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Northern Nevada Judge Conference

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:USA - West
Date/Time (America/Los_Angeles):Date(s) - 2020 Mar 29
10:00 am - 02:30 pm
Date/Time (America/Los_Angeles):Date(s) - 2020 Mar 29
10:00 am - 2:30 pm
Categories:Judge Conference
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Due to the COVID19 travel restrictions and social distancing this event will now be online! More info will be posted as we get it but there is no change to the time or schedule of events.


I am excited to announce the first Northern Nevada Judges Conference! This conference is to be the first in a series of conferences whose aim is to build the camaraderie, knowledge, and scope of those Judges in the Northern Nevada, California, and Oregon region.

Please join us for a day of learning and fun!

Support – this is a foil supported conference so make sure your dues are paid and you reserve your spot by the 15th!



  • 1000 – Roll call and Introductions
  • 1015 – Judging at REL: How to balance arbitration and teaching
  • 1130 – Lunch Break
  • 1230 – Stack Attack: How to rebuild when it all falls down
  • 1330 – Mentorship: How do we get better
  • 1400 – Final thoughts


Judging at REL: Laying down the law to experienced players usually isn’t too hard. But what do you tell brand new players to get their game back on the rails? Join us as we learn how to provide correct rulings in a way that leaves players happy and with an enhanced understanding of the game.

Stack Attack: In this season we will be covering the stack from a basic level all the way to storm tendrils level of play. Find out what to do when the stack has collapsed and players are looking to you to rebuild.


Mentorship: Rules Advisors, here your chance to meet a level 2 to get the ball rolling for your level one advancement. Also in this round table event we’ll discuss what we’re doing well and What we’re doing not so well in the community.

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