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Sam has been mentored by Ed Mitchell of New Wave Comics in Pennsylvania. When he reached out to me, I was immediately impressed by his knowledge and grasp of the basics.

We covered two general questions about events. The first, a matter that I bring up regularly now is what to do when players call to say they are going to be late to an event (borrowed from BPrill). The other was the basic mechanics of taking a call, inasmuch as can be answered virtually without physical demonstrations.

For the event question, Sam answered decisively and overall correctly. He didn\'t ask questions initially, but through conversation I showed him a few matters he should consider in the given situation. He pivoted well and we had a productive discussion that I feel will lead to him being more aware of what will and won\'t be important to consider. For the basic mechanics of a call, he gave a good overview of what he\'d do. I liked his observation about pulling a player from the table if he thought it necessary. We broke down the steps a little bit more and I gave him the tools to understand there are things that happen \'Pre-Call\', \'Call\', and \'Fix\'. He asked a couple of astute follow-up questions, one of which in particular allowed me to point to the importance of delivering the fix and not waffling in the face of questioning players (while still giving them the ability to appeal or for him to go back and do some more research on his own after the call).

I feel Sam will be an asset to the program and he should test as soon as he feels comfortable doing so.

Charles Featherer, 2022/06/30
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I am ever-learning and forever understanding the world of MTG rules. I\'m an avid player and am actively wanting to become a judge so that I may be a local resource to my MTG community. I hope to bring more to this welcoming hobby.

Michael Elliott, 2022/06/30
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Harry is an admirer of Magic the Gathering, actively playing multiple formats and eager to learn more and more about the game\'s rules, while engaging in a very positive way with his local community in Larissa. I\'m very happy to endorse him as a level 1 judge, and can\'t wait to judge with him at upcoming events!

John Papadakis, 2022/06/30
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Tengo poco de Conocer a Edgar, pero me a parecido una persona respetuosa, centrada, y con muchas ganas de trabajar para mejorar su comunidad y preguntando localmente, e escuchado muchas cosas buenas.

Espero este sea el inicio de una larga carrera como juez, y que consigas cumplir los objetivos que te plantes.

Emmanuel Leal, 2022/06/29
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Takeda-san works for HARERUYA TC Tokyo for a long enough in good standing.

Mitsunori Makino, 2022/06/29
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Chase would make an amazing judge. In working with him, he has showcased not just an excellent knowledge of the rules for an L1, but has asked questions related to the rules that are beyond the scope of L1 knowledge. Chase also has a love of magic in several formats and a background of teaching that will make connecting with players and taking calls at events a breeze for him. I recommend Chase Finley for L1.

Garrison Fogt, 2022/06/28
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I met Saul by trading some cards, and then I notice he was living in the same city as me. When I talk with him, I realized that his interest to become judge is to understand on a better way and improve his skills on the game, and at the same time, to be a reference to help his friends with questions and confused situations. No problem for me to help him to reach this goal.

eguzman, 2022/06/28
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I had the pleasure of knowing Amir a couple of years ago when I visited Valkiria Hobbies in Chiriqui.  He had been running events there not just for MTG, but for many other games as well.  It could be clearly seen that the community trusted and respected him completely.   Back then his brother was a certified MTG judge so I think that held him back a little.  I\'m glad he decided to move forward and take the jump himself.  Chiriqui can always need more judges, more with the return of Premium events, and him joining would certainly be a strong and welcomed event.  I can see him aiming higher in the program, so I\'m excited to see him and the community grow because of it.

Carlos Portugal, 2022/06/28
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Dylan is the owner of a WPN premium store has has done admirable work as both a judge and TO for many years. I trust that this will continue and improve as a certified Judge Academy member.

Jared Mallett, 2022/06/27
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Kainalu has demonstrated the knowledge and soft skills that are necessary to become a judge. I believe he will make a great addition to the community.

