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Date(s) - 2021 Oct 02
10:00 am - 10:00 pm



Thank you for your interest in attending the third Puget Sound Battleground, hosted by Geek Fortress.

Event Info:

Day one (10/2) will consist of two large events being run at Competitive Rules Enforcement. One of these will be Modern and the other is Legacy, concurrently.
Side events for the first day are as follows:

  • 93/94 Old School (11am start)
  • Canlander (Noon start)
  • Pioneer 1k (1pm start)
  • On-Demand-Events (drafts, Standard, etc.)
  • Commander On-Demand-Events

Day two’s (10/3) large event will be Team Trios run at Competitive Rules Enforcement.
Side events for the second day are as follows:

  • Premodern format (11am start)
  • Canlander Team Trios (Noon start)
  • Commander On-Demand-Events
  • On-demand-Events (drafts, Standard, etc.)

Expectations of Staff:

  • Masks are required indoors by the State of Washington.  Judges are required to wear a mask at all times indoors, and proof of vaccination, please.
  • Judges will be expected to be familiar with the Comprehensive Rules, Judging at Regular, Infraction Procedure Guide and the Magic Tournament Rules. All of these can be found here:
  • The staff is expected to be dressed to the previous judge uniform code. Whether that be previously official Judge shirts, Regional polos, or the new Judge Academy dress shirts.
  • Call time is 9:15 for the judges assigned to the 10 am Large Comp REL Events, 9:30 for standby, and 10am for side events staff.
  • Background checks will be handled by Geek Fortress store.
  • Judges with experience with alternate formats: Canadian Highlander, Premodern, 93/94 will be given some preference in selection.

Compensation Per Day Staffed:

  • Head Judges: $330
  • Team Leads: $250
  • Floor Judges: $150
  • Standby: If you are selected as standby staff, we will expect you to attend the event – you will be given free entry into one event if you are not ‘activated’ to be on staff.   If you are activated, you will receive the compensation above; activation will depend on attendance numbers and staffing needs.

Cover Letter:

Please enter information on your recent judge experiences (yes, we know, Pandemic and probably not much), knowledge/experience with all the above listed formats, and if there’s a chance we haven’t worked with you (or simply don’t know you yet) – some references of judges you have worked with.  (L1s, who certified you, or who you trained with to ask about your experience, please)

Please include what days you’re available, what roles you’d like to apply for: Team Lead?  Head Judge?  93/94 master?  Commander expert?  We have multiple opportunities for Head judges and team leads and sides!

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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