MTG: Investigations Self-Review

1 Lesson
You must be at least an L2 to access L3 course materials.

Now that you have taken and passed the required Investigations┬ácourses, it’s time to reflect!

Self-Evaluation is a skill that is easy to start and difficult to master. The key to self-growth on your way to Level 3 is, to be honest with yourself about where your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you intend to continue to grow.

To be approved, Self-Reviews must:

  • Use information and examples from the last 6 months to a year at most. (Ideally, you are constantly growing, so information older than 6th months starts to get out of date fast).
  • Evaluate where you believe your strengths and weaknesses are in each pillar. Use concrete examples to support your evaluation.
  • Discuss any recent steps you’ve taken to improve this skill or any future steps you plan to improve this skill. This can include projects you plan to take part in, or specific mentors you are working with.
  • Explicit evaluation comparing yourself to the expectation for level three: major deficiency (0), minor deficiency (1), underdeveloped (2), adequate (3), above average (4), or exceptional (5). This benchmark will allow other judges to understand where you think you are in a very clear and direct manner.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the pillar. If your evaluation is missing elements, you will be provided guidance on what needs to be included before the review can be accepted.

Details on L3 self-evaluations can be found on the Evaluations Guidelines page.

You can write and edit self-reviews through your profile under “Reviews”. Once you have finished your Self-Review for this Pillar, you can upload it to the lesson below to submit it for approval. Self-reviews do not have a required length but must be detailed enough to give yourself, Judge Academy, and those endorsing you for each pillar an understanding of where your skills are, and the trust that you have the ability to look at yourself objectively to set and meet your own goals for improvement.