Brock Howard, 2022/06/27
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I\'ve been playing since 1997 and have always enjoyed helping other players. About a decade ago I tried to get L1 to help out my LGS where I was stationed but the military had other plans for me 🤣. Fast forward to today I finally have the time to re-engage this and have been the magic guy for the last 2 years (until recently, had to step away due to transfer, but that fell thru and I\'m back in the shop as the secondary) out my current LGS. Really hoping to finish up the L1 and be able to officaly run things and help others out.

Shon Nutting, 2022/06/27
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Shon and I have been running Magic the Gathering at our LGS for about 2 years together. Shon is knowledgeable and always looking to engage players and keep the fun going.

Cyphermancer, 2022/06/27
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Gustav and me have judged Lincon during Ascension weekend along with multiple judges. This was the first event I judged with him. But he did a great job and have judged multiple competitive events before this event.

• Do you recommend the evaluated subject is tested for Level 2 based on your interaction with them at this event?

   Yes, I recommend he is tested for Level 2.

• Do you believe the evaluated subject will do a decent job at an average Regional Championship Qualifier?

   Yes, I believe he\'ll do a great job.


Judging and taking calls

Strengths: Your rules knowledge is amazing, both policy and the rules part. When unsure about an interaction, nothing\'s going to stop you to look after the answer. The way took call looks very proffesional. When handling tasks during the second day. You took responsibility that things are made and also checked so everything was running smoothly. You also checks with how everyone\'s doing, which is something I and also a lot of judges like, since we easy forget we\'re also humans and need to take breaks when judging long shifts.

Areas of improvements: This is a very common one. When unsure, you check with other judges. Which is correct. But you also mentioned when there\'s someone to double-check with, you also do it more often. This is seldom bad for the players. But don\'t get too comfortable with it, since it can hurt your confidence. But never stop to double-check, since it is useful.

Anton Huang, 2022/06/27
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Through the Judge apps system, it used to be that to progress to Level 2 a judge needed to give two written reviews to two different judges. It was also part of L2 maintenance that a review of another judge was required every 12 months. We also had the exemplar system to acknowledge each other\'s efforts. While this isn’t a requirement through the Judge Academy system I fail to see why that tradition needs to die. I want to commend you on your work at Commanderfest this weekend. While I was not able to shadow you taking any judge calls there is a lot more to judging, and an event being successful than answering rules questions. You are a consummate professional with a wealth of event experience and it shows. You are an absolute asset to large events. You ensured that drafts ran successfully, especially in gathering players to discuss running drafts despite not reaching the 8 players needed. You covered my lunch breaks on both days and enabled me to take breaks later in the day when needed. You fixed the printer I had jammed which meant I was able to print off the player lists and pairings necessary for the 97-player sealed event on Sunday to run smoothly. You were also incredible with packing up after the event. Thank you for being such a great team player and being one of the reasons this weekend’s event was a success. I look forward to working future events with you and hope there is not such a long gap this time around!
Rhianna Milton, 2022/06/27
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After talking with Sergio and interacting with him on Discord, I feel comfortable endorsing him.

David Schultz, 2022/06/26
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Ben has demonstrated the knowledge and soft skills necessary to be a fantastic judge. He is very personable and is passionate about the rules of the game. I believe he will make a fantastic addition to the judging community!

Brock Howard, 2022/06/26
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Cody has been an impressive judge candidate to work with. The first time he worked with me on an event, we had a player accidentally shuffle their hand into their library; Cody calmly and correctly handled the situation, helping both the player and their opponent understand what was going on and how best to fix things. This was done with a level of competency that I expect of well-seasoned judges; seeing it out of someone at their first event was impressive, to say the least. Cody has been actively seeking out scenarios and situations that they can use to improve their rules knowledge, as well as excited to get experience running events as well.

I\'m incredibly happy to endorse Cody for L1 certification. The only area for improvement that I see in him is with delivering announcements during events; but that\'s something that always improves over time, and as you get more familiar with the specifics of different formats (Cody and I worked together on limited events, whereas Cody has far more experience with constructed events).

