4/21 Judge Academy Benefits Program

Becoming a certified Judge is quite an achievement.

It is a mark of distinction in your local communities and a symbol of your dedication to making the gaming world a better place for all its members. At Judge Academy we want to give back to the our Judges that take on that responsibility. We’ve put together two initiatives to bring excitement and added value to the lives of our members around the world! We are still putting the finishing touches on our pages and information from our sponsors, but the pages should go live this week!

Judge Academy First Look

Our First Look program represents collaborations with developers and studios to get Judges in on the action ahead of the rest of the world. The talent and experience Judges bring to the table can help shape the future of gaming and we’re here to connect the dots. As we announce new First Look Sponsors, we will have ways to opt-in for each First Look product, play test, etc.

Judge Academy Sponsor Benefits

Judge Academy has begun working with other companies and organizations to offer a host of benefits available to our certified members. An additional tab on your side bar will show up later this week, from there you can read about our Sponsors and, if certified with Judge Academy, head into our benefits portal for information and instructions on how to use the discounts.

A few things about this!

  • First, we are incredibly thankful to all the companies willing to give discounts to Judges, and want to encourage them and new businesses to continue to support the judge community. This means that we ask that you respect the benefits provided as an added-value for Judge Academy members, and don’t share any special codes or promotions listed.
  • Secondly, the benefits list will continue to grow over time so check back often to see whats new!
  • And lastly, if YOU own or work for a company in the Gaming, Electronics, Clothing, Accessories, Travel, or any other industry that might be interested in creating a Judge Benefit for our members, let us know!


  1. Mlemort

    Thanks for the update! Quick question – What does “certified with Judge Academy” mean in this instance? Am I eligible as a L1 judge?

  2. Lu Cordeiro

    Can’t wait for the next benefits. Unfortunately, these apply mostly for NA judges, since mailing for other regions is quite expensive (or simply doesn’t exist, like at Proshop). I’m sure you guys are working on that.

    By the way, free shipping announced at eBags applies to USA only. It would be nice if the benefits page specified that.