MTG: Level 2: Policy Expert Interview Application

1 Lesson
You must be at least an L2 to access L3 course materials.

Like with the Medium Event Lead badge, this indicates that the judge is an expert in tournament policy and investigations at large competitive events. There are complex calls that often require consultation because of the potential damage they can do to a match. This includes rewinds, reversing decisions, investigations, and more. Like with the Medium Event Lead badge, this is intended for the most rules and policy-focused judges and has significant requirements. Before a judge can apply for their Policy Expert interview, they must be a level two judge for at least one year.

The first step is to complete the modules for two of the level three pillars: Penalty & Policy Philosophy and Investigations. The next step is to complete self-reviews for each of those pillars. Once the self-reviews have been approved, the candidate can begin to seek out a comprehensive recommendation from level three judges, covering both of the pillars.

Once you’ve completed the requirements please submit a document containing the following information to request your PE Interview:

  • The content of your recommendation
  • The name of the L3 recommending you

The Policy Expert interview is a roughly one-hour digital interview, featuring several open-ended scenarios, regarding life total discrepancies, card counts, reversing decisions, rewinds, hidden-card errors, game losses, and cheating investigations.