2022 Magic Premier Play Announcement Resources

On March 31 Wizards of the Coast announced their 2022 Premier Play programs, with a return to the Pro Tour and a path to qualify starting at your local game store. You can find the announcement and related links here:

Blake Rasmussen and Billy Jensen of Wizards of the Coast talked about the announcement on the Magic Twitch channel, you can find that VOD here.

In addition Jonah Kellman (Level 3 judge, and our Logistics Champion for Judge Academy) has prepared two articles for us about what this announcement means:

Friday, April 1 at Noon Pacific we talked with Scott Larabee from Wizards of the Coast about this announcement and its impact on judges on our Twitch channel. You can find the interview embedded below:

If you are a Tournament Organizer looking for an Official Magic: The Gathering Judge for your event, you can find some resources on our site:

While a country-by-country breakdown of these WPN regions can be found in Appendix A of the Premier Tournament Invitation Policy, below is a list of these regions, their RCQ Tournament Organizer, and the associated Judge Academy regions:

  • USA – DreamhackUSA East, USA Midwest, USA South, USA West
  • Canada – Face to Face GamesCanada
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) – LegacyEurope Central, Europe East, Europe North, Europe South, Europe West
  • Australia and New Zealand – Good GamesAustralia and New Zealand
  • China – KadouGreater China
  • Japan and South Korea – Big MagicJapan, Greater China
  • Southeast Asia – Oracle EventsSoutheast Asia
  • Chinese Taipei – Game SquareGreater China
  • Brazil – City Class GamesBrazil
  • Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean – Yellow RabbitHispanic America North
  • South America – MagicsurHispanic America South