List of Community Consultant/Logistics Coordinator Applicants

Hello! Below you will find a list of all the Applicants for the Community Consultant/Logistics Coordinator role, separated by region. If you have any feedback about the candidates you’d like to share before we make our selections, please email me directly at with the Subject “CC Feedback”. All feedback, both positive and negative, will not be shared outside of Judge Academy and its advisors. In order to ensure we consider this information, any feedback needs to be received by 11/30.

As a reminder of the role they are applying for – As Community Consultants/ Logistics Coordinators they will:

  • Act as a conduit of information from Judge Academy down to local areas, as well as taking concerns and feedback from the community and bringing them to the attention of Judge Academy
  • Give feedback on Conference Applications in their area
  • Give feedback regarding potential Exam Administrators
  • Help to distribute member benefits to judges in their area
  • Help to distribute conference Promos and gifts
  • Work with the MTG Program Manager to track incoming and outgoing promos/packages

Late applications are not permitted, but if you believe you applied and do not see your name listed below, please reach out to me at the email above immediately so we can look into it together, and get you added to the list as soon as possible.

Mark Brown
Joshua Andresen

Pedro Mathies Vilela
Bruna Chiochetta
Lucas Horta
Gustavo Marin
Leonardo Martins
Carlos Rangon

Europe – East
Tomas Lanka
Yuval Tzur
Milos Perovic
Milorad Pavlovic
Yakup Çakmak
Adrian Teodorescu
Georgi Benev
David Guteša
Nenad Čizmić

Greater China
Tai-Wei Li
Hans Wang

Hispanic-America North
Herbert Zurita
Janit Mindis
Hector Fuentes
David Alejandro Jimenez Vega (Apoca)
Jose Covarrubias
Arick Dickerman
Omar Gonzalez
Jeffry Solano
Saul Arreola

Hispanic-America South
Agustín Mopty
Janit Mindis
Damian Hiller
Julio Sosa
Nicolas De Bonis
Miguel Ángel Caballero Pérez
Adrián Estoup

Russian Speaking Countries
Sergey Zinkosvkiy
Eugene Bazhenov
Kirill Velikiy
Arseniy Egorov
Aleksandra Ladygina

Southeast Asia
Felix Ramon M. Capule III
Yu Win Yew
QJ Wong
Alvin Yon
Sashi Kumar Balakrishnan
Kwok Siang