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Date(s) - 2022 Aug 10
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Judge Conference

The 2022 SEA Q3 Regional Conference will be held on two weeknights, the first session is on Aug 10, 2022, a Wednesday, and on Aug 18, 2022, a Thursday. This is to make way for the ongoing qualifiers for the region, which are mostly scheduled during the weekends.

Both nights will be a two-tracked event with 2 topics to be presented per track each night.

Track 1 will feature comp rel basics by highlighting topics from the IPG; while track 2 will highlight various soft skills topics.

The goal is to promote continuous education and training for all judges of the region.

Plus, to be able to reconnect and learn from fellow judges in the region.

Everyone is welcome to apply and attend, however, for international members of Judge Academy, due to the logistics reasons of the delivery of the support, your application may be declined.

Zoom will be the platform used and the link will be sent to attendees shortly before the conference date.

For the attendee role, please send your application on or before August 09, 2022. Application closes by 11:59 PM +8GMT

Welcome and Quick Announcement

8 pm-8:05pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 7pm-7.05 pm BKT/JKT

Aug 10, 2022

Track 1 – Comp REL basics

Uncle Ryan’s Guide to GRV and FtMGS by Ryan Valerian Liesandy

As a judge, we’re very familiar with the term Game Play Error, or GPE, since it’s one of the most common penalties we give to players. The reason for this is that GPE encompasses a wide array of penalties, But two of GPE categories, Game Rule Violation (GRV) and Failure to Maintain Game State (FtMGS), are quite unique compared to the rest. This presentation aims to further our understanding of what is GRV and FtMGS, and when (and why) should we issue them to a player.

8:05pm-9.05pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 7:05pm-8.05pm BKT/JKT

Understanding the D.E.C.K. Check!
Data, Execution, Comprehension, and Keeping Time by Red Bartolome

An overview of deck checks and why they matter, how to perform deck checks and handle infractions, as well as some useful tips for your first (or second, third, maybe even fourth!) time!

9:05 pm-10:05 pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 8:05 pm-10:05 pm BKT/JKT

Track 2 – soft skills

Body Language and Other Nonverbal Communication by Lom Seunbane

As judges, we are expected to know the law of the land and focus on things like rules and regulations. However, MTG is still a game played between people in intense situations. Our interactions with competitors are crucial to how players view us and Magic in general. Thus, it’s important to recognize different nonverbal cues to help up become better communicators and therefore, better judges.

8:05pm-9.05pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 7:05pm-8.05pm BKT/JKT

Leveling Up: Should I chase for L2 by Robin Williams

We will discuss what should an L1 prepare to level up, and why should they chase L2. how to get there throughout the new Judge Academy system. We will also be discussing the responsibilities of an L2.

9:05 pm-10:05 pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 8:05 pm-10:05 pm BKT/JKT

Aug 18, 2022

Track 1 – Comp REL basics

(Missed) Trigger Happy by Zie Aun Tan

Triggers: Would players forget how to deal with them after two years of playing on Arena? Let’s take a look at how Missed Triggers are handled in paper tournaments through some scenarios and quizzes.

8:05pm-9.05pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 7:05pm-8.05pm BKT/JKT

Understanding LEC and HCE by Ian Mervin Go

How to differentiate what falls under LEC, HCE, or neither. And how to fix them. Since they are quite similar to each other, knowing which is which is key in giving better rulings. We will also check how this would be handled in Regular REL.

9:05 pm-10:05 pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 8:05 pm-10:05 pm BKT/JKT

Track 2 – soft skills

Community Building: Fostering a Bond With Your Audience by Ej Lim

We discuss different methods in which we can build a sense of community amongst an audience, all of which go beyond just playing Magic: the Gathering together. Community bonding activities, general rules, etc. will be covered.

8:05pm-9.05pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 7:05pm-8.05pm BKT/JKT

Enhancing Teamwork Through Understanding Yourself and Others. By Kelvin Lim

The session would first start off through understanding oneself and in general, the types of individuals others may belong. Through an interactive workshop approach that involves team discussion and sharing sessions to allow one to understand how he/she shall approach others in a team setting in the most ideal manner.

9:05 pm-10:05 pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 8:05 pm-10:05 pm BKT/JKT

Foil Support:

This conference will provide foil support to all attendees who are certified members of Judge Academy on or before the closing date of the event.

Attendee Packet includes:

Training Grounds and Smothering Tithe

Each staff and presenter will receive two packets plus a promo preview of Growing Rites of Itlimoc

L3s will receive an additional packet.

The max capacity of the event for the event is 120.

Make sure to apply with a cover letter on or before the deadline.

Note, that to be eligible an attendee must be able to attend 3:4 of the topics for this event.

And the attendee must submit at least one constructive/quality feedback, to be submitted on August 20, 2022

As a guideline:

– It must be something specific that you’ve observed during the presentation.

– Please tell us why it is a good thing or needs an opportunity.

– How would you do it differently?

A Google form will be used for attendance which will be posted on the chat by the event moderators.

For the cover letter, please introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from and tell us which topic are most looking forward to.

No Blank Cover Letters!


here’s my email address:


Thanks, everyone


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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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