Conferences: Season 3 2023 Applications and Updates

What’s New

Season 3 is coming! Sponsorship applications for conferences held between July 1 and September 30 are now open! The primary application window for this season closes May 14. Due to an expected delay in the delivery of promos to the Judge Academy office, we are cautioning organizers that it is extremely likely that conferences held in July may not receive their promo allocations prior to their events. The new Judge Academy promo cards for Season 3 will be unveiled very soon. We’re really excited about them and hope you will be, too. Keep an eye on our social media pages!

New Promos: 2023 #6, 2023 #7
Returning Promos: Painter’s Servant, Mycosynth Lattice
Bonus Promo: 2023 #10

Allocation structure and the application process are changing very slightly. This year we’ve adjusted package sizes in an effort to better enable smaller and/or more rural regions to have more conferences. Some things went right here, some things did not. Specifically the jump from the Blue to Black packages was proving too large and made applying in some of these smaller areas more awkward.

In an effort to further improve on this thinking, we are now going to be asking organizers in the application form to include in their total anticipated attendance number, currently in increments of 10, up to 150. Approved applicants will be sent their allocation totals via email at the end of the application window.

For season 4 we are looking at implementing a more formal process for things like larger double conferences, and are possibly re-exploring presenter-only digital conferences to increase our opportunities for education.

On Application Feedback

We are still working on providing proposal feedback to more organizers. The sheer volume of proposal submissions makes this process uniquely challenging, and we will continue to improve our strategies this season to more effectively deliver feedback. Feedback will continue to go out to Season 2 applicants throughout the week this post goes live.

On Supplemental Applications

We do not expect that there will be much flexibility for additional approvals in the season 3 supplemental application window. Potential organizers are strongly encouraged to get applications in to us before the primary window closes May 14.


  1. Brandon Janiszewski

    Can we get a statement about why the artifact theme was not continued for Q3 and Q4? The community as a whole seems to be rather negative about the choices presented and the difficulty in finding conferences to attend.

  2. Fenniry

    There‘s something wrong with my JA conference application system: when finishing the cover letter and choosing my ticket type, I just couldn’t submit my application which means no answer nor response after click the “submit your application” button. Hope for a feedback from you guys.