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Date(s) - 2020 Oct 15
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What are the Iberian Policy and Philosophy Discussion Conferences?

These conferences are aimed towards Iberian judges who are familiar with policy at Competitive REL and wants to better understand the philosophy behind that. For that reason, the conferences are thought as discussion sessions where a group of judges prepare one topic (the days before) and discuss about this topic. They will not be alone, a moderator will help in the discussion and an expert will provide correct answers and some scenarios to go deep inside the philosophy.

The discussion groups are small (around 8 people), therefore the number of spots are limited. Iberian L2+ judges have preference in the selection, but L1s may have also an opportunity to be selected.

When are the sessions?

The sessions are scheduled to be each Thursday starting at 19:30  (Madrid time) and we are aiming for about 2 hours each.

They will take place on the Iberia Conferences Discord Server:


The sessions will be in Spanish. English will be used only in the case it will help in the discussion.

What is the schedule?

Session 1: October 15th – Advanced HCE & Friends – Expert: Sergio Pérez Marcos

Session 2: October 22nd – USC Minor/Major – getting the difference – Expert: Alejandro Raggio

Session 3: October 31st – Outside Assistance as a judge – “Judge, Can I Spellskite…” – Expert: Carlos Ho

Session 4: November 5th – When and how do a backup – Expert: Alfonso Bueno

Session 5: November 12th – Reversing Decisions – Expert: Sergio Pérez

Session 6: November 19th – Principles of Communication on MTG – Expert: Alfonso Bueno

Session 7: November 26th – When is exactly a trigger missed – Expert: Riccardo Tessitori

How can I participate? Are there judge foils?

These conferences are supported by  Judge Academy, and all Iberian Judge Academy certified judges that are active participants in at least 2 sessions will receive foils. For active participants the use of a microphone is mandatory and using a webcam is encouraged.

The discussion groups are small

Also, a role of Moderator of the Session is needed. If you have Discord knowledge skills, you may apply for this rol and receive foils.

If you do not want to participate actively or you are not selected, you still can attend the session as spectator. Just enter the Iberia Conferences Discord Server (, ask for spectator role and you are welcome to watch and listen to the discussion. Also, you can still ask questions on the chat that the moderator may introduce in the discussion. This role does not have foils associated.

How do the applications work?

Two steps are MANDATORY. If only one is fulfiled, you are not qualified to be elected for foils:

  • First Step: APPLY  to this event.
  • Second Step: FILL this FORM:
    • Please, order your preferences for the sessions to attend using the numbers (higher number, high preference, lower number for low preference)
    • Ask for moderator role
    • Fill the cover letter. Yes, as the number of spots is limited, you have to explain why you want to attend to these discussions.
    • Judge foils address shipment


Participants Selection:

Iberian L2+ have preference in the selection of active participants. We will try to maximize the number of participants.

Participants in each session will be published in an excel file announced in the Event Forum (please, set your event notifications ON).


Judge Foil Shipment:

Judge foils will be shipped to the address indicated in the FORM. Only addresses in Portugal and Spain are valid. (Grouping shipping  for different judges to the same address will be appreciated in order to reduce the shipment cost)

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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