MTG: Building Relationships with Local Game Stores

2 Lessons

You must have a personal endorsement from an L2 or L3 judge to become Level 1. This can take time, and we STRONGLY suggest building that relationship as soon as possible. To see what this means and why it’s required, please read Endorsement Information.

One of the qualities that makes a certified judge is their ability to create and build communities. And one of the central edges to properly build those communities is building relations with Local Game Stores. In this module we will teach you the essentials of building relations with the different Local Game Stores, as well as why this is important for you (and for them). We will begin with an introduction on what is a Local Game Store or “LGS”, where can we find it and why are they important; then move on to how are we supposed to reach out to the LGS and how to properly talk with them. After that, we’ll talk in depth about how to build relations with them and the local community. By the end of the module, we will share some tips and examples, as well as a final quiz to go over some questions regarding what we’ve seen.