Judge Academy Badge Glossary

Judge Academy members unlock and receive badges for their accomplishments. You may have seen some of them on different user profiles and were wondering what exactly they all meant. This page serves as a handy guide to all of existing badges and will be updated as new ones are created!

Rules Advisor

The Rules Advisor certification allows for a player to set themselves apart in their communities by recognizing a heightened understanding of Magic rules and interactions. This certification is perfect for a individual who wants to offer additional assistance in resolving complicated game situations or answer rules-related questions from other players.

RAs are only tested on the rules of the game, but have not been tested on how to run a tournament or deal with player issues.

Level 1 Judge

In addition to demonstrating sufficient knowledge of the Magic Comprehensive Rules, a Level 1 Judge understands the Customer Service skills and Regular REL policies needed to run a small store-level event such as an FNM.

Level 1 Judges are not tested on more complex sections of the rules or on Competitive REL policies. Some Level 1 Judges will be capable of floor judging a Competitive REL event unsupervised, but this is not a default expectation of the role.

Advanced Comprehensive Rules

Typically, the Advanced Comprehensive Rules badge will be earned on the pathway towards Level 2 certification or by a Level 1 Judge that desires a deeper understanding of Magic’s rules.

This badge indicated that the Judge has familiarized themselves with the more complicated rules, interactions, and situations that may arise during high level play.

Competitive REL Policy

Similar to the Advanced Comprehensive Rules badge, this designation is often earned during the path to Level 2 or by a Level 1 Judge that wants to understand the foundations and philosophy behind the policies of running competitive Magic events.

This badge demonstrates an understanding of the Infraction Procedure Guide (IPG), and a level of proficiency in identifying the infractions, penalties, and game/tournament fixes that occur at Competitive REL.

Level 2 Judge

A Level 2 judge has been certified to run events at Competitive REL, and has a higher knowledge of the rules than that of a Level 1 Judge. They are responsible for most in-store Competitive REL events, and represent the bulk of judges on the floor of large-scale tournaments. A beginning Level 2 will be expected to have an understanding of the Comprehensive Rules that exceeds that expected of Level 1 Judges, including which section to refer to when they are unsure.

A newer Level 2 may find themselves placed into leadership roles for the first time, including head judging smaller events with other judges in their store, or possibly leading a team at a mid-sized event. Because of this, it’s important that a new Level 2 is familiar with Event Logistics concerns such as Appeals and Deck Lists/Checks, which are generally not used at Regular REL events or small events with a single Judge.

Level 3 Judge

Premier judges are experts in the field and the leaders of Premier Organized Play. They are the leaders on the floor of large competitive events, run many other Premier Events, and share their expertise and knowledge with other judges. They are involved with the global program at Judge Academy, and you will often see them participating in and/or leading program projects, discussions, etc.

Becoming Level 3 is a demanding process that requires the candidate to demonstrate exceptional commitment, skill, knowledge, and diplomacy. It is a substantial achievement and the highest recognized level of Magic Judge.

Level 3 Emeritus

The Level 3 Emeritus badge was created to make the considerable achievements and impacts that a Level 3 Judge has made to the program, while not being currently certified at that level.

Their experience, insight, and mentorship is invaluable to the Judge community and their service should be recognized and celebrated.