If you’re a publisher or game company looking to connect with an audience, develop organized play, or educate a team of officials, Judge Academy has you covered!

With the publisher persona you can get the word out about upcoming releases, reach out to Judge Academy’s community of gamers with opportunities to test or develop new products, and get in touch with Judge Academy staff to coordinate on the variety of services we can provide your business.

Judge Academy can give your game’s officials and players a home: A place to interact, plan, and share their enthusiasm for your products. Are you curious about your players’ patterns, thoughts, and reactions to your game? Judge Academy can help collect and process that data into actionable information.

Judge Academy can also help design an organized play structure highlighting the unique features of your game to grow and excite your player base.

Finally, Judge Academy creates interactive and engaging educational material to deliver your message and develop the individuals you want to see running and attending your events.

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