July 2021 Judge Academy News and Updates

Hey, all! July News and Updates are below, along with some announcements and a promo reveal!

Website: Our site has continued to grow and improve over the last month!

Completed Features/Updates:

We have added the Digital Events badge to the set of items automatically added to your available badges after completing all the content.
We have added some instructional text to the logged-out view of an event’s page to remind users that in order to apply, one must be logged into the site.
We made some small tweaks to the top menu to improve its functionality and ease of use. On desktop browsers you’ll notice it being more evenly distributed and likely easier to navigate.
REL (rules enforcement level) has been added as a field while creating events.
Revamped event questions functions: While the changes made to the questions subsection of the events creation process are not functionally different (as we have had in mind the function we wanted for some time) we have completely rebuilt the system from the ground up using new software to improve data reliability and security to address some of the occasional issues encountered by some event organizers.

New Modules:

This month we’ve continued working through editing and processing our Level 3 content. As always, if you have any questions about your own process, please feel free to reach out to me directly at nicolette@judgeacademy.com

  • Being A Pillar In Your Community
  • Advanced Investigations 1
  • Advanced Investigations 2
  • Supporting Other Leads
  • Always “On”


As a reminder, we’ve created a form for finalized numbers after a sponsored conference that should help us lower processing times. That form is here, and organizers will be instructed to use that to request sponsorship once their conference totals are finalized.
As with last month, to help clarify and set expectations around promos, for the month of August, as much as possible, conferences around the world will receive Birthing Pod in their July 2020 slot, and The Gitrog Monster in their Jan-April 2021 slot in their promos sponsorship packs, meaning each pack will be:

  • Grand Arbiter Augustin IV
  • Karlov of the Ghost Council
  • The Gitrog Monster
  • Birthing Pod

Why clarify “as much as possible”? The promos are an extremely limited resource compared to other printings and, towards the end of a card’s rotation, it’s possible that we might run out of a particular promo from an older wave, or not have enough of that specific card to cover a larger conference. We are constantly monitoring allocations and inventory, and don’t expect this to be a common issue, but if it does happen, we’ll be in contact with the organizer to inform them of any substitution. THIS WILL NOT OCCUR FOR CURRENT (NEW) CARDS.

Sept – Dec* Conference Promo Reveal:
Conferences in Sept – December* will receive Morophon, the Boundless and Zacama, Primal Calamity in addition to 2 older promos from previous waves. Full packs will continue to be announced at the start of each month.

But Nicolette! What is that *asterisk* for? —
– -Well! Between events slowly returning and renewals/relaunch next year, we wanted to do something special to re-engage the community at large. In addition to the normal conferences that will be approved in September through December, will also be allowing each region to organize an End of the Year Celebration conference during the month of December.

This will be a special digital conference type that does not go against any region’s allocation for support numbers, and can be run in addition to other normal December conferences that might be approved in that region. For this type of conference, the attendee support pack will be 4 NEW Cards that have not yet been revealed.
Applications for these events will open next month along with additional information and the reveal of the cards themselves, so start connecting with your community to find the best date for your region!

If a language or other barriers would require a region to split into 2 or more conferences, we will work with that region to find the best solution, but the cap on attending a max of 1 End of Year Celebration Conference will not change.

The Judge Academy Team