Kyle wants to talk about Promos

Hey Friends!

I wanted to take some time to explain the part of your Judge Academy membership where you get cool Promo cards!

As part of your year long Judge Academy membership, you’ll be eligible for 2 mailings of Magic Judge Promos.  Those mailings are scheduled for January 15th and July 15th.  Each of those mailings will have 4 different cards, and the quantity of cards you get is based on your Certification Level:

Level 1 – 1 copy of each card (4 total), per mailing

Level 2 – 2 copies of each card (8 total), per mailing

Level 3 – 4 copies of each card (16 total), per mailing

In order to get these in the mail on time, we need to have a deadline for when members will be eligible.  That line is approximately 2 weeks before each mailing (Dec 31st, and June 30th).  Also, keep in mind that not all mail services work at the same speed, so don’t worry if your promos don’t arrive on the 15th.  In fact, I’d be surprised if anyone got Promos in the mail on that date.  It might take up to a week (or even a little longer) for everything to be fully distributed.

Currently we plan to announce the Promos in each wave approximately 1 month before the deadline for that mailing. (December 1st and June 1st).


“But Kyle,” you might say, “what about this early sign-up bonus I have heard mention of?”

Well kind imaginary internet person, I’m glad you asked!

If you sign up by October 31st, a couple things happen.  First, there will be an EXTRA mailing that happens this year for Judge Academy members that sign up by October 31st of this year. This mailing is scheduled for November 15th.  Second, anyone who becomes a Member by October 31st will have their membership extended to January 1st, 2021.  This extension is mostly to show our appreciation to people who bear with us during the first few months while we are still making quite a few updates.

Cards for November 15th’s “Bonus” Mailing (These are not new, you’ve probably seen these):


“That sounds great Kyle!  What if I am in an area of the world that cannot sign up before October 31st?”

Imaginary internet person, you have the best questions.

For people who are in currently out-of-service regions, your January mailing is going to be pushed back a month to February 15th, but everyone from these regions who signs up before Jan 31st will get BOTH the 4 unannounced cards that are in the 1st 2020 mailing AND the 4 “Bonus” cards that are in the November 15th 2019 mailing (in quantities based on your level).

I know that this is complicated, and after the first mailing in 2020 we will settle into a regular cadence of reveals and mailings that we hope will be easier to understand.  If you are still confused, or have any other question you can hit us up on Discord or email us at

Stay tuned tomorrow where Nicolette will be going over some of the things we’ve updated on the site since launch!


  1. Pedro Gomes

    It’s great to hear that. I’m very excited about being member of JA here in Brazil. This type of announcement sure makes us more confident in JA’s care about your judges worldwide! Thanks for your efforts to bring a new era!

  2. Victor P

    “Second, anyone who becomes a Member by October 31st will have their membership extended to January 1st, 2021. ”

    How and when will this be visible on my profile? =)

  3. TylerA

    I missed the October cutoff, so January 15th will be my first shipment. However, I’m moving on Janurary 31st. Should I go ahead and change my mailing address just in case, or should it arrive by then?