Judge Academy asks the questions and puts the structures in place to take your customer’s experience to the next level!

Organized Play Design

Are you making a competitive TCG?

A co-op resource trading game?

Perhaps social deduction is more your vibe?

Judge Academy studies what makes your game tick, what makes it appeal to players, and what sets it apart from other properties.

We’ll then design an organized play structure highlighting those features to grow and excite your player base.

Whether it’s small store-based play, gaming conventions, or tournaments with thousands of players – Judge Academy can help you meet your organized play goals!

Staff and Player Education

What are your company and gameplay values?

What sort of official would best represent you?

What does your Judge Program look like?

Judge Academy creates interactive and engaging educational material to deliver your message and develop the individuals you want to see at your events.

We’ll work with you to craft the certification system for your tournament officials to ensure that your events are run up to the standards of excellence and professionalism you expect at each level of organized play.

Rules knowledge? Community support? Quick, efficient resolution of tricky event logistics? We can help teach your staff everything they need to know to back your brand and serve your communities.

Community Development

What attracts and retains your players?

How does the community come together?

What do your players want to see in the future?

Judge Academy can give your officials and players a home. A place to interact, plan, and share their enthusiasm for your products.

Are you curious about your players’ patterns, thoughts, and reactions to your game? Judge Academy can help collect and process that data into actionable information.

Are you looking for a community to test or help develop new ideas? Judge Academy’s First Look Program can help you there, too.