supposed to be L1 plus.

10:50:42 am – Elaine Cao:
I think I sent you my slides but that might be, I might have made changes before then so if like you end up like doing that it doesn’t match up. I’ll send you in your version.

10:50:52 am – Samantha Harr:
Awesome. Thank you so much Elaine.

10:50:52 am – You:
Awesome. Thank you so much.

10:50:53 am – Samantha Harr:
We super appreciate you.

10:50:55 am – Elaine Cao:
Okay, thank you.

10:50:56 am – Samantha Harr:
Right, have a good rest of your day.

10:50:59 am – Elaine Cao:
Take care.

10:50:59 am – You: