Previously, member conduct was evaluated by a third-party organization that also provided a Code of Conduct for members to follow. Judge Academy LLC is no longer working with any outside organization for this purpose. An interim Code of Conduct is  posted below:

Judge Conduct Code

  • A Judge Academy Certification is a badge of respect in the gaming community. Like all members of the community, Judges are accountable for their actions.
  • Judges have a shared obligation with Tournament Organizers to create welcoming environments. This means they must strive to create safe and positive play environments for all participants.
  • Judges have a position of authority at events. They must use that authority impartially and ensure that ALL participants are treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Judges should take responsibility for their actions and behaviors as Judges. They must not attempt to prevent anyone from reporting potential judge misconduct and should provide information on how to do so if asked.
  • Judges recognize their position in the community is based on trust, and therefore do not use their position as Judges for undue personal gain.
  • Judges must also abide by the same rules of conduct as players.

The biggest point I want to point out with this is that this is an interim document. If you have any feedback, please submit it using the Contact Us form. We want to work towards a finalized version that is easy to digest, removes any question or argument of ignorance surrounding the code, and embodies the integrity and inclusiveness that the judge community strives for, and is expected to maintain.

If you wish to report member conduct, click here to fill out the Conduct Report Form.

Judge Academy LLC will evaluate reports and will, at its sole discretion, choose how to act upon the information disclosed. Please note that due to the nature of these reports, we may not be able to share the actions we take with all parties.