About Our Courses

Judge Academy’s Educational Philosophy

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Our learning modules are separated into four general categories:

Core Competencies

At the core of every game are the procedures and rules that govern legal and consistent gameplay. Every judge will need to achieve a level of competency in these areas so that they can understand game interactions, clearly explain them to players, and arbitrate issues that may arise. Magic Core Competencies Courses Include:

  • Steps and Phases of a Turn
  • Combat in Depth
  • Casting Spell and Activating Abilities
  • Replacement Effects and Triggered Abilities
  • Layer 7
  • State Based Actions
  • Detail of Different Magic Formats

Event Management

Judges need to be able to help events run accurately and efficiently. To that end, the Event Management modules are designed to give judges the skills and knowledge to ensure that are ready and comfortable with these tasks. Event Management Courses Include:

  • Being an Effective Host
  • Making Announcements
  • Event Logistics
  • Introduction to Investigations
  • Delivering a Ruling
  • Magic Tournament Rules
  • The JAR in Depth
  • Basic Scorekeeping in WER

Community Building

We believe that everyone has an integral role to play in supporting and developing the communities we serve. At different times Judges serve as educators, guides, motivators, and event facilitators. Our curriculum in this area encourages and helps Judges build safe, welcoming, and engaging environments for all people. Community Building Modules Include:

  • Fostering a Positive Environment
  • Encouraging Sportsmanship
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Public Speaking
  • Teaching Skills
  • Developing a Service Mindset
  • Event Promotion and Marketing
  • Building Relationships with Local Game Stores
  • Demoing Magic
  • Building Your Judge Brand


The process of learning and growth is a lifelong endeavor. Judge Academy is committed to being there along the way, so you can expect a continually growing list of elective modules help Judges at all levels expand their knowledge into new and diverse areas.

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