Cody, I\'m glad to be able to recommend you for L1. When I first met you, I asked you why you wanted to become a judge, and you gave me one of the best answers I\'ve ever gotten - \"because I love the game and want to build a welcoming and safe environment for players\". May your love for the game spread to others, and may you help keep the game a welcoming and safe place for all who wish to come.

Ben "Hiccup" Harris, 2022/06/26
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Nick has been an active member of the Alpha Omega Hobby (Quincy, MA) Magic community for several years, including hosting weekly Casual REL Modern events and serving as an L0 Judge for FNM booster drafts. 

I have observed Nick working with players of all skill levels and Nick has demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of the JAR. Nick is familiar with the rules of the game and has shown an enthusiasm towards developing as a Judge. 

I believe Nick is a strong candidate for L1 and has a lot to offer the Judge program and the Magic Community.

-Kenny Dungar, L2


Kenny Dungar, 2022/06/26
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Welcome back to Magic, good luck for your future activity as level 1 judge!

Riccardo Tessitori, 2022/06/26
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Josh is a great asset to his community and does whatever he can to ensure that his players feel welcome and have a great time at his events. I firmly believe he\'s ready to take the step to L1, and I\'m excited to see where he goes from here.

ESmilg, 2022/06/25
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Earlier this year, Kayla reached out to be mentored in order to be an L2.  Especially with the path to the protour returning, there were once again solid reasons to seek the endorsement.  Kayla has demonstrated leadership by organizing conferences attached to the NRG series.  And, she also shows the personal responsibility that is only demonstrated when it comes with a cost.  Specifically, our Comp REL event that was to be together was stopped because she took a home test that showed positive for Covid 19.  Passing on that event, I did connect with L3 John Alderfer who confirmed Kayla worked a comp rel event with him to satisfaction.  Kayla brings a potent style to judging that fits with our current and growing sense of MTG/Judge culture.  Finally, Kayla has also shown the resourcefulness that speaks to her ability to run a small COMP rel event.  I\'ve seen her handle tech issues, last minute staff changes, and to stand tall in the face of enormous social pressures.  Kayla can work on program features and relationship.  There was an incident of failing to recognize a prominent L3 was L3.  Provided she passes the L2 test, I believe she ought to be elevated to the corresponding level.  

Mark Mason, 2022/06/25
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I have personally known Andy for somewhere in the 7-8 year neighborhood. He has always been a champion for the game of Magic and he and I have been on many trips to competitive level magic events. He\'s a very intelligent and thoughtful person and has the skills and knowledge to come to correct conclusions. I believe he will be a fantastic addition to the judge community and is able to offer much in that regard. I look forward to seeing him at conferences and local events!

daedalus, 2022/06/24
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I endorse Denis as a level 1 judge candidate.

Valentin Lapaine, 2022/06/24
23 day(s) editable

After talking with Corentin, interacting with him on Discord, and going over his L1 practice test with him, I feel comfortable endorsing him.

David Schultz, 2022/06/23
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Brock is a great judge. He consistently is patient with newer or more difficult players, and successfully makes GameGrid a welcoming environment that keeps players, myself included, coming back.

TurtleBazooka, 2022/06/23
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I certified Daniel as a L1 judge in 2017 and am happy to re-endorse them as an L1 now. I believe they would be an asset to the judge community and I would be happy to judge with them at any events I am working on.


2017 Review:

Coming from judging at a high level in Yu Gi Oh has excellent player interaction and teamwork. Good rules knowledge and drive to improve as a judge and considering questions carefully before ruling.

