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Date/Time (Asia/Bangkok)
Date(s) - 2022 Mar 06
10:00 am - 03:00 pm


Judge Conference

Hi everyone! Thank you very much for your interest in this conference.

We are starting to open up stores normally in Thailand now, and this is a good time for us to gather back again to update our knowledge about MtG. This is an on-site community centric conference that will be focusing on updates from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and perhaps some other supplemental sets that came in recent times.

Everyone is welcomed to apply for this event, but please kindly note that we will prioritize local judges prospects first. There will be a max cap for this conference at 15 participants, including staffs.

• Mission:
– Brushing off the rust for judging in an in-store event
– Update CR and policy changes that were updated from Kamigawa and other supplemental products around this time
– Use this conference as a testing ground for possibility of trying out some other conference methods that might come in the future such as mock tournament and OJT workshop.

• Requirements for Support
To be eligible for conference support:
– You must be physically present at the conference for at least 75% of the presentation topics.
– You have to be vaccinated for COVID vaccines for at least 2 doses.
– You have to fill out a feedback form for at least one presentation topic.

• Expected Presentation Topic (but are not limited to):
1. Updating CR and Policies
2. Recapping all interesting/corner cases from current Standard/Pioneer/Limited metagames
3. Brushing off rust: recaps of all common cases in in-store plays (missed trigger, GRV, HCE, decklist problem, etc.)
4. Updating stores that are actively hosting in-store events + player watchlist + upcoming large size event & How to help promote them

The application for this event will be opened until 23:45 of 27th Feb 2022.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me through

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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