MTG: Level 2: Medium Event Lead Application

1 Lesson
You must be at least an L2 to access L3 course materials.

This badge indicates that the judge has significant experience with large competitive events, and can lead logistical complex teams that require advanced planning and flexibility. Leadership at this level requires a degree of personal insight and proven growth. Before a judge can apply for their large event lead practical, they must be a level two judge for at least one year.

The first step is to complete the modules for five of the level three pillars: Leadership, Presence & Charisma, Teamwork; Diplomacy & Conflict Management; Stress Management, Self-Evaluation & Maturity; Logistics & Tournament Operations; and Development & Evaluation of other Judges. The next step is to complete self-reviews for each of those pillars. Once the self-reviews have been approved, the candidate can begin to seek out a comprehensive recommendation from level three judges, covering at least four of the five pillars.

With the recommendation complete, the candidate may begin to apply for a Medium Event Lead practical, where they will be shadowed by a level three judge, who will evaluate them based on a rubric as well as the pillars of a level three judge. This will either Head Judging an 8-round+ Comp REL event with at least 6 other judges on staff OR Team Leading a 9-round+ Comp REL event with at least 4 judges on your team, leading either Deck Checks or End of Round. A successful practical results in the Medium Event Lead badge.

Once you’ve completed the requirements please submit a document containing the following information to request your MEL Practical:

  • The content of your recommendation
  • The name of the L3 recommending you
  • The name and date of the event you would like to attempt your practical at.
  • Name and contact information of Tournament Organizer for that event.
  • [Not Required] The name and contact information for the Head Judge or individual creating the event schedule.
  • [Not Required] The name and contact information for any L3s who are working the event.

While the last two elements are not required, having access to that information makes the process smoother and faster, making it easier for it to be arranged in time.

This application should occur at least one month before the event, to allow for communication and scheduling.