Community Fridays! (10/11 – Community Consultants)

For Community Friday, I thought we’d introduce some of our Community Consultants! Part 1:

Name: Nicholas (Nik) Zitomer
Region: USA – South
Favorite Format: Pauper
Fun Fact about yourself: I’m a Mycotoxicologist by day, and can talk your ear off about all things fungi 

Name: Jack! (the exclamation point is silent)
Region: Europe – North
Favourite format: Legacy
Favourite card (text): Daze
Favourite card (flavour): Aether Adept (“The universe is my instrument, and the song I play upon it is one you are forbidden to hear.”)
Favourite card (art): On Serra’s Wings (and anything by Johannes Voss with wings in it)
Random fact: My cats have more Instagram followers than me. (
Name: Eric Dustin Brown
Region: USA-East
Favorite Format: Cube and Legacy
Fun Fact about yourself: I was a member of the Richmond Community Quidditch team as a Keeper!

Name: Chris Higashi
Region: USA West
Favorite Format: Legacy and Commander
Fun Fact about yourself: I have been playing MTG since Alpha

Name: Cristiana Dionisio (however everybody calls me Cri or CriCri since I was an infant  )
Region: Europe South
Favorite Format: Standard (Especially Decks with Ajani)
Fun Fact about me: Everybody knows I love lions, but few know when and how this passion started. Besides my zodiac is Leo and the symbol of my birthplace (which is also the city where I live) is a Lion, when I was 9 I was playing on the beach with my brothers building a castle with sand. A guy with a turban came by and he had a young lion (about two months old) on a leash. He asked if we wanted to hold him and we immediately said yes. I took the lion in my arms and my heart jumped of joy. The man said that I could ask my mom to buy the little animal for me if I wanted to keep him. My mom was seated nearby and she saw us with the man and ran towards us. I asked to buy the lion for me and she of course said no as it was both dangerous and illegal 
I started crying very badly and it took a giant effort to give the lion back. Since that moment I have always loved and wanted lions around me.
Check back Next Friday to hear from our other 5 CCs!