Luke Dowling, 2022/06/23
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Hallo Emil,

Vielen Dank für deinen Einsatz bei dem Dankeschön-Turnier in Darmstadt.
Auf dem Turnier hast du tollen Einsatz gezeigt. Du warst immer zur Stelle wenn du gebraucht wurdest und hast auch proaktiv Dinge angepackt, bei denen du gesehen hast, dass sie gemacht werden müssen.
Dein Umgang mit anderen Judges und den Spielern war vorbildlich. Da du schon vor dem restlichen Judgestaff da warst (die waren leider alle bei mir im Auto) hast du schonmal selbstständig die Tischnummern vorbereitet und damit für einen Zügigen Turnierstart gesorgt.

Du hast über das ganze Turnier großes Engagement gezeigt und auch Calls beantwortet die nicht in deinem Turnier waren wenn die Judges dort alle beschäftigt waren. Deine Antworten auf Regelfragen waren durchweg gut und bei Problemen hast du dich auch nicht gescheut mit den anderen Judges Rücksprache zu halten. 

Mir ist aufgefallen, dass du recht unermüdlich bei der Sache warst. Als kleiner Tipp für die Zukunft wäre, dass du dir auch gerne einmal eine kurze Auszeit nehmen kannst und solltest.
Du bist sehr fit in den Regeln und kannst gerne ein wenig selbstsicherer auftreten. Auch bei Announcements darfst du ein wenig lauter sein (ich weiß das ist immer so ne Sache)

Alles in Allem finde ich, dass du eine gute Ergänzung für das Judgeprogramm bist und empfehle dich daher für Level 2.

Vielen Dank für die gute Zusammenarbeit und bis bald.

Philip W. 

Haruzar, 2022/06/23
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I meet Robert for a short period of time, but i have been hearing a lot of good stuff from our community.
his commitment and interest in the community would soon give fruits.

I m very glad of endorse you.
I wish you the best in your future as a judge.

Emmanuel Leal, 2022/06/22
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Bryan is an absolute treasure to the Magic community and I was excited to hear that he was interested in becoming a Magic judge. He has all the hallmark traits of an impeccable judge, with his attention to detail, friendliness, thirst for knowledge, and passion for the game. He is the first to speak up when there\'s a rules question at a draft pod, and is always helping players new and old get into the game. He recently trained on the EventLink software and had an intuitive sense of how it worked in relation to all the tournaments he\'s participated in. Bryan is a great member of and asset to the community, and I look forward to seeing his growth as a judge.

micahl, 2022/06/22
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Maxi is a commander player from one of the stores I attend. I noticed many times that he is the rule reference in the tables he plays and I encouraged him to became a judge. He has been practising with me for weeks in wensday´s comander events and have been studying to became a L1 Judge.  I firmly recomend him to become a level 1 judge. He knows about rules and he is kind and knows how to treat people property.

Carlos Bassetti

Carlos Bassetti, 2022/06/22
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Maxi is a commander player from one of the stores I attend. I noticed many times that he is the rule reference in the tables he plays and I encouraged him to became a judge. He has been practising with me for weeks in wensday´s comander events and have been studying to became a L1 Judge.  I firmly recomend him to become a level 1 judge. He knows about rules and he is kind and knows how to treat people property.

Carlos Bassetti

Carlos Bassetti, 2022/06/22
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I am writing this review as an endorsement for Dana Starr. We have only interacted through a digital medium, but with both prior experience as a judge as well as what we talked about, I\'m confident she will make a great L1. 

Dana told me that she got into the rules of magic because of interesting interactions that she saw occur in regular game play. She has a desire to see games play fairly and according to the rules, which is exactly what we look for in a judge. She believes in building community and told me that the thing that was the biggest draw for her back into the judge program is the larger more closely knit community of judges that didn\'t exist 12 years ago (or at least wasn\'t as easily accessible with smart phones, etc). I have already seen her active in the JAc discord server, which is a good sign that she will be active in the community.

