January 2022 News and Updates

Hey, all! January News and Updates are below! 

Slight Change to office hours. I (Nicolette) will be around for Office Hours tomorrow in the JA Discord from 10am-11am Pacific and from 4pm-5pm Pacific. The first slot this month is moving this month to accommodate our First Week Seminar Series. Since those times will shift due to time zones and availability of our guests, we’ll keep you posted on any changes to future Office Hours timing.

To see these times in your local Time zones, follow the links below:

10am Pacific

4pm Pacific

Website Updates: 

The new site is live! If you come across any issues with a new aspect of the site, or any feedback please feel free to reach out via the Contact Us Form.

TOs are beginning to staff future events, and with physical conference plans returning, please take a moment to verify that your privacy settings are set to your liking/comfort. Due to various data/privacy laws, PRIVACY SETTINGS DEFAULT TO PRIVATE. It’s important to make sure you update your privacy settings by logging in and going to: https://judgeacademy.com/my-account/privacy/

A note on privacy here – while you always have the right to make any and all data private from other users, please note that having some critical information hidden (your profile, name, level, email, or region/country) will make it much harder to be accepted to events or conferences, or be contacted by potential employers for work and other staffing opportunities.

Membership Renewals:

Membership renewals for most judges (those who joined in 2019 or 2020) were due on December 31st. 2021. As mentioned, we’ve implemented a short one-time grace period for those members until January 31, 2022, in order to accommodate the hecticness that occasionally surrounds the end of the calendar year. During this grace period, members will not lose their current benefits or certification and will be able to extend their membership to Dec 31, 2022 at any point in January. 

That said, if you have not renewed – please renew your membership as soon as possible to avoid losing your membership and certification on Feb 1st. You can do so by logging in and going to: https://judgeacademy.com/memberships/

We’re aware of a few renewal bugs affecting a very small group of judges that are currently being fixed. If you run into any issues or problems, please let us know as soon as possible by reaching out via the Contact Us Form before the end of the month so that we can fix and accommodate your issue as needed.

2022 Content and Experiences:

Judge Academy has a ton of new content coming your way in 2022! 

The “First Week” Series started this week on twitch. Each day during the first full week of each month, Judge Academy Champions and special guests will be hosting conference-style presentations on topics relevant to their area of expertise. 

First Week will give judges the opportunity to learn new skills as well as a chance to interact with Judge Academy staff directly to answer all your questions and hear your suggestions. You can join us on twitch.tv/JudgeAcademy/ to watch live or see the recordings after the fact. This week, each seminar will be held at 9am Pacific (UTC-8), but that will likely vary from month to month to accommodate bringing in subject matter experts in our community from around the globe.

This month we’ll also be publishing the first articles written by the champions, as well as their first modules and initiatives launched since joining our team.



The Judge Academy Team