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Europe North End of Year Celebration Conference 2023

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:Europe - North
For questions, contact:harrybarlow@hotmail.co.uk
Organizer Profile
Date/Time (Europe/London):Date(s) - 2023 Dec 09
10:00 am - 05:00 pm
Date/Time (Europe/London):Date(s) - 2023 Dec 9
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Categories:Judge Conference

It’s time!
The finale!
The big finish!

I’m thrilled to invite you all to the End of Year Celebration Conference for Europe North.
Much like the the run of 2021-2022 conferences, this will be a digital conference with a focus on learning, community, and fun for our region.
Please take a minute to carefully read all the information on this event page and check back later for updates.


Saturday December 9th, starting no earlier than 10:00am GMT/11:00am CET/12:00 EET/12:00 SAST

This conference will be held digitally on the Europe North conference Discord server:

All of the content for this conference will be delivered by Zoom via a link that will be shared when the conference begins.
Attendees are expected to be present on both Zoom and Discord during the day.


We’re looking for a great team to help facilitate this conference, here are the available roles:

Additional Staff: assist with organising, delivering, and moderating the conference before and on the day
Presenter: Provide a 50-minute learning session on your proposed topic (can be directly Magic related or more general skills)
Special Speaker: designated slots for folks to give a talk/hold a discussion/panel about a new judge organisation
Fun Facilitator: host one of our classic judge quizzes or organise other games as our evening entertainment

You can find more information and apply for one or more of these roles here:

Selections for these roles will be handled only via the above Google form.
We aim to have made selections for all roles no later than November 25th, though some slots may be assigned earlier so please consider applying as soon as possible.


Any judge, regardless of region or certification status is welcome to attend this conference during the day.

Please sign up by using the application button on this event page. If you do not do so, we may be unable to accommodate you should we hit any logistical cap on attendees.

There will be more information available at the start of the conference on how to be marked as attended for foils.
Any certified judge in the Europe North region will be eligible to receive judge foils for this conference, as detailed below.


The Judge foils for attending this conference are:

  • Swamp
  • Forest
  • Plains
  • Mountain
  • Island

Bonus foils for staff and presenters:

  • Grindstone
  • Sword of War and Peace

All information for shipping foils will be collected during the conference. There will be various options available for shopping foils to local coordinators outside the UK, as well as upgraded tracked shipping options.
Due to the nature of Judge Academy logistics and holiday shipping, foil mailing is not expected to begin until January.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you there!

If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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