My biggest worry about Dana is that she is in an area that is somewhat isolated. It is hard to grow and expand your knowledge of event logicstics without experiencing the way multiple LGSs run events, and how things are handled differently between TOs. Rules and policy documents are easy enough to read over and over to gain expertise in that field, but if Dana wants experience at larger Comp REL events at any point in the future, she will likely have to travel at least a few hours away to attend a larger event. The only other weakness that I can see needing improvement is self confidence. Dana is relatively quiet and reserved, and has told me that she feels her ability to deliver rulings is something she wants to work on. She has the knowledge to deliver correct rulings, but has only done so locally with people who know her. I think a judge conference would be a great help, especially if it included a workshop on this subject.

Rystling, 2022/06/22
21 day(s) editable

Alex reached out to me through a Magic group at work and even though we aren\'t located anywhere near each other it was immediately clear that he was serious about doing the work to become a judge. In addition to him taking tests and trainings online, I\'ve also worked with Alex over the internet to prep him on a recent prerelease, and then chatted with him about his observations and learnings from judging at the in-person event. Though I usually would spend more time in person if we were in the same geographic area, I am convinced that he will be a great addition to the judge program and am happy to give him my endorsement for Level 1.

Ken, 2022/06/22
21 day(s) editable

Beth has been shadowing me since the tournaments returned after the Covid shutdown. She has an excellent approach to taking judge calls. Her customer service is top notch, and her commitment to improving her rules knowledge is impressive. I trust Beth to take calls in my store, and look forward to seeing how far she can go as a judge.

DDen, 2022/06/21
20 day(s) editable

Ed has been a keen driver of his local store for a couple of years and has impressed me by his tenacity. Magic would not be where it is in his LGS without him, he already fulfils several of the functions of a judge and I am more than happy to have him as part of my state\'s judge community.

Tyrone Phillips, 2022/06/21
20 day(s) editable

Endorsement provided by Historical Level import

Samantha Harr, 2022/06/21
20 day(s) editable

I had the opportunity to observe Spencer at a recent Mock Tournament. I found Spencer\'s \"tableside\" manner to be exemplary for a rules advisor, and very in line with what we expect from L1 judges. He was very professional when approaching tables, and was usually able to ascertain what the players were asking quickly and accurately, he was very polite and clear when explaining rulings. He was quite astute when it came to watching games of magic for errors and caught some issues that I didn\'t even notice! In particular he explained a splice ruling quite well. He also made announcements for one of the rounds, and they were clear and concise. 

I think Spencer has a strong grasp of Regular REL philosophy but not policy and should dedicate some time to reading and practicing the JAR document. Another area for improvement would be layers, since there was a tricky call involving Reprobation and an enchantment that granted both a P/T bonus as well as an ability that he answered incorrectly. 

Overall I found Spencer to be at the level we expect of newer L1s and think he has the potential to be a solid addition to the judge program with some more practice and training. 

Tobias Vyseri, 2022/06/21
20 day(s) editable

James is a judge studying here in Seattle, WA, though is from Singapore.  He\'s attended one of our judge conferences, and I\'ve observed him judging helping us with a 1K, learning procedures, seeing rules calls, and discussing interactions and solutions.  We had him help learn to do deck checks, and take challenge questions we have all experienced from past events, and live call discussion. 

James is thoughtful, and knows his rules well, though he\'s a bit still shaky on policy, so needs to study the JAR (Judging at Regular Rule Enforcement Level).  He\'s passionate about helping his community back home in Singapore, to which he\'ll return within two months - so we hope to get him some judging opportunities and practice answering rules calls. 

I\'m satisfied with his responses and training that he\'ll make a good judge, once he gets a bit more confident about answering rules calls at FNM level events!  I am happy to endorse him here!

Stephan Classen, 2022/06/20
19 day(s) editable

It was a pleasure judging with you at the June 19 Sunday Showdown.  I appreciated your feedback that I need to pay more attention to the end of round time and to be more proactive about announcing \"time\" to the entire room so that all the outstanding tables know about it.  We definitely could have saved several minutes in many rounds had I done so.

