Judge Academy’s Educational Philosophy

At Judge Academy we structure our learning around four pillars that we believe make up the essential elements for what it means to be an effective and successful judge. No matter the game, these fundamental ideas guide the development of our curriculum and serve to reinforce the idea that a judge is not simply an encyclopedia of rules, but a significant figure for the support, education, and growth of local gaming communities. The four pillars upon which Judge Academy is built are:


Core Competencies

At the core of every game are the procedures and rules that govern legal and consistent gameplay. Every judge will need to achieve a level of competency in these areas so that they can understand game interactions, clearly explain them to players, and arbitrate issues that may arise.

Event Management

Judges need to be able to help events run accurately and efficiently. To that end, the Event Management modules are designed to give judges the skills and knowledge to ensure that are ready and comfortable with these tasks.

Continual Learning

The process of learning and growth is a lifelong endeavor. Judge Academy is committed to being there along the way, so you can expect a continually growing list of elective modules to help Judges at all levels expand their knowledge into new and diverse areas.

Community Building

We believe that everyone has an integral role to play in supporting and developing the communities we serve. At different times Judges serve as educators, guides, motivators, and event facilitators. Our curriculum in this area encourages and helps Judges build safe, welcoming, and engaging environments for all people.

Judge Academy’s Course Structure

Each Judge Academy learning module is comprised of three parts:

Video Lesson

In this section, a Judge Academy presenter will guide you through the particular lesson, providing strategies, insights, and details about where it fits into your overall learning plan.

Lesson Text

For individuals that would like to follow along with our presenter, or easily review after the fact, the full text of each module is provided along with the video.

Final Quiz

Finally, a quiz at the end of each module will validate your acquisition of the material and allow you to progress further through the program.

Course Catalog

This is the full list of courses. To track your personal progress please see the My Skill Tree tab in your Profile.

Final Level 2 Exam