Are you a player looking to find some great games to join? Do you want to become a Judge? Maybe you are already! Perhaps you are a developer or publisher looking to test your game or create a community. Or do you want to put on great events for players and staff them with quality judges?

Judges and Officials

Learn more about how Judge Academy can help prepare you for judging events of any scale or to build thriving gaming communities in your local area!

Game Publishers

Judge Academy works with publishers to develop training material for officials and expand brands. We also connect developers with an excited audience for testing and feedback.

Tournament Organizers

Judge Academy helps create amazing events of all sizes. We can assist with your planning, staffing, and advertising. Even if you’ve never run an event before – Judge Academy is here to help!


Are you looking for events or gaming groups? Check out our events listing to find out whats coming up in your area!

Comprehensive Game Knowledge

Our judges receive detailed instruction on game rules, interactions, and procedures for confident resolution of gameplay-related situations.

Event Logistics and Management

Want to run a crisp, clean, effective event that is a great experience for everyone involved? Certified Judges will bring the skills necessary to set up and keep your event running smoothly.

Community and Interpersonal Skills

Judge Academy certified Judges understand the values that build strong communities and strive to create safe environments where everyone is welcome and supported.