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Date(s) - 2022 May 07
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Welcome to the Q2 Massachusetts Judge Conference!

This quarter’s conference will focus on topics for L1s interested in getting into Competitive REL events and/or L2s+ that may want to refresh their Competitive REL foundations after time away due to COVID. If you have a specific topic in this space that you’re interested in presenting on, please let me know in your application by 3/20! I’ll review the list of presenter applications at that time and then publish the schedule. If you have an unrelated topic that you’d like to present on, I’d also be happy to talk with you to schedule you for a future conference!

There will be four presentations with an hour break after the second presentation for a mid-afternoon meal/chatting/games.

This is a Judge Academy supported conference. All current L1+ attendees will receive foils for their attendance. The attendance cap for this event is 50.

While cover letters are not required for this event, my goal is to tailor future conferences to others’ interests, so if there are any specific topics you would like to present on or for me to look into finding a presenter on, please note that in your application!

As of 3/31/2022, GamingEtc does not require masks in the store.

The presentation list will be as follows:
1:00-1:50: Getting Ready for Your First Comp REL Event – Jason Riendeau
2:00-2:50: My First Experience as Head Judge for a Comp REL Tournament: Lessons Learned – Marie Emonds
2:50-3:30: Break
3:30-4:20: Judge Jeopardy: Comp REL Edition – Adam Daniere
4:30-5:20: TBD – Ian Kernohan

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