There are many differences between Looking At Extra Cards and Hidden Card Error, and it\'s important to know what they are in order to apply the correct infraction when it comes to players taking too many cards off the top of their deck for whatever reason.  I encourage you to thoroughly read both sections in the MIPG and search for examples online to understand how to make the distinction.

Don\'t be afraid to take time to review the game rules or tournament policy via your smartphone incase you are uncertain during a judge call.  I know you sounded sure about yourself when you answered the question about the ward ability, however I did sense doubt in your answer afterward.  Double-checking your answers can help you avoid making incorrect rulings.

Enjoy yourself 🙂 you were a fantastic floor judge last Sunday and I look forward to our next event together.



Eric, 2022/06/20
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Hey Fabian,

sorry für die lange Wartezeit auf Dein Review 🙂

Vielen Dank, dass Du Dir so kurzfristig die Zeit genommen hast, letztes Wochenende das Magickeller-Event zu Judgen.

Positiv fielen dabei Dein Regelverständnis und dein Wille zu lernen auf. Nach entsprechender Einleitung konntest du bereits ohne größere Probleme den Pioneer-Teil des Events betreuen, und hast Dich über den Tag hinweg immer besser in die Rolle des Judges hineingefunden. Weiter so!

Stelle während des Events ruhig noch mehr Fragen bzw. bitte um mehr Aufgaben, wenn Du gerade Leerlauf hast - so, wie Du es ja per PN schon regelmäßig bei mir tust 😀

Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg und viel Spaß in deiner Judge-Karriere, und hoffe, dich noch öfters auf Turnieren anzutreffen.

- Helge

DagonX, 2022/06/20
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I have worked with Jorge for many years,s icne he originally became certified as a legacy L1. I have also seen him grow and mantain his local comunity in Puebla throughout the years. I am very happy to see him rejoin the judging ranks and gladly recommend him as an L1.

Alvaro Ibañez, 2022/06/20
19 day(s) editable

On 4/30, I, Katherine shadowed Judge Steven Postolka and I during a Modern 1k event. Live judging was relatively new to her, but I was very impressed with her ambition to help make the event run more smoothly and her eagerness to learn about the judging process and intricacies of rulings. She was patient, attentive, and helpful throughout the event. Most of all, she desires to have a positive impact on magic events in and around her community. I have confidence Katherine can be a valuable contributor to the judge community and I would recommend her for Level 1 Judge.


Jason Jenkins, 2022/06/20
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Leadership, Presence and Charisma
Having been a L3 for more than 15 years now, a former L4 and an RC, and still being active, I\'m well known in the international community. I regularly get asked by judges from other regions, like Europe and USA, whether I can present a seminar at their conferences. The feedback I receive most of the time is overwhelmingly positive, often with comments stating my presentation was one of the best they have ever watched.
There are certainly other judges better known than me, and that\'s fine. I\'m comfortable with the place I am at, and I believe I\'m overall a positive force for judges in my and beyond my region.

Development of Other Judges
I have lost track of the amount of L1s, L2s and L3s I\'ve certified. I recently ran a conference for people interesting in becoming judges in Panama, getting a very positive reaction from the player community, who are now asking for more of those. At least one of the attendees is ready to test for L1, having passed the modules and obtained the required recommendation. Additionally, I try to always provide feedback to the judges I work with, having done so this year at the events I\'ve been to.
There is certainly room for improvement. I seldom write reviews anymore, and I\'m aware that\'s desirable. Amanda Coots recently reminded me she would love to receive written feedback from me regarding her performance as HJ of a Flesh and Blood event last year, her first time doing a small GP-like event. We have had discussions about my feedback, but no written review. I will try to do that one at least.

