Judge Academy wants to be a part of making fantastic gaming experiences happen for players, too!

Besides helping to educate and certify Judges who themselves help ensure high quality events for players, there are many other ways that Judge Academy is here for all members of the gaming space.

Event Locator

Players can use our Events tool to find all sorts of games, tournaments, and events close to home!

You can search by location, games, format, time frame, and other criteria to match your schedule or preferences!

Expand Your Game Knowledge

Are you the player that people always ask about the rules, or ‘Hey, how does this card work?’

Even if you don’t want to jump into Judging and want to expand what you know about your favorite game you can take a selection of Judge Academy classes just to expand your knowledge and experience.

Right now you can take all of our Level 1 Magic: The Gathering courses without any obligation and level up your Magic game!

Find New Ways to Play

The world can be a crazy and unpredictable place. Judge Academy has your back here too by offering modules to help you find ways to stay connected with your friends and playgroup.

How do I take my game online? What tools are out there? How do I get it set up and what gear do I need?

We’ll be expanding our library of resources, classes, and information to help you find the resources you need to keep playing and keep communities together!