2021 Promo Distribution + January Promos!

Hey, all! 

Holidays are around the corner, and after that, we start a brand new year! As a heads up, I’ll be working to clear out any outstanding items this week, but outside of that we will be Out of Office Wednesday afternoon 12/23 – Friday 1/1. I’ll still keep an eye out for anything urgent, but otherwise please expect some delays over the holidays. I’ll be around tomorrow for AM office hours 9-10am Pacific, but not PM (normally 4-5pm Pacific).

SO! Conference attendees in 2020 received 2 conference exclusive promos, as well as 2 promos from previous rotations of member mailings. Since there won’t be member mailings in 2021, our rotation plan has changed for digital conferences starting in January. This update will be reflected on our Conference resource page later today/tomorrow!

In addition to the promo breakdown for 2021 conferences, we’re also happy to announce the first wave of conference promos for 2021!


Announcing: Nicol Bolas, the Ravager and The Gitrog Monster

Art is below. I know you all have been waiting patiently so we wanted to at least get you what we could before the holidays. As soon as we have full card images and the backside for Nicol Bolas, we will share them with you!

Conference Support packs include 2 New 2021 Promos and 2 additional Judge Academy 2020 Promos

Nicol Bolas, the Ravager art by Lie Setiawan

The Gitrog Monster art by Nils Hamm



Conference Support packs include 2 New Conference Promos (to be announced), plus 1 additional Judge Academy July 2020 Promos and 1 additional Jan-April 2021 Promo




Conference Support includes 2 New Conference Promos (to be announced), plus 1 additional Jan-April Conference Promo, and 1 additional May-Aug conference promo.