MTG: Backing Up (Or Not)

2 Lessons
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Backing up during a game of Magic is way to restore a game state damaged by a mistake after that mistake has been noticed. Players often use partial fixes at the kitchen table or casual play. The result, at least from the players point of view, is a restored game and justice. So, it’s only natural for them to expect the same end result when they involve a judge.

The reality of such backups, however, is a bit more tricky and this module is designed to help judges in those difficult situations. This presentation will cover several topics:

  • The philosophy aspect behind backing up
  • Infractions in Infraction Procedure Guide (IPG) that offer backup as a fix
  • Aspects necessary to consider before making a decision to back up
  • Technicalities of backup execution
  • Fixing the game state when communication policy constructions such as tournament shortcuts and out of order sequence were incorrectly executed