MTG: Mentoring In and Out of Events

3 Lessons
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What is a mentor?

Merriam-Webster defines Mentor in a very simple way: a mentor is a trusted counselor and guide, and this definition is kind of self-explanatory. A Mentor is the person you look for when you need advice, or help achieving a certain goal, and the word trusted in the definition is key; most of the time the word mentor is used interchangeably with the term coach, but in reality they have their differences: coaching is usually short-termed, and the coach usually directs the whole learning process. With a mentor, we are usually talking about building a long-term relationship based on trust, in which the mentee is the one in charge of the learning process, and the mentor provides support.

This Judge Academy module will begin discussing the topic of mentoring other judges both inside and outside of events! It will go over:

  • What do we need to understand as a mentor
  • How do we mentor other judges
  • What kind of mentorship can be done both at events and outside of events