MTG: Encouraging Sporting Behavior

2 Lessons

You must have a personal endorsement from an L2 or L3 judge to become Level 1. This can take time, and we STRONGLY suggest building that relationship as soon as possible. To see what this means and why it’s required, please read Endorsement Information.

There are many factors that influence a player’s experience. Some of those may seem outside of your reach as a judge, but you can have more impact than you believe in fostering the type of environment that your players will enjoy. Applying rules and tournament policy isn’t your only tool: as we’ll see, you can have an impact that is much stronger than teaching players about a line of text in a document, and that involves your – and their – community. In this module we’ll be focusing on the playing environment, and specifically on the mood: fair play and the effects of a casual versus a more cutthroat atmosphere.