MTG: Level 2: Small Event Lead Application

1 Lesson
You must be at least an L1 to access L2 course materials.

This badge indicates that the judge has experience at larger competitive events and has demonstrated the ability to lead smaller teams of two or three judges, on events with roughly one to two hundred players or can Head Judge a competitive event with under a hundred players. It is reasonable to pursue this badge after working several large competitive events after becoming a level two – perhaps six to twelve months after certifying if the candidate is regularly working on larger events and has experience with many styles of leadership.

To earn this certification, a candidate must receive two endorsements from L3s or Medium Event Lead badge holders who were able to observe the candidate’s performance as a team lead. The candidate must be leading a team of at least two judges and the event must be at least 8 rounds. The endorsements must be from separate events.

In this application, please upload the text of your SEL endorsements, along with the authors’ names. These endorsements should already be submitted by your endorsers, and you should be able to find them on your profile under “Reviews”.