Application Window Open for Additional Community Consultants

As we expand globally we are looking for support from those is previously out-of-service areas. These individuals will serve the role of Community Consultant for an area of the globe, while also heading up the coordination and distribution of member mailings and conference promos as Logistics Coordinator for their area for the 2020 year.

As Community Consultants they will:

  • Act as a conduit of information from Judge Academy down to local areas, as well as taking concerns and feedback from the community and bringing them to the attention of Judge Academy
  • Give feedback on Conference Applications in their area
  • Give feedback regarding potential Exam Administrators

As Logistics Coordinators they will:

  • Help to distribute member benefits to judges in their area
  • Help to distribute conference Promos and gifts
  • Work with the MTG Program Manager to track incoming and outgoing promos/packages

Contract and Benefits of Position:

  • $2,500 USD per year contracted fee ($4,000 USD for Australia/New Zealand)
  • Free Membership appropriate to their Level
  • An additional Playset (4 each) of all MTG Judge Promos given out for 2020.
  • Additional expense reimbursement for shipping costs to be determined based on location and costs.

We are looking to contract 8 Community Consultants / Logistics Coordinators for the 2020 year. They will be for the following areas:

Australia and New Zealand


Europe – East

  • Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Israel, Kuwait, Montenegro, Macedonia, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

Greater China

  • China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macao, Taiwan

Hispanic America – North

  • Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, El Salvador

Hispanic America – South

  • Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela

Russia and Russian-speaking countries

  • Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine

Southeast Asia

  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

If you are interested in the position listed above please send your application to Please include:

  1. Name, Level/Role in community, Region applying for
  2. Previous/Relevant experience
  3. Anything else you’d like us to know.

Selection Process

  1. Applications open from now until Friday Nov 15th.
  2. On November 16th, the list of applicants for each area will be published.
  3. From November 16th – November 30, members of the community will be able to privately provide comments, concerns, or feedback regarding the applicants directly to Judge Academy.
  4. During the week of Dec 1 – 6, any additional questions will be asked of the applicants if necessary, and a final decision will be made. The Candidate will be notified, but the results will not be public until they have accepted the position and signed a contract.
  5. Once the candidate accepts the position, other applicants will be notified. We expect this to happen over the Dec 7-8 weekend.
  6. On December 10th, the selected Community Consultants will be announced to the public during our Tuesday Update.


  1. imilenin

    Is there any chance for Ukraine to be moved to European region? Due to the war there are several problems with being in Russian region (for example, shipments travel really long (around half a year sometimes)

  2. Artem

    Good afternoon, can Uzbekistan participate in this program? I would like to become a representative, but there is no experience in this work.