MTG: ‘Judging at Regular’ in Depth

2 Lessons

You must have a personal endorsement from an L2 or L3 judge to become Level 1. This can take time, and we STRONGLY suggest building that relationship as soon as possible. To see what this means and why it’s required, please read Endorsement Information.

In this Module, you’ll go through the philosophy of Judging at Regular, along with the most common mistakes, behaviors, and issues you might run into as a Level 1 Judge. We’ll go over the Judging at Regular (JAR) document, and how to apply it to Regular Rules Enforcement Level events, like an FNM or Prerelease.

To find the most recent version of the Judging at Regular (JAR) document, click HERE! You can also find the most up-to-date versions of all MTG Documents HERE.