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Midwest Regional May Conference

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:USA - Midwest
Additional Event URL: https://discord.gg/6W29y5KE73
For questions, contact:bwyard@gmail.com
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Date/Time (America/Chicago):Date(s) - 2021 May 02
09:45 am - 05:45 pm
Date/Time (America/Chicago):Date(s) - 2021 May 2
9:45 am - 5:45 pm
Categories:Judge Conference
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Midwest Regional Judge Conference (May)

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The conference is a Judge Academy, foil-supported, two-track event ran on Zoom and Discord capped at 125 attendees. What this means, is there will be four sets of two simultaneous presentations. One track focusing on soft skills, the other on hard skills. You will choose which presentation you wish to attend during each time slot. Followed by a single presentation that everyone will attend.

Priority will be given to applicants from the Midwest region for 50% of the slots. If you are from another region, feel free to apply. We will likely have spots for you.

If you cannot make this conference for any reason there will be duplicate conference that takes place on June 6th.

Receiving Foils

In order to receive foils, you must attend all five presentation times and be a certified judge L1 and above. Exceptions to the attendance requirement can be given by a staff member. If you cannot attend the entire conference please let us know. Attendance will be tracked via Google feedback forms as well as presence in the Zoom call. 

Presentations (Schedule and times are below)

Soft Skills
Presentation 1: TBA – Bryan Spellman
Presentation 2:  Imposter Syndrome: A Hypocrite’s Guide – Liz Mackie
Imposter syndrome can affect you in multiple stages in life, whether in judging, work, hobbies or a wonderful mixture of all three! We will cover what actually is imposter syndrome, and how to tackle it.
Presentation 3: 11 investigation lessons taught by Among Us – Emilien Wild
In 2020, the game Among Us became a viral success. Deception and lies being at the core of its gameplay, solid investigation skills were required to be a top player. Let’s review together what we learned from it!
Presentation 4:  Conflict is not a Bad Thing – Meg Baum
Conflict is just conflict. It isn’t good. It isn’t bad. It just is. What you do with it is what matters. In this presentation we will discuss the nature of conflict, how we can use it to foster healthy environments, and get the most out of any conflicts you may find yourself in.
Hard Skills
Presentation 1:  Intro to legacy – Elaine Cao
Legacy is a complex format, and yet many judges are unfamiliar with the cards, the decks, and the interactions. With many more people playing Legacy now due to the increase in online Magic, it is helpful to have knowledge of these rules interactions and play patterns.
Presentation 2:  Two Headed Giant – Steven Zwanger
Two-Headed Giant is a widely popular casual format, but many of its rules are poorly understood. Learn how 2HG works so that you’re ready to judge it when your local store starts running events again
Presentation 3: Introduction to Digital Events -Klaus Lassacher
In this presentation we will have a look at several online tools that enable digital MTG events. This will include a brief look at Spelltable, MTGMelee, Companion, and Eventlink to give you an overview of what tools are there for you to use. After the theoretical part there will also be some practical demonstration.
Presentation 4: Combat phase (CR) – Maria Alex Chernov
Presentation 5: Authority, Not Adversary – Sheldon Menery
In his talk ‘Authority, Not Adversary,’ Sheldon Menery discusses judges walking the fine line between ally and arbiter in their communities.


Start time: 9:50am  End time: 5:30pm (All times are listed in Central Standard Time (GMT-5)
Time Event
9:00-9:50 Zoom open for networking
9:50-10:00 Introduction
10:00-11:20 Presentation set 1
11:20-11:30 Break
11:30-12:30 Presentation set 2
12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:20 Presentation set 3
2:20-2:30 Break
2:30-3:30 Presentation set 4
3:30-3:45 Break
3:45-5:15 Presentation 5
5:15-6:15 Zoom open for networking

Contact Information/Conference Admins

Please feel free to reach to us with any questions you may have.
Bree Yard – bwyard@gmail.com
Shawn Gadow – sgadowocusd@gmail.com
Sherwin Ng
Liz Mackie

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Time Zone conversion
A beginners guide to discord
A beginners guide to zoom

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