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Legacy European Tour – LEC NAPLES

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:Europe - South
Location:MOSTRA D'OLTREMARE, Via J.F. Kennedy, 54, NAPLES
Additional Event URL: https://legacyeuropeantour.com/event/lec-naples-r6/
For questions, contact:info@legacyeuropeantour.com
Organizer Profile
Date/Time (Europe/Rome):Date(s) - 2024 May 24
All Day
Date/Time (Europe/Rome):Date(s) - 2024 May 24 - 2024 May 26
All Day
Categories:Legacy European Tour
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Legacy Distribution is thrilled to organize this Magic:The Gathering event and we wish you to apply and join us to experience this fabulous weekend together.

This application will allow you to apply to be a Floor Judge, a Team Leader, a Scorekeeper or Standby for this event.

The application window will close at 23:59 PM CEST (Central European Time) on Saturday February the 10th 2024, with acceptances shortly after.
You may apply for multiple roles, and may have more than one role over the course of the weekend.
All judges are expected to be able to operate and judge in English.
You might have more chances to be selected if you are a Judge Academy Judge with competitive event experience, as Judges could be easily moved from Main Event to Side Events during the weekend.
You have a better chance of being selected if you are fluent in Italian, in addition to English.

You have a better chance to be selected if you include in your application letter name(s) of one (or more) experienced judges (ex: Burgundies, TLs, L3s, etc…) who have directly judged with you at events in the last 6 months.

Floor Judges
For the main event only Judge Academy Certified Competitive Judges may be scheduled for either Main or Side events, or both.
Any Judge Academy certified Judge might be selected for Side events only.

This application is for anyone who is familiar with EventLink/Melee and has experience with scorekeeping at large events. Scorekeepers can be selected either for the Main Event or for the Side Events and it might change during the weekend according to the needs.

Team Leaders
TLs are required to be Judge Academy L3s. In case of lack of L3 applications, L2s who have the Judge Academy Team Leader Badge might also be selected.
Leaders are expected to Team Lead at the Main Event or to be on a leader position for TWO days and at least ONE day as Floor Judge.

Up to 5 Judge Academy certified Judges will be selected for this position and they will be activated in case more judges are needed on site.
Standby Judges will receive a voucher per day which will give access to a choice of one scheduled event or one on demand event and they will have access to the Vip Area to get a coffee, a snack and to rest.

If selected for a judging role, you may be asked to do any of the following:

Judge On Demand Events
Judge Scheduled Side Events
Judge Main Event
Be part of the kickstarter team.

Some judges will work all three days, although a number may be scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday only and you will be told at the time of acceptance.

At this moment we don’t expect to select Judges for staff roles.

ALL Staff
The typical shift length is 10-12 hours with a one hour lunch break and at least one thirty minute break.
Typical shift length for leads is 12-14 hours with a one hour lunch break and at least one thirty minute break.

In addition to your daily pay, ALL staff working at least two days will receive 200 euros for the weekend. If available, these 200 euros can be converted into TWO boxes by communicating that choice either during compensation or, if needed by the TO, before the event on request. In case of unavailability of the boxes on site at the moment of compensation, the 200 euros cannot be converted in 2 boxes.

Dayly Pay:

-Judges: 200 euros per day

-Judge Leads: 400 euros per day.
Generally this position is available for max 2 days. Total comp for TLs who work three days is : 400+400+200 euros + 200euros (or 2 boxes if available)

-Scorekeeper: 800 euros for the three days + lunch Total comp for the SKs is: 800euros + lunch + 200euros (or 2 boxes if available)

All payments will be made via Paypal. Note: if your Paypal is set in a different currency than euros, paypal might ask a conversion fee, which is due by the owner of the Paypal account receiving the money.

Please note that all staff are independent contractors and will be required to fill appropriate paperwork including a contract with Legacy SRL that is limited to this event. You can read a sample of the contract in the link provided below.

Good Luck everybody!


Join the Legacy European Tour discord server for more announcements, information and chats: https://discord.gg/9nyKmGCgEp

If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

Accurate information is the responsibility of the tournament organizer for each of their respective events. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the organizer directly.