Logistics and Tournament Operations
I wore the red and black stripes for the first time in 2008, and have head judged my fair share of large professional events. I pride myself on being very logistics-focused, aiming to shave minutes off every possible source of delay - a habit I took when being part of the European L3 crop that dealt with the first 1000+ player GPs circa 2005.
I recently head judged a Calling Flesh and Blood event in Las Vegas and was pretty happy about my performance. I encouraged my team leads to come up with plans for their tasks, sat down with them and the show manager on Friday evening to discuss the plans. On Saturday morning, we had seated about 540 players (180 trios teams), delivered foil promos and wristbands to denote the team positions, done my player\'s meeting speech and started round 1 by 10:03 - 3 minutes after the announced start of the tournament. I had to wait about 1 minute to start round 8 on day 2 at 9:00 sharp, the announced starting time.

Stress and Conflict Management
I have always been a calm and patient person. Stress isn\'t easily visible on me. Judges working with me compliment me on my serenity - they feel like I\'m always in control of an event and even when things go wrong, I transmit a sense of calm. Yes, it\'s bad right now, but we\'ll get through this, and will laugh about it years later.
As a regular GP/PT HJ, I\'ve had to deal with all kinds of conflict, including physical and legal action threats, including in very different countries like Brazil, where I was once asked by players to go with them to the policy station because their lawyer said they needed a statement from me done at the police station. As a former RC, I also had to deal with judge community conflict, dealing with misconduct reports and JCC cases.
Overall, I think this is an area I excel at.

Teamwork, Diplomacy and Maturity
I revel in working with peers and try to ensure that the new generations get to my same level. Whenever I work with someone as appeals judge, I ask for their goals, what they\'d like to do, and whether they\'d like to be part of the event prep. To be honest, I prefer appeal judges who want to be involved, as I believe they do a better job that way, and I enjoy being able to share the success with them. When they are junior AJs, I love getting them to see how I do event prep, getting their thoughts, and provide insight into my own.
When I worked at CFBE, and even nowadays when I\'m put into leadership positions, I deal with unhappy and angry customers, which require ample diplomacy. My goal is always to deescalate and make the customer feel better about the situation, even if they\'re still unhappy about it. I recently had a situation with a player who was extremely angry about the way a judge had \"threatened to DQ them\". It took a great deal of tact to get the player to calm down, and once I had managed to make them be a bit less angry, I also involved the TO, who provided some prize wall tix as a sign of good will. I was quite happy about how I managed to get that player from being extremely angry and threatening to go ballistic on social media, to one that while still unhappy, felt good about our interactions. Their friends came back later to commend me on my job.

Penalty and Policy Philosophy
As a former L4 judge, I was involved for years in shaping the policy for MtG. I still remember when we allowed to use sideboard notes - not allowing them was not enforceable, we knew that players could use different sleeves, cosmetic alterations and similar, to have sideboard notes that we could hardly penalize. Nowadays, I have a great time explaining these reasonings behind our policy to younger generations, and especially, to Flesh and Blood judges, a game in which policy still has a long way to go. I have provided feedback to the Flesh and Blood rules manager on comprehensive rules and tournament policy, receiving his thanks many times for the assistance I have provided.

Having head judged so many large events, I\'m very used to investigations. I feel very comfortable with doing them and disqualifying players if needed.
Sometimes I still struggle with making up my mind on a timely basis though. Disqualifying someone who you aren\'t sure cheated is hard, as is letting someone go when you\'re not sure they cheated but you have a hunch that something\'s way too odd. This doesn\'t happen that often, but it\'s something I can keep on the back of my head to try to ensure I do better next time I see myself at a similar situation.

