MTG: 800s+900s Multiplayer and Casual

2 Lessons
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Course by: Tobias Vyseri

While the ascension to L2 may accompany a great leap in understanding and execution of Comp REL policy, this does not mean that your days of judging Regular REL are behind you, especially if you’re looking to start working larger events!  Commander is quickly becoming one of the most popular casual formats, with entire weekend-long events dedicated to it! 2HG events are bigger than ever and Battlebond drafts are now an evergreen staple of On-Demand-Events. Understanding and connecting with players is one of the most important skills a judge can have, and multiplayer free-for-all games are generally one of the first formats new players try out. And if you want to know the players, you need to know what they’re playing. This module will jump into the myriad of Magic formats that you may encounter in your judging adventures!