Events Skills Conference Series May 2021 Presented by Pastimes

05/15/2021 @ All Day

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Date(s) - 05/15/2021
All Day


Events Skills Conference Series

Presented by Pastimes 

Some skills are learned best from experiences and interactions with fellow staff at events. For the last year, there haven’t been the opportunities we used to have to polish old skills, gain new skills, and interact with each other. Even with digital events, those opportunities are precious and few.

The Events Skills Conference Series are Judge Academy foil supported conferences presented by Pastimes; designed to create a space for all judges to polish skills gone rusty or get exposure to the kinds of skills and knowledge they would have gained naturally from attending events.

Anyone with a Judge Academy account is welcome to apply, however only certified Judges will receive foils. Sponsorship includes one pack of four promos for each Judge Academy Certified Judge at the Conference. There is no regional lock, nor cap for this event.

The conference will be held over Zoom and Discord. You can join the Discord here  The week before the conference a Judge Conference Catagory will appear, feel free to explore the rest of the Discord until then! Chats and general conference announcements will happen over Discord, while the lectures themselves will be given over Zoom.

This event will begin at 10 am Eastern Standard Time and run till about 6 (1800) pm with party to follow.  Schedule to be announced soon!

We are not taking applications for presenters, but welcome applications to help admin the conference. If you would like to learn how to run your own conference or would like to just learn more about how conferences work I encourage you to apply to help admin this event. I will only be taking a limited number of admins for this event. Admins will receive an additional conference packet.

At the end of the conference, there will be an after-party also in the Discord! There will be games, raffles, prizes, and various shenanigans! This part is optional but also totally awesome.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or prophecies please feel free to email Meg Baum at!

Application will be updated as more information becomes available. Any important updates after acceptances have gone out will come via email.


If you are having troubles applying, please make sure you are logged into Judge Academy 🙂

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