MTG Documents

The following collection of documents serves as a body of knowledge and reference material for all Magic Judges. The full list of Wizards Rules and Documents can be found here:

Comprehensive Rules

The Comprehensive Rules of Magic is a reference document that holds the rules in Magic. It is NOT meant to be read beginning to end; instead it’s meant to be consulted when specific rules questions come into play.

Tournament Rules

The purpose of this document is to provide the infrastructure used to run Magic: The Gathering (“Magic”) tournaments by defining appropriate rules, responsibilities, and procedures to be followed in all DCI-sanctioned Magic tournaments.

Judging at Regular Rules Enforcement Level (REL)

Most players play for fun and see a tournament as a social event. Regular Rules Enforcement Level encourages a welcoming atmosphere and friendly competition. The ‘Judging at Regular’ document is designed to help judges with the mindset and techniques to create amazing experiences for their communities at this rules level.

Infraction Procedure Guide

The Infraction Procedure Guide provides judges the appropriate penalties and procedures to handle rules violations that occur during a tournament held at Competitive or Professional Rules Enforcement Level (REL), as well as the underlying philosophy that guides their implementation. It exists to protect players from potential misconduct and to protect the integrity of the tournament itself. Rules violations usually require a penalty or they are unenforceable. Tournaments run at Regular REL use the Judging at Regular REL document.

Disqualifications FAQ

The Disqualifications FAQ gathers common questions players will have when being removed from an event. When Disqualifying a player from a tournament, it’s best practice to print out a copy for the player so they have those answer when writing their statement and afterwards.

Constructed Deck Registration Sheet

Deck Registration is required at Competitive REL events. This document can be used for Constructed events run at Competitive REL, and is not format specific.

Limited Deck Registration Sheet

Deck Registration is required at Competitive REL events. The link above will take you the Wizards Play Network Rules and Documents list, where you can find current and past Limited Deck Checklist Sheets.

Digital Tournament Rules

This document will provide a similar infrastructure to the guidelines provided by the Tabletop MTR, but with a focus on digital tournaments and the unique challenges that come with running an event with players spread out all over the world.

Digital Infraction Procedure Guide

This document provides judges with the appropriate penalties and procedures to handle violations that occur during a tournament using Magic: The Gathering Arena (or MTG Arena), as well as the underlying philosophy that guides their implementation. It exists to protect players from potential misconduct and to protect the integrity of the tournament itself.

Prerelease Kit – Streets of New Capenna

Getting ready to judge a prerelease? We’ve put together this kit to help you with everything from knowing the new mechanics to crafting your opening announcements to a Bingo Card to help you track what happens during your event!  We have divided these resources by ones specific to Streets of New Capenna and those that are evergreen, and will stay the same for prereleases in the future.

Resource Kits

SNC Prerelease Kit

SNC Prerelease- Set Specific Resources

Evergreen Prerelease Resources

Individual Resources

SNC Prerelease Introduction – An introduction to the prerelease kit with information on how to share your prerelease experiences with other judges

Guide to Two-Headed Giant – A summary of the key rules you need to know to judge a Two-Headed Giant event

SNC Prerelease Bingo Card – See how many of these things happen at your event, and then share with your fellow judges

SNC Judge Announcement Cheat Sheet – Suggestions on what to mention about the set mechanics during your opening announcements

SNC Rules Primer:  A quick reference sheet to the mechanics of Streets of New Capenna, to use when preparing for the event and during rules calls
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The checklists below are also included in the prerelease kit and can be a great help as you are getting ready to judge your prerelease event


These checklists provide guidelines on a wide variety of judging-related tasks, including making announcements and preparing for an event. Each checklist consists of the checklist itself as well as some guiding philosophy regarding the content of the checklist. We provide checklists in a variety of formats so that you can find what works best for you.

Pre-Event Prerelease (Judge)

This checklist covers a wide variety of preparation you can do for a prerelease. Some are explicit tasks, such as preparing the room, and others are pieces of knowledge it’s important to acquire before starting the event.

Google Drive | PDF

Pre-Event Prerelease (Tournament Organizer)

This checklist covers recommended steps to take before hosting a prerelease, including finding staff, getting additional supplies and preparing tools to engage with your players.

Google Drive | PDF

Prerelease Announcements (Deck Construction and Round One)

This checklist covers the key information for announcements for both deck construction and your first round of play at a prerelease.

Google Drive | PDF