Carlos Ho, 2022/06/20
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Alejandro Vazquez, 2022/06/19
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I worked with Marie recently at a local Comp REL Modern 1k. She mentioned that she had previous Comp REL experience, including having head judged a 60+ person event before, so I expected the event to go very smoothly. We ended up with moderate attendance of about 40, so we were quite overstaffed with two L2s. I was hence able to have Marie handle the bulk of the judge calls, which helped me get a good idea of how she handled them. Marie was friendly when approaching players, and handled herself well when presented with both rules and policy questions. She was firm with delivering rulings, and did a good job of explaining both the ruling and the reasoning behind it. When she was unsure with a ruling, she was not hesitant to consult me, or the Comprehensive Rules, in search for an answer. We also ended up doing 8 deck checks throughout the day, at the beginning of rounds 1-4. I quizzed Marie on some specific deck check techniques, especially for working a solo event since many RCQs are coming up, and I feel confident in her ability to handle deck checks alone at a similar event. 

Altogether, I feel confident in Marie\'s ability to exceed the baseline expectations for a new L2. Even as a current L1, she has a great deal of Comp REL experience, and I only expect that to grow further. I am happy to recommend her for L2.

Bryan Li, 2022/06/19
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For close to two years I have had the pleasure of playing Magic alongside Vinay. When I first came onto the local scene he was warm, welcoming, helpful, and inviting, all qualities that will serve him well as a Judge. As I continued to frequent the same events as Vinay, I began to see his passion for the rules and mechanics of the game, as well as his willingness to aid others in understanding the rules for their own edification. Vinay has a sterling reputation in the community as a fair and honest person, someone that will help you with whatever Magical endeavor you may be pursuing, and a steadfast lover of Magic. Beyond his experience with the game, Vinay is humble, studious, and kind. With joy and pride in his request of me, I give Vinay my complete and total endorsement. I know he will become a splendid Judge in short order and make our program better with his contributions. 

Paul Jasinto, 2022/06/19
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This player frequently attends the local store and is willing to help the players with any concern and question they may have. He pays attention to the community and puts in the time and effort to make it grow.

Federico Donner, 2022/06/19
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I am very happy to recommend Sylvan for L2. They have become an extremely proficient and well-versed judge in the judge community. 


  • Sylvan, your confidence amongst other judges and players is something to behold. While continuing to be respectful, you decidedly handle issues as they arise and evoke confidence in your team and in players. This is something I look forward to seeing grow further, but as it exists, you are leaps and bounds above other judges within the program. 
  • Your customer service is highly developed. You consistently show care and empathy for players that you assist. This lends itself well to your leadership style, being compassionate, understanding, and fair. Continue to learn how to handle seriously \"de-railed\" situations (de-escalation) and those that are a little more outside the box. 
  • Your rules and policy knowledge is not only sufficient for running competitive events, but is developed enough to allow you to mentor other judges. Your mentorship style, though in its infancy stages at this level, is rooted in knowledge and mutual learning. Your success will come from keeping the passion to both share and learn from those around you; don\'t let yourself get stuck in being a great judge - strive for fantastic 🙂 

I can\'t express how happy I am to write this review for you: I see a lot of myself in you and your judging style.

I will continue to be here to mentor and guide you as you rise through the ranks of the judge program any way that I can! Good luck on your exams, and we\'ll work more soon! 

Landon, 2022/06/19
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Guy has demonstrated an understanding of the comprehensive rules as well as an understanding of the JAR. He knows how to look through each document to find the answers he needs and if in need of help, the resources available to him to find the right answer.
Additionally, he has demonstrated he is mature and can navigate customer service issues with tact.
Building your reputation with your magic community and local store is a very important aspect of being a judge. As a judge, you are a leader in the community and must lead by example. Guy has shown he is both well-liked and respected.
I believe Guy is ready to step onto the path of a Level 1 Judge and I hereby endorse him.

Dave, 2022/06/19
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Endorsement for L1

Ryo have now judged one event with me. I think she will do a great job as a judge since she takes the judge calls with professional manner. Her rules and policy knowledge is good. Other judges that judged with her also agreed she\'s doing a great work as a judge.

Do you recommend the evaluated subject is tested for Level 1 based on your interaction with them at those events?

Yes, I think she\'s ready for the L1 test and as a judge.

Anton Huang, 2022/06/19
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