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Europe North Digital Conference 2020

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:Europe - North
Date/Time (Europe/London):Date(s) - 2020 Jul 17
All Day
Date/Time (Europe/London):Date(s) - 2020 Jul 17 - 2020 Jul 19
All Day
Format:Not Applicable
Categories:Judge Conference
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Welcome to the Judge Academy event page for the Europe North Digital Conference 2020!

Digital Conferences are an opportunity for members of the Europe North community get to come together and share stories, ideas, knowledge and each other’s company whilst attending events is impractical. This conference will be a three-day gathering via Discord and we invite you to come and spend time with your peers, friends and mentors.


This conference will take place on a newly created Discord server – the Europe North Conference Centre!

Discord offers us the flexibility to deliver a variety of seminars, presentations and social experiences using integrated voice, video and screen sharing capability. Discord is incredibly easy to use and comes with an application for most operating systems as well as a web browser version too.

We will share details and invites to the Discord server closer to the time.


**UPDATE: 05/07/2020With almost 100 attendees planning to attend we are going to be placing a limit on the number of attendees in any given session. Any applications received before this update will receive a survey asking for their preferences. We will try to make sure everyone gets to attend the session they are most looking forward to it. Any applications received after this update might not get their first choice session.**

Being a digital conference means content will be delivered very differently to the more traditional geographic conferences and this one is no different. There will be a greater focus on visual and audio supporting material and opportunities for engagement in both voice and text media.

If you have ideas for content you would like to see then please contact one of the delivery team.


The conference will take place on Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2020.

The aim is to deliver multiple sessions per day at various time slots to maximise the breadth and depth of content. The current plan involves an early session, one at lunch time and then an evening slot followed by a later more informal window for socialising and other activities.


Europe North Digital Conference is open to all judges in the region and we encourage those at all levels to apply. We would like to emphasise that this will be a conference aimed at catering to judges of all levels and at all points in their judging journey, whether entirely new to the Judge Program, old hands or anywhere in between.

Judges from outside of Europe North are also welcome to apply to attend.

This event is supported by Judge Academy and there will be attendance foils available. These will be distributed by post after the event and could take several weeks to arrive.


The organisers for this conference are:

Norman Ralph

Liz Mackie

John Barkestedt

If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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