MTG: Card Counting

2 Lessons
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Welcome to this course on Card Counting!

There are many questions from players that could induce a card counting situation. Perhaps you are figuring out if a player drew an extra card or forgot to draw at some point in the game. It might be checking how many cards were milled by an ability. Maybe we need to know which turn we are on to know if an action happened already or not. A player may need help finding out if they played a land for the turn or not. You may need to decide if a planeswalker was activated by knowing when it was cast and what were its previous activations. Perhaps you need to know how many times a creature has attacked.

To answer such questions, you will have to analyze the board state and understand what happened in the previous turns. Your goal is to understand which elements had an influence on the game. In some way, you will have to solve a puzzle to deliver a ruling. The goal of this lesson is to help you solve those tough situations, where a simple glimpse at the board state would not be enough and will provide tools and pieces of advice throughout.