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Date/Time (Europe/Vienna)
Date(s) - 2021 Dec 11
10:00 am - 06:00 pm

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Judge Conference

Hello judges!

Welcome to the conference page for the Europe Central and East End of Year Celebration Conferences 2021 on the 11th of December! This event will start at 10:00 CET/11:00 EET/ 9:00 UCT

We are happy to be able to announce this event to be held together with both the Europe Central and Europe East region to enable us to celebrate a crazy year and to come closer together as a community as a whole.


Window for applying for presenting is closed.


Have a look here for the schedule!

Conference setup

This event will feature 4 seminar tracks.

– Our goal is to offer 2 tracks in English and 2 tracks with mixed language presentations from the countries of our region, for example in German, Polish, Czech and such.

– Each track will consist of 6 seminars/workshops in total. Half of them will be focused on Magic directly and the other half will contain off-Magic content.

– After the seminars there will be a trivia evening for all to have fun and socialize!

The event will be run via Discord and Zoom.

Application details

Applications are open to every judge in the Europe Central and Europe East regions. You are only able to attend one End of Year Celebration Conference as attendee in total.

Applications will close at the start of December. Please apply earlier than later to make it easier for us to set an expected number of participants, thank you!


This event is foil sponsored for all attendees selected that are certified L1+ with Judge Academy at the time of the event. Non-tracked shipping is covered, if you wish tracked shipping you will have the option to pay extra at a later point.

You will need to attend at least 3 on Magic content topics during the day. There will be a check of this announced later to the event.

Attendees will receive one pack of foils, Level 3´s and presenters one pack additionally per role.

You will need to fill out the address for the event at latest 3 days after the event to be eligible for foils.

This event has special foils unique to this event alone.
Edgar Markov (New Art)
Ezuri, Claw of Progress (New Art + first to foil)
K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth (New Art + first to foil)
Mizzix of the Izmagnus (New Art + first to foil)

Additional information on the EoY and foils:

August Judge Academy News and Updates

Any questions?

If there are any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to me on social media or on Discord (KlausL I Neomier#7166) or email (

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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