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Date(s) - 2022 Apr 24
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Judge Conference

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Hi Everyone!


Welcome to the AU/NZ first joint in-person and digital judge conference.

The In-Person component for this event is at Chromatic Games TCG store in Ashfield, Sydney.

Many of you have asked many questions about this event so please ensure you read everything before applying. Being a split conference ALL APPLICATIONS must include if you will be attending physically or digitally using the checkboxes provided in the application.


This conference will have two main focuses; Rules and Policy update for SonC set release and soft skills that are not player oriented.
Each presentation should last 45-50 minutes with time to answer questions at the end. A 1 hour lunch break is allocated after presentation 2 concludes at ~2pm. The conference is expected to conclude officially at ~5pm Sydney time. This will be followed by an optional Judges Tower session for physical attendees with participation prizes.

Rules and Policy updates for the Streets of New Capenna release 2 weeks post conference.

Soft skills to grow your community, support your LGS and represent/support judging. This includes information on organising your own conferences.

Suggested topics include:

Comp REL and IPG refresh/changes since 2019.

Event Logistics.

Building your Judge ‘Brand’.

Supporting and building rapport with your LGS/players.

Hosting your own Conference or Community Event.

Judge Interaction & Networking.

Taking and providing feedback.

If you believe you have a good idea for soft skills not included above please suggest your idea in your application.


This conference is foil supported for AU/NZ Judges only due to shipping costs for International allocations and issues with PWE being lost once they leave the country. If you feel that this restriction negatively impacts you due to exceptional circumstances please contact me and we can discuss something for you.

Tracked shipping is also available for an additional charge.

In-Person attendees will recieve a full 4 foil packet for physical attendance on the day.

Digital attendees will recieve a reduced digital packet of 2 foils 4-8 weeks after the conference date. This assumes no delays in receiving the foils from JA post-event.

Staff will recieve their standard packet, 1 bonus packet and a single “advanced promo” of this year’s EOY cards.

Please note that staff will recieve 2 of their relevant packet for physical/digitally attending. If you present digitally you will recieve 2 of the digital packs not physical packs.


Application specifics:

20 physical attendee limit (Hard cap)

50 digital attendee limit (Soft Cap)

4 Primary presenters + 1 backup

1 Conf Admin

Login is required for presenter/staff roles.

For attendees: In your application please include if you will be attending digitally or physically using the check boxes. For Physical attendees it would be nice if you could also put a little about yourself so I can get to know you a bit before we meet for the first time. Physical spaces are limited so failing to mark the correct check box may exclude you from recieving a foil packet as the allocation is limited and provided prior to the event.

For Presenters: Please include which of the suggested topics you would like to cover as well as if you are physical or digital. L3 or experienced L2 is preferred for the Rules and Policy update. Physical presenters will be preferred at the request of JA but this is not required to apply.

If applying for soft skills presentations please provide information on knowledge or experience relevant to your chosen topic. Not every topic will last for the full time allocated, please feel free to cover more than 1 topic or suggest your own to use all of your timeslot.

Conf Admin: If you wish to apply for this position you will need to be able to attend the venue in-person the day before the conference to assist with setup and stay after the conclusion on the day to tear-down. During the conference you will assist me with moderating and passing along the presenter questions from digital attendees. JA has only allocated one assistant staff for this event so Digital applicants will not be considered for this position.


Applications for Staff positions close 11:59pm Friday 25/03/2022. Applications will then be reviewed and accepted weekend of 26-27 March to allow 4 weeks of presentation prep.

Applications for Attendees will remain open until 22/04/2022. If physical attendance reaches the 20 person limit physical will be closed prior to this date and only digital attendance will remain open.


If you have any questions not covered here please send me a message on the AU/NZ Judge slack I check that every few hours. If you are unable to contact me there send me an email on the